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  1. Darby Allin (1993-2025) was 32 years old.
  2. LEE Starring Kate Winslet, Andy Samberg (?!?), and Alexander Skarsgard Premieres September 27
  3. Oh well, tough going against the best team in the league when you're down 60% of your starting lineup. Let's see what FA brings.
  4. This is their head groundskeeper?
  5. WELCOME TO MAY! There's a PPV soon! Who will turn on Tony Khan next?! (Is the Big Show still employed by AEW? If so I'll bet it's him!)
  6. Oh yeah, life goes on... ...long after the meta spike piledriver was done. I'm sure this week will feature lots and lots of fallout from The Greatest Turn in AEW History Of The Century was done. I just had to get this stupid pun out of my head. Enjoy your week!
  7. It's May! We get a WWE PPV in France! Some other stuff too! Meanwhile, let's check in on the former Dolph Ziggler who has apparently got the diplomatic skills of a Secretary of State because he's somehow managed to do this: Good for him! Onto May!
  8. The Knicks better hope they close it out on Thursday because Game 7 will be insane.
  9. I'm not going to comment on the motivations of the individuals involved, but the protests happening at Columbia are ... taking a turn for the worse. I'm hoping that things deescalate, but it's definitely looking like tonight is gonna be a bad night up in Morningside Heights. The student-run WKCR is providing live coverage as *all other* media has been banned from entering campus.
  10. LeBron has informed the Lakers he's opting out of the last year of his contract and become a free agent.
  11. Which one of the two was the one Rhino was cutting promos on in ECW?
  12. Robin Hood was right about Nottingham.
  13. Okay. I'll just say it... How does bringing up a real life, horrific sexual assault case sell AEW... its roster, its matches, or its shows, in any way?
  14. I think French French is 'recul' and 'contrecoup', respectively. Canadian French is 'Va dépenser de l'argent dans nos casinos, espèce d'idiot américain. Tabernacle.' (yes, it's Google Translate)
  15. Seulement cinq matches? Ajoutez-en plus, s'il vous plaît, Tripler H!
  16. People have feuded for less, and Rico/Punk could be a lot of fun in the fall.
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