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  1. I didn’t have “Get off my TV, Sammy and Tay” on my 2022 bingo card but here we are.
  2. These AEW body transformations have been amazing.
  3. I know I mentioned this in the AEW thread but I legit think the modern day underrated tag guy is Trent. If you look at a lot of the AEW classics, he shows up a lot more than maybe you’d think going in. Combined with of course real quality work in NJPW. Historical suggestion that hasn’t been mentioned is Paul Roma. Bring the heat, I’m ready.
  4. With Steveson now retired as an amateur and arriving shortly, it hadn’t dawned on me that this may be connected to moving Dolph to NXT. That’s a very logical pairing to get Gable started in the ring. Shelton Benjamin would be similar. Maybe a little shoot style stuff coming to NXT 2.0 soon.
  5. OC and Danhausen excursion?
  6. “What is ‘pro wrestling’ if not entertainment?! I’m an entertainer! YOU, you all, you want to be entertained! This isn’t about two guys in trunks and boots ‘wrestling’ for half an hour, or forcing two beautiful women to mutilate themselves on national TV. NO! It’s our job to entertain YOU, WWE Universe! Not slumming it with some third rate bumper salesman’s kid in Jacksonville. This is the big time! And Cody Rhodes, is, big time! Prepare to be entertained!” It’s coming
  7. With how Cody’s wild idea/mood swings are, I suspect he wants to do this scathing anti-AEW promo and sledgehammer a Ted Turner picture or something. Strange dude.
  8. Oh shit I just realized Team Taz of course has their own young gun in Hook. Regal’s Sith Lords vs Hobbs and Starks? All of this leading to Garcia/Yuta/Moriarty/Hook as Pillars 2.0?
  9. It dawns on me that we've now reached the point where the decidedly post-boom WrestleMania 19 (great show) is now the halfway point in the Wrestlemania timeline. We are old.
  10. Commentary team performances Mt Rushmore: - 92 Rumble - Taker/Foley HIAC match - BATB 96 main event and aftermath - And Michael Cole generally sucks, but shout out to MITB Cena/Punk. He was brilliant here.
  11. This. The curse can never be no sold - you get cursed, you get hit with a finisher, you lose. That’s the business. Anything else ruins Danhausen’s gimmick as a glass cannon who is silly as shit and can’t physically harm a fly, but has the death move. Danielson stooging around to avoid the curse and/or Regal having some sort of demon phobia would be great
  12. Oh shit, what is Coachman doing these days? Need him as JAS personal color analyst ASAP to talk about local medical facilities and the JAS Universe while JR is just in full-on grumpy-ass facepalm “what is this shit” mode
  13. Here me out though: camera cuts, shaky cams and zooms increased 800% during JAS matches while Excalibur extols the virtues of AEW’s next premium live event
  14. I love the idea of the JAS and Best Friends both having young guns that the Sith Lords will tempt. Let Moriarty roll with ATT for awhile and do the same thing there
  15. This show will be a win only if Tully mentions FTR Bald’s snot nosed punk son
  16. I do love me a good slowed down heel theme. Doink of course and, yes, to combine topics here - Cody’s Dr. Doom theme went hard.
  17. During the WCW house shows I used to go to Hall would come out to Ready or Not and he was just the coolest son of a bitch in the world
  18. I forgot to mention the school of “I admit this guy’s shit is perfectly executed, but I just don’t give a damn.” Lance Storm and Christopher Daniels come on down. I’ll give Storm the Thrillseekers bloodbath and Daniels the TNA 3 way match, but other than that it’s a combined 40 years of perfectly executed boredom.
  19. You won’t convince me otherwise that Triple H spent that 2001 injury period doing only 3 things: lifting, gassing, and watching 1970’s St. Louis tapes. The guy that left was literally right in the middle of one of the best matches ever. The guy that came back was whatever the hell that was that showed up at MSG.
  20. In a twist, perhaps it’s going into “goddamn pal why are we hiring all these wrestlers with no prior experience? It’s not safe” mode, less than a year after taking a hard turn the other direction.
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