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  1. Not really. Target has a B2G1F deal til tomorrow, but I used it on a few books. The VS and Severin sales only have deals for films I already have, but the new releases look good for later purchases. Blew some cash I'd saved on the Criterion 50% sale (Bad Sleep Well, Cure, Breathless, Stray Dogs, Vampyr). I'm actually 3 movies from 3700, so I want to be discerning with the next few purchases.
  2. Anyone looking at any good Black Friday sales/deals?
  3. The thing that always sticks in my brain - and I don't know if this has been mentioned yet - is, if Bret never gets screwed out of the title, Owen is likely still alive today.
  4. I told a friend that I'm pleased that "WINKY ... DINKY ... DAWG!" is now a benchmark of fine cinema.
  5. God, I couldn't even stand "Yo yo yo let me speak on this," and that's literally nothing as far as catchphrases are concerned.
  6. I'm hoping for big things for Brendan Fraser.
  7. Jeezus, I blanked on that one. And there was a song. Ffs, a song.
  8. Please, let's expound on this. What are the damn stupidest catchphrases from that time? The worst one I can think of atm is when the Rock tried to get over "How's Your Lips?"
  9. Criterion half-off sale at Barnes & Noble starts tomorrow. They're also currently running an Arrow half-off sale.
  10. Yeah, fiction can be just as entertaining as real life.
  11. Man, pre-roidy magoo Rey was the bee's fuckin knees.
  12. A Filmfax Magazine reference on DVDVRMB is the last thing I expected today.
  13. ENZO?!??! Enzo, bought a front row ticket to a pay-per-view and stood up in his chair screaming his catchphrase until he was detained by security, Enzo?
  14. Lumping these together because, yes, I was confused about the regular suplex/superplex inclusion because, after I posted, I started remembering that Bret didn't do a superplex in every match. And I, too, thought it was "the 5 moves of doom" that led to the sharpshooter.
  15. I always thought a superplex factored in as well.
  16. Scream Factory as Brock Lesnar to your Heath Slater
  17. Brent Burke of Kingsport, TN, passed last night, I think from pneumonia. 48 years old. Without going into any mechanics of this sentiment, never let old hurts solidify the distance between you and those you've called friends in the past.
  18. I wouldn't touch that price with an eight foot pole.
  19. Kino's Shocktober sale is going on. Lot of the usual suspects that end up in every sale, but still some gems. https://www.kinolorber.com/list/view/code/shocktober-sale-2022?page=1
  20. But but, what podcast is he going to go to and have a moan now?
  21. The collector's Blu set of "Gravity Falls" is going out of print. Already unavailable through Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Deep Discount, and going for stupid prices on the third party Amazon market.
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