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  1. This sucks. I am not sure I interacted with him at all, outside of maybe a couple posts in the mma forum. I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said but will reiterate, he had a strong personality that might have rubbed some people the wrong way at times but was also an amazing human who I always felt genuinely cared about the other members as more than characters on a message board. The number of people here sharing stories on how OSJ brought a personal touch to an online board is enough to make me teary-eyed. The guy is a legend and will be sorely missed. RIP OSJ.
  2. This. I had never played a Fire Emblem game before so went in totally blind. It's clearly designed for multiple playthroughs so that you can work through each house's story, and while I loved MOST of the game, it was incredibly tedious the way you needed to build relationships in order to train / level up your characters. As much as I would like to play it again using a different house, I just don't feel like committing that much time running around looking for objects and cooking/eating/whatever else there was.
  3. Here's your One Championship card reminder for tomorrow. This entire card has changed since it was first announced aside from maybe Sage Northcutt's sister's fight? Northcutt and Bigdash both out due to Covid. De Ridder, the middleweight champion who beat Aung for the MW title last time, steps in on very short notice to get a chance at Aung's light heavyweight title. Honestly did not realise it was for the LHW title until I started typing this. Alvarez/Yoon with quick turnarounds. Guessing they threw some good money at both to keep them in Singapore due to the way Eddie's last fight end
  4. It will be interesting to see what they do tomorrow and if that affects how they run shows going forward. A couple changes to next week's card. Eddie Alvarez will be fighting the winner of Gafurov/Ok Rae Yoon, basically confirming that the first three cards were all taped at roughly the same time. Reug Reug, who also fought on week 1 of the TNT shows, will also be on the 4th card. Here's tomorrow's line up : Looking forward to the main. Can't believe that John Wayne Parr is still going, though I don't like his chances in the Holzken fight.
  5. Tomorrow's One Championship card. Spoilered for size. It hurt losing the Martin Nguyen fight. Sage Northcutt has also dropped out of his fight against Shinya Aoki two weeks from now due to lingering covid symptoms.
  6. I have got some serious dislike for the CCP due to some of their activities in my region and specifically involving the country I live. However, I'm not stupid enough to project that on to the Chinese people themselves. It really sucks that this is the second fight in a row that Weili is being subjected to racism in the lead up and I agree with elsalv that it needs to be called out for what it is.
  7. That was a mauling. Wish Jung had finished but once he hit that second takedown you knew it was over so why bother risking an exchange. Impa looked good at 170. Glad to see he got a bounce back win coming off that hl reel loss.
  8. Really? I posted the lineup earlier in this thread where it showed a three fight card and which three fights would be on TNT. It was announced by One weeks ago. Not sure if that was just through their social media accounts and they never communicated with TNT? Weird. Next week's card is a two fight TNT card and I exoect it to get some pretty dire ratings ( the Christian Lee fight and a women's muay thai fight ).
  9. They had 1.5 hours for three fights - I don't think it was a swing bout. I strongly suspect that it was recorded the afternoon/evening before in Singapore and then after what went down in the Alvarez fight they shuffled the lineup in order to try and keep fans watching. It's One though, they lend themselves to all sorts of these types of theories because you never really know with them...
  10. Wasn't it three fights? I watched the youtube stream which was six fights long.
  11. His opponent put up way more of a fight than I figured he would. I thought that was going to be a total mismatch but it was surprisingly competitive. The Alvarez fight was unfortunate. Not much else to say than that. DJ getting blasted by the knee wasn't illegal at all. Those have been allowed under One rules the entire time, for better or worse. I'm in favour of them but I can also see opposing view. Overall, an okay show. For once I am not watching live because of the airtime and am catching the youtube streams later at night which dampens the experience a bit. Next week,
  12. Thought I would give a quick update. The hammer's certainly dropped, and been dropping for sometime now. Pretty much right after my last post, they started to break up the protestors with flashbang grenades and teargas. My area, and specifically right outside of my apartment, had large groups so it was a pretty constant stream of explosions from 9 am until about 1 pm or 2 pm for two weeks. My apartment basically got tear-gassed one day when a canister landed on the roof of the building next door and the wind blew the smoke directly into our place. Also, I teach second grade during those
  13. Just doing my duty as the resident One Championship shill. The lineup for the April 7th card on TNT.
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