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  1. I think getting a DUI the same fucking week he was booked for the biggest match of his life did more to harm Swagger's career than anything else. I'm still amazed he wasn't fired.
  2. Is two people enough to be in the running? If so, Dakota Darsow is the answer.
  3. Wasn't Bo actually pretty over as a babyface in FCW, or am I just imagining that?
  4. If ADR's punches were better than maybe he wouldn't have gotten his head kicked off by Cro Cop. (I kid, he was a dead man walking either way.)
  5. I doubt anyone in that family loses any sleep over the consequences of their actions.
  6. And that's James Storm's TNA career summed up in two sentences.
  7. My top 5, though in no particular order because I can't decide what the MOTY is: Punk/Taker: Taker proves he can still have a great match without having to rely on a lot of smoke and mirrors. Rhodes brothers/Shield: Dustin works like a man possessed. Cody looks like the star we always knew he could be. Wrestling matches rarely invoke that much genuine emotion in the viewer, but when they do, it's magical. Lesnar/Punk: Punk manages to look like a credible threat to a guy who probably eats meals larger than him. Bryan/Cena: Fuck anyone who still thinks Cena can't wrestle. Zayne/Cesaro: Tha
  8. Someone references it at least once a day, so not likely.
  9. Not that he didn't fit into the era he was active in, but I've always thought Arn Anderson would have made a hell of an NWA champ if he'd been around in an era where he wasn't overshadowed by Ric Flair.
  10. How does Jushin Liger look these days? NWA Houston is bringing him and Tenzan in on Friday for a match against Killer Elite Squad. I'm excited to be going because I've always liked Liger and I figure this is my only chance to see him live, but it's been a while since I've seen him work so I want to know if I need to keep my expectations low.
  11. I call bullshit on this. Naitch wouldn't break kayfabe like that.
  12. That looks really bad and really amazing all at once.
  13. I dunno. I was entertained by the Corporate Rock stuff in '98.
  14. Is there any reason to think Graves will ever make it to the main roster? The tag title match from this episode is the only time I've ever seen him, and he seemed pretty useless.
  15. It's a terrible idea now, but a while down they road when the act needs a little freshening up, it could be a lot of fun to watch. Though I don't know if Ambrose would really work out as a face at all.
  16. Barrett tends to work at the level of whoever his opponent is at the time. He's good enough that he doesn't need to be carried, but not so good that he can carry a lesser worker. Put him in a match with Miz and you're not getting anything special. But he had some pretty great TV matches with Sheamus last year.
  17. That's a pretty damn good price for a statue that size.
  18. I love the crazy masks Muta started wearing. Remember a couple of years ago, when that picture of 'Taker with the short hair started circulating, months before he came back for the HHH rematch? I was hoping he'd steal the idea of wearing scary-ass masks in the ring to cover up the haircut. Instead he just came back with that terrible fauxhawk. Wasted opportunity, man.
  19. Does anybody know how Bobby Eaton feels about pornography?
  20. Maybe none of those guys wanted to be a whiny little dirtbag like Kliq-era HBK? That's pretty much the only reason I can come up with for why they weren't running things. Because I'm pretty sure any one of those BSK guys could whoop the entire Kliq on their own if it came down to it.
  21. On what planet are people " mildly enthused" with Orton? Because on this one, he was pretty damned popular.
  22. Seeing as how all his non-Goldust work has been awful since 95, I hope he keeps the gimmick.
  23. I get a "99/00 ECW midcarder" vibe from Amore.
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