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  1. Thursday, November 17 New Orleans at Carolina Sunday, November 20 Buffalo at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Cleveland Baltimore at Dallas Jacksonville at Detroit Tennessee at Indianapolis Tampa Bay at Kansas City Arizona at Minnesota Chicago at NY Giants Miami at Los Angeles New England at San Francisco Philadelphia at Seattle Green Bay at Washington Monday, November 21 Houston at Oakland Tiebreaker #1: Longest FG made in Hou/Oak 49 Tiebreaker #2: Total points in Phi/Sea 34 Tiebreaker #3: Andrew Luck passing yards 263
  2. Thursday, November 10 Cleveland at Baltimore Sunday, November 13 Kansas City at Carolina Houston at Jacksonville Denver at New Orleans Los Angeles at NY Jets Atlanta at Philadelphia Chicago at Tampa Bay Green Bay at Tennessee Minnesota at Washington Miami at San Diego San Francisco at Arizona Dallas at Pittsburgh Seattle at New England Monday, November 14 Cincinnati at NY Giants Tiebreaker #1: Prescott passing yards 244 Tiebreaker #2: Jimmy Graham receiving yards 113 Tiebreaker #3: Interceptions thrown in Cin/NYG 3
  3. NFL catch rules are the opposite of pornography. You absolutely have no idea what it is when you see it
  4. Sunday, November 6 Pittsburgh at Baltimore Dallas at Cleveland Jacksonville at Kansas City NY Jets at Miami Detroit at Minnesota Philadelphia at NY Giants Carolina at Los Angeles New Orