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  1. Can't wait for MJF to make "spooky pervert" mainstream, w/r/t Danhausen.
  2. Yeah, he strikes me as a "wrestling is an annoying hobby" kind of dude.
  3. This is probably one of the most endearing things I've seen on this board in a while.
  4. But the thing is, yes, they've had the "Rocks/Cenas/Lesnars", they've just turned right around and cut them off at the knees the second they've moved to the main roster. And technically you could argue a case for the Shield.
  5. Scott Steiner's face healed A M A Z I N G L Y well, getting sliced with that thing.
  6. Aquatic Olympian Tony Quintavious Lightis. Diver T. Q. Lightis.
  7. Thanks so much for that, @The Natural. You're a straight up good dude.
  8. And tomorrow's my birthday, can y'all be nice to each other for that one 24 he period?
  9. One of the reasons I want Gulak in AEW at some point is for the Colony reunion.
  10. There's a film in Momoa and Reigns as twins who do something actiony.
  11. Wait a min ... If everyone who knew Peter Parker was Spiderman was coming to the MCU universe ... ... And Spider-Man #1 asks Dr. Strange to make it so everyone forgets him, under the express understanding that this will prevent other universal adversaries will stop coming to the MCU ...
  12. Oh, and plan for a future of debates about this being a Christmas movie or not.
  13. Saw it last night, loved it. So much good stuff. So much. My favorite low key moment though? And this could be considered a spoiler ... 100% on the Nateometer.
  14. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the guy from the Police.
  15. I know hindsight is what it is, but I had such a bad feeling when Jimmy posted the pic of his double leg amputation. Something about his face. What a fucking bummer. A damn fine wrestler.
  16. Hey, that dedication got me a Criterion of "Ministry of Fear." I doubt they were ever going to release it without my undying influence.p
  17. So, lemme get this straight: Bronze goes for it, gases out but almost wins. Larrett lets go. The redo starts, and OF COURSE Bronze is tired. Larrett picks up a much easier win, somehow miraculously not letting go. Yeah, fuck that guy.
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