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  1. While I think they could have used Hero on the main roster, I don't think this is some massive, wasted opportunity. He doesn't really bring anything to the table that they can't get from anyone else on the roster. I'd be more upset if they got rid of Rusev.
  2. I thought the character was planned right before Russo arrived, and the promo Dustin gave during his debut was Russo's way of ditching it because he hated it? I have no idea were I heard that, do I may be imagining it.
  3. More specifically, if you go to the online mode through the game itself, there's a section called "Community Creations" where you can download a ton of CAWs.
  4. It's even better than TNA buying that ugly fucking belt for Jeff Hardy a few months after ruining a PPV main event by being loaded.
  5. That doesn't sound so bad. Now, Duplos, on the other hand....Ever accidentally step on a Lego in barefeet? That shit hurts.
  6. I wonder if he ever actually called this spot, or if he just lifted dudes up in the air like he was gonna suplex them, then surprised them by spiking them into the mat. Because I can't imagine that anyone with an ounce of self-preservation instincts would agree to that willingly.
  7. I'm a little disappointed Goldust isn't wearing the pink gloves now that October is over. They were starting to grow on me.
  8. Terry still looks like a tough old bastard you'd think twice about fucking with. Dory looks like the Crypt Keeper. (He could still kick my ass, I'm sure.)
  9. Hang on, are people saying Sabu is a GUILTY pleasure for them? Because there is nothing wrong with loving Sabu.
  10. I feel the same way. I hated him in WCW, because I'm a huge mark for Vader and Flair and I hated seeing them have to put Hogan over. But I can watch Hogan matches more objectively now, and while he certainly adhered to the same match formula way too religiously, I have a greater appreciation for his athleticism and charisma. He really is sort of a pure distillation of pro wrestling.
  11. Yeah, he does.Well, golly, you sure told us, Dorothy Parker. Do you care to elaborate, or will you just move on to telling us all you banged our moms?
  12. Don't worry guys, Orton vs Big Show is gonna turn things around, you betcha!
  13. Yeah, but it's hard to argue against the idea that without gimmick matches, he'd have a pretty unremarkable career. Most of his best matches involved plunder.
  14. Speaking of ring-assisted moves, I wish someone would bust out Bret's old figure four around the ring post. That always looked excruciating, which might be why it isn't used anymore. Maybe no one wants to take it.As far as overused, I'm pretty sure there's a Houston City Ordinance that states every area indy show must feature no fewer than two Falcon Arrows per show.
  15. Am I the only one having problems adjusting to some of the changes they made to the gameplay? It's throwing my timing way off and I can't hit reversals for shit.
  16. Wait, did Tensai say he was looking forward to turning on Clay?
  17. I have no idea what Bear Swamp Recovery is, but in my mind, it's a show where Jason Hervey and Eric Bischoff travel around Florida giving makeovers to chubby, hairy, backwaters gay men.
  18. I said people react differently. I'm not demanding the woman dress in black and lie on her sofa weeping for days.And yet you're still saying that she isn't acting in a way that meets your approval.
  19. Have you ever had cancer? Because I haven't, and I'm not going to judge how someone else deals with it.
  20. But how often do people say that Randy's position at the top is because of his father? Almost never, right? The difference is there's an element of truth to the Triple H statement. No one honestly believes Randy is a 10-time world champion because his dad has that much stroke. It was a silly thing for Bryan to say, but it's not the message anyone is going to take away from that video because it isn't true. (And for the record, no, I don't think Triple H is where he is solely because of his marriage... but it certainly didn't hurt his career trajectory.)
  21. I think he needs some surgeries or something done, too. I vaguely remember hearing something about his ankles being shot to hell. Guess he was trying to see if they'll spring for that, too.
  22. The only problem with the HBK turns on D-Bry theories is that Michaels has resisted turning heel for the past decade.
  23. He spent some time in developmental when it was FCW. He used the name Leakee.
  24. Hey now, at least his tights looked unique... Okay, I'll admit that is damning with faint praise...
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