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  1. But really they're probably only going to use him to measure the length of the ring entryways. .....
  2. Same, about RAIDERS. Those Kino films are very good editions, I have them. Excellent purchases.
  3. I asked the Severin Facebook commenters for feedback on this film, for a blind buyer. No reply yet. Is this a good pick-up? Just curious, what'd ya get? Also, Target is running a B2G1F til June 19.
  4. They do have good stuff. I think some of there most recent stuff that I have my eyeballs on - "Dia de la Bestia", "Perdita Durango" and "Nosferatu in Venice" - is too new to be discounted this go-around. But I've gotten lots of stuff from them and they seem to be good people.
  5. Ruby Riott/Heidi Lovelace was king-sized in Chikara, YMMV on wanting to watch anything from them post-"#speakingout."
  6. So, I dont have cable so keeping up with AEW can be pretty difficult. Luckily, they started putting out DVDs of their shows. They have put out the first and second Double or Nothing, All Out 2019, Full Gear 2019, and Revolution 2020. I previously got the first DoN and the show where Moxley won the title. What was the most recent DVD release? The one with that fucking exploding cage. But the funny thing is, I just went to the DVD page of the AEW Shop ... or tried to, because there is, at this writing, no DVD section. The exploding cage match nukes everything it touches.
  7. That's enough for an entire show just featuring female talent. Also: No Lacey Evans?
  8. I kept it light, I had higher hopes for the unknown titles. Fade to Black (replacing an older copy); Xtro 3 (I've been binge watching my Columbo season sets, and this was purely due to Robert Culp's involvement).
  9. Tonight at 12:01a EST, the Vinegar Syndrome Halfway to Black Friday sale begins.
  10. And she used to sell pictures of her own scat.
  11. Well, like Heyman said in that one post-show ep, they don't speak of talent that's been let go, and you never did see God in a WWE ring after that match with Michaels against the McMahons.
  12. I'm glad Miro is the TNT champ, because the inevitable Miro/Kingston match will only be sweetened by stakes.
  13. Also, didn't Candido start leaning heavy into the "try to work after my opponent pulled my tights down to expose my asscheeks" between WCW and TNA? I have quite a few IWA-MS best-ofs from SMV, and it seems like every match someone has with Candido, he has a lengthy sequence where his ass is out.
  14. And it's a claw hold, to complete the gimmick.
  15. I'm reviewing my recent work schedule. I'm hoping I can participate, but lately my life has been days of work-sleep, work-sleep, etc. Thanks for tagging me, though, @Execproducer.
  16. God, that would be fuckin awesome. You'd then have Banks and Bayley etc. debating whether going after the title was worth sacrificing their integrity ... AH-AH! AND THEN ALONG CAME CHARLOTTE! *ding dikky-ding dikky-ding dikky-dikky-ding* ALONG CAME CHARLOTTE! *ding dikky-ding dikky-ding dikky-dikky-ding* LONG-WALKING CHARLOTTE! SHOEHORNIN' CHARLOTTE! ALONG CAME LONG LEGGED LANKY CHARLOTTE!
  17. Or that Davey Richards/ Eddie Edward's superplex spot.
  18. I think, for me, the crowd reaction ruins it. A lot of fun can be had when a crowd is in on the work. See, for example, the slow motion wrestling sequences. Here, what ruins the entire sequence is that knob in the background shouting, "What the fuck?! What the fuck?!" like he's watching the second coming of Muta. Otherwise, this is in the same ballpark as guys who catch their opponents on dives, aforementioned Irish whips, etc.
  19. In 4 weeks, Vinegar Syndrome has their "Halfway to Black Friday" sale, where everything is half off and they drop new super secret product. This may also mean that the B&N Criterion sale is on the horizon.
  20. Only thing Dibiase Jr. has done of note is bring us the "fuck on me" meme.
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