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[CBMT] Other Hero Bracket Round Four


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Alright come on. Now TMNT has to go down. At least someone make a rationale for it if you vote for it.

"Because The Rocketeer isn't very good" is all the rationale I need.  Yeah, Tim Dalton and his Rondo Hatten-esque henchman were fun, and I laughed hysterically at the FBI agent and the mobster giving each other the "wow, we're actually working together?!" glance, but everything else is kinda meh.  The turtles and especially Casey Jones are way more entertaining heroes than some random bland kid who just so happens to find a jetpack. 

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Sooo, apparently I completely missed that this tournament was even going on until now. So I'm voting in this round, but I have one question regarding the Other Hero Bracket...

Where is The Shadow?! Come on!

Started as a radio show.

It certainly would have been in there if eligible, same as green hornet and lone ranger.

Fowler would have complained about them being included over mask of the phantasm too. ;)

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