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  1. Pro Wrestling Naamah. Named after Noah's wife.
  2. 2023 was an L year for Dwayne. His movie bombed, his awful tv show was cancelled, and XFLv3 lost 60 million dollars.
  3. I should get an out here, since I learned of him by working for a promotion he grabbed talent from.
  4. It will sell more than Cody would. Cody ain't the guy.
  5. You're also not the COO for one of the defendants.
  6. Levesque is absolutely shitting the bed on questions about this in the scrum. "I just want to focus on the positive things right now."
  7. The E is for Empress and V is for Venus, naturally.
  8. The truth is worse. He was on his honeymoon, traveling to South Africa for a show when his plane crashed.
  9. The Vermont Hollywood is a huge upgrade in venues compared to their previous LA spots (The Globe and The Glasshouse). Better lighting, better sightlines, even better parking.
  10. Streisand exited reality to her own disconnected world decades before Jerry Seinfeld did.
  11. The concert was released on Apple Music. It's quite good.
  12. D'Arcy played bass. This looks like someone replacing Billy on guitar.
  13. Stardom New Year's Stars 2024/Triangle Derby/Rookie Tournament spoilers:
  14. Give him MIRAI's waistlock uranage.
  15. Due to last night's problems, Stardom has said they will refund the buyers and are simply putting the whole fuckin' show on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LemYPvFeDVg
  16. Looking at pictures of the "Masked men", they're clearly
  17. Stardom Dream Queendom spoilers Due to streaming difficulties interrupting the feed, Stardom uploaded the main event to Youtube,
  18. Weight is generally a work anyways.
  19. He's generally a descendant of Nathaniel Richards. Reed's father.
  20. My vote is for Daveed Diggs as Kang.
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