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Lamp, broken circa 1988


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I am #5 this year.

I was #5 last year.

I am consistent!

Seriously though I really dig that Blanck Mass album despite it not being my genre of choice, but I was a bit worried it could end up in that last place "why did you make me listen to this?" spot of doom. Unfortunately its main personal competition was one of those good double albums that'd probably make a really good single album or, you know, Tool... so went with the roll of the dice.

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Hey, it's entirely possible that the Tool record could have gone like the At The Drive-In record went two years ago, where the very thought of it made me so nervous to hear it because of my own expectations and past experiences that I just decided "there's no way I will listen to this cuz I cant stand the disappointment." Only when ATDI got suggested for this, and I ended up listening to it, it was pretty good! That could have happened with Tool this year, but now we'll never know. So I guess I win.

And now, here's my own top ten records of 2019 that aren't my own album, Complicator:

1. "Guns" by Quelle Chris (RIP The original beat on Box of Wheaties)
2. "The Same But By Different Means" by Yves Jarvis (Slaughterhouse Five but it's funk & easy listening)
3. "IGOR" by Tyler the Creator (masterpiece)
4. "When I Get Home" by Solange
5. "Sonic Citadel" by Lightning Bolt (Noise Dad Rock)
6. "Caligula" by Lingua Ignota (Chorale & metal but about abuse instead of mythology)
7. "Bandana" by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib (cocaine rap excellence)
8. "Eton Alive" by Sleaford Mods (More Mods)
9. "My Star" by The Hecks (Calgary Rock + New Wave)
10. "Braindrops" by Tropical Fuck Storm (desolation funk rock with my 2nd favorite guitarist/1st favorite singer)

Honorable Mentions: all the Griselda releases (especially Hitler Wears Hermes 7), Purple Mountains, Richard Dawson, Fat White Family

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I know Madlib, and Tyler because he's on TV. Guess I should consider that a plus since I'm listening to a Buzzcocks record from 40 years ago right now

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