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  1. I asked an extremely knowledgeable Facebook group (I know, sounds like an oxymoron, but these people know their stuff) about how to handle this and the consensus seems to be to keep doing whatever I'm doing, as long as its working, and just settle for having my test numbers more in a therapeutic range instead of holding me back like before. I was worried about whether to try to add muscle or not, but they all seem to think there's not really a whole lot of muscle to be added at that dose, so they suggest it's full steam ahead with my weight loss plan if it seems to be working, which it is, for now. Gotta get a couple of life things straightened out first, but I'm going to start doing cardio soon, and looking into a gym.
  2. He wouldn't have gotten as much publicity, but that would've been a good idea - athletic commission stops match, Khan "bribes" them with a $100,000 donation to a local charity, commission says "what the hell, why not?" match continues.
  3. HIs signature's got a stutter.
  4. Nurse practitioner says my testosterone level is on the low side of normal, so she prescribes me a "baby dose" of test. Others have described it as a "medium dose." Interested to see how to play this and what it does for my attempt at weight loss. I do know things will be changing a bit. I get too involved in sprint-not-race mentality and try to do too much, too soon, when I need to hang back and be willing to lose a week if it means doing better for several more. Big picture. Slow and steady wins the race. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. If the shoe fits, wear it.
  5. In my racing crew flirtation, nobody pitted you on purpose, but I was dead guaranteed to finish last. Hell, I'd get lapped. I decided to save the racing for the Forza Horizon games and stick to what I do best - get killed by dots. No car would be worth the trouble for me. Plus you know they'll put it on sale three months from now if they haven't already.
  6. Yes. I am poor. $60 for a year was a significant little chunk of change for me today, but if I didn't pay it, the XBox basically becomes a doorstop.
  7. So, do any other "part time" gamers - I have my XBox on about once a week - think that damn $60 for a year of XBox Live is kinda pricey for what you're getting? I don't even use it for streaming services. I know it's a necessity for when I do play, but it's still overpriced. If you buy their $10 a month game service, do you get XBox Live as part of it, or do you pay for that separately?
  8. As long as you keep gaining, I'd stick with what you're doing, but that's just me.
  9. I'm thinking about the usual paradox of upping the calories, reintroducing carbs in limited quantities. I'm just used to my little plan taking off 15-25 pounds of water weight in a week. This is definitely a long haul. BTW, now I really want some cantaloupe.
  10. I've been trying to shed some quick water weight by going (practically) no-carb the last few days, and I'm stubbornly hanging on to everything like grim death. I've dropped 25 pounds in a week doing this before, but now we're down to 2 in a week. That's a sad return for the effort being put in, and changes are on the way. Soon.
  11. I'd say the car shows will be protected from folks like yourself and the mayor. Besides, you couldn't finish one wave of a survival last night without getting killed. Those new survivals are a pain in the ass.
  12. Aren't free upgrades available - if you have the PS4 version, doesn't it upgrade to the 5 version for free? Or is Rockstar actually trying to get people to buy the same game three times?
  13. Can't wait for this. First-day buy. What a fun little game.
  14. It went into the briefcase thing, then when I relocated, it didn't pop it back out. I still have all of the parts, but I lack the expertise to build it back the way he had it. I just found an open field, put up a floor for a sleeping bag and started strewing around all sorts of building equipment (armor creator, gun creator, chemistry station) out in the open air the way God intended. To tell the truth, I've tired of the game already - I absolutely played the living crap out of Fallout 4, and I miss the way I had the character built up (automatic stimpaks every time I got low on health), so I'll die on this game because I'm too busy firing to pay attention to my health meter. I also really miss VATS, and the game feels grindy already without having proper payoffs. Sooner or later I'll run out of the Stimpak collection my friend gave me and I'll be in for a real struggle then. I just don't have the gumption to play much more of the game after I played Fallout 4 half to death.
  15. Get this: A high-level friend of mine comes on and builds me a posh house. So I decide to move it, D'oh! Destroyed it. Learning curve.
