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Miz turning on Kofi was pretty funny. His facial expression of "ohhhh, what's going on maaaaaan?" was great. 


Antonio is going to be a huge star someday. Hero said in the preview to his new shoot that it seems HHH was impressed with him after the Sami 2 out of 3 falls match. Hope he continues to get the attention he deserves.


The Shield and the Wyatts did a GREAT job in working through the trust issues of their team. Dean Ambrose has great facial expressions and Luke Harper is just so perfect in his role. "WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!"


Backstage Roman keeps showing improvement with his promo's which I like. Dude is a stud.


Eric Rowan was hardly in the match though. Is he just that green still? I don't know any of his work outside of the Wyatt stuff. Is he new to wrestling?


That ending was awesome too. Punk being a smug dick, and Bryan just being awesome. 

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