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  1. Ok I'll say it, I'm not disappointed by Nia's release
  2. Some of those replies are from real shitbirds.
  3. I'm not a black shirt fan, so it sucks that some of my favorite designs don't have more color options. Also: Man, you really hit LD=50 on the term "-hausen" quick, don't you?
  4. I just needed to vent: AEW is taking its sweet fuckin time getting "All Out" 2021 to DVD.
  5. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, except when it's a big brown dick." - Geo. Carlin
  6. Criterion 50% at Barnes & Noble, today until Nov 29.
  7. Also, I hate this topic, because I have two therapeutic clients with the names of wrestlers and I can't share them!
  8. "The one night a year where the two brands compete against each other!" Meanwhile, at Crown Jewel, three matches featured crossbrand opponents.
  9. Yes. (... is what I feel like the answer would be.) I wish Xavier/Finn was on a show I would watch.
  10. Chikara would have totally run a Chucky/Robocop/Demon trios.
  11. What's a "Dave Hebner"? I only know Earl and some unfortunate schmuck that the Million Dollar Man paid to get facial surgery to resemble Earl.
  12. wut https://411mania.com/wrestling/bret-hart-remembers-drawing-wrestlers-in-orgies-on-locker-room-blackboard/
  13. You know, we really should have a forum to discuss college football.
  14. I wonder if AEW would be inclined to fill another niche left behind by a closed company and start their own King of Trios, with half roster teams, and the other half teams coming thru the Forbidden Door. Run the first round over a Dynamite and Rampage. Round two, the next Dynamite. Round three, the next Rampage. Finals on a pay-per-view.
  15. Re: Gran Metallik: WWE: "Despite record earnings, it's necessary that we make these releases as cost-saving measures." Gran Metallik: "I'd like my release." WWE: "Bahahahaha, fuck that noise, esse."
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