  16. Putting Alex Abrahantes together with Andrade was a smart move, as was following up on the thing with Matt Sydal, but the problem still remains - Sydal should be seen as nowhere near on the level of someone competing for a major championship. Andrade should get 4-5 minutes of his greatest hits in, then pin him, no prob. Instead, the match will go 10 minutes because: A. They think that the longer a match goes, the more stars Meltzer sprinkles out of his trick bag. B. They have to get in at least one picture-in-picture break per match, even if it makes every match last twice as long as it should. They won't be able to paint Sydal as a jobber because why? He's a jobber. Not everyone can go 10-15 with everyone else, except in AEW. Sydal already went 15 with Omega, so Andrade-Sydal is bound to be more of an even match than it should be. As for Ross, he made a mistake. He's toned down on criticizing the product while calling the matches. I dunno that I'd sign him to a new deal, but I'd at least let him serve out his term.
  17. Where were the worse dots when I was getting steamrolled by Mary Lou? Grumble grumble grumble... The flying motorcycles will kill you flat dead if you're in a car. Step out of the car, please, and they will get cocky and try to run you over. That's when you hit 'em with your old buddy shotgun and then gleefully (trust me) blow up their motorcycle. That was the most satisfying kill of my last session on by a big margin.
  18. I started a new game of this today after downloading 60 gigs (hello!) of updates, and a question: If I'm wearing the party hat, does that mean I'm not a target for every Terry Tryhard out there who likes griefing other players? This isn't GTA, I'm not having some asshole with a full suit of armor picking on pipe-pistol-packing me. I just finished quest 1 and now have the choice of two more quests, both of which I think I'm unprepared for. I must be in the part of the game that's playing more like a Fallout 4.5 than anything that's requiring me to coexist with other real life folks, 'cause it feels real single-playerly so far. That's by no means a bad thing. Oh, and how chintzy is it to offer semi-private rooms to members of their little club? I didn't wanna check to see how much it would cost for fear of more disappointment.
  19. The gadgets are mostly harmless. I still can't combat a Mary Lou for shit. Last time I was on, one guy just smacked me around and kept inviting me to a party so he could say "get good, son." I was about 400 levels above him, but we all know that means nothing. Humiliating.
  20. Did anyone find it stupid that they interrupted Andrade's big announcement by Matt Sydal walking out for his match? Andrade should have ground Sydal into a fine paste for daring to interrupt him. Between stuff like that and Vickie Guerrero, they've already put Andrade behind the 8-ball before he even debuts. And when is that supposed to be? My WWE Aversion Syndrome caused me to miss him there. I've heard the guy can go, and I wanna see him work. But he may be able to sneak in an announcement about it when he can't see Marko Stunt step over his hard-grabbed TV time to make a ring entrance.
  21. Do Tully and Konnan have some sorta beef, or is this another AEW wacky pairing like trotting out Eric Bischoff every so often? And man, when AEW gets in front of fans in other cities again, Adam Page is gonna be gigantically over with the "cowboy shit" chant and the drinking with the fans. He's gonna be over-the-top big and the no-brainer guy to beat Omega for the title. His "cooled-down" push at Daily's' Place is simply saving him for bigger shit down the road.
  22. I'm a very poor old man, and got an invite to go to a lunch in the next town over today - I said I'd be glad to go, but didn't know if the car would make it. "I'll pick you up, no problem" So my friend comes to get me and he's driving this gorgeous metalflake green Audi just like the one Michael drives in single-player, the Tailgater. All I wanted was some sticky bombs to toss at armored cars and I'd be set. I spent the whole trip marking out.
  23. What was the point of a weigh-in when there's no weight limits for the match anyway? Couldn't they have come up with a better reason to get the two together? A contract signing, a "face-to-face confrontation," whatever. Instead, Paul Wight fumbled with the scale instead of saying "fuck it' and kayfabing something that didn't matter anyway. Love me some Dark Order. Their stuff on Being the Elite is must-watch.
  24. I pulled into the garage, it did its spiel, then I sat there. Had to pull the car up slightly to get it to work. I didn't even know there was new Simeon and Gerald content. I saw pointers to them on the map, but I figured it was pointing to the old missions. I think there's Lamar stuff I haven't done. I know I haven't done the casino and nightclub heists. Is there another? I did all the originals that came out years ago. Lemme guess: Nothing pays like it should, considering you have to buy a $2.2 million submarine to do one of them. And it still hassles me to buy a yacht.
  25. I stole a Dewbachee Exemplar (still my favorite car in the game) and it said Simeon wanted the car. I was like "who am I to argue?" 20K, not bad. I haven't played a bunch of the newer content. My shooting lacks.
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