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Nah I ain't got the time for that. The last thing I ordered on there was a band logo patch in the early 2000s. 

Here's the lineup, if you want to understand my frustration:

Barnes and Noble: Copy of Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg purchased, skipped, sent back, received new copy in mail, new one skips in different spots, so I gave up and kept it. At least I can listen to "What's My Name" without an issue. . 

Walmart: Copy of Mad Max: Fury Road purchased, looked immaculate, skips/glitches so returned for new copy, haven't checked it yet. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot I checked out last night and THAT skips too (this may be the fault of my DVD player, I'm checking it on the front room player tomorrow). 

Amazon.com: Oooooooh boy... Ordered Big Black - Atomizer on vinyl. Received Funkadelic record (no prob there, kept). Bitched on phone, received an album from some band called the Milkshakes (promptly tossed to a friend). Bitched again, finally received Atomizer... then received e-mail that said they're going to charge my account if I don't return Atomizer because they never got anything back in the first place, though they told me I didn't have to return anything at all because they fucked up, which has also happened with my friends on two separate occasions with them. Besides the fact that they have no idea what they sent me in the first place, so they have no idea what was coming back that they can resell. Called and got no-sold by the asshole on the other line. 

At this point if it isn't indie, I'm not going through it. Which is something all of us should probably do. 

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All bitching aside, I got in a conversation about gangster movies at work tonight and Sexy Beast happens to be on right now. The only real answer to this movie, even if a hit squad was sent after you, is to plug Ben Kingsley in the back of the head immediately. It's one of those simple "there wouldn't me a movie then" answers but in real life? I'd honestly rather live on the run than deal with him for five seconds. 

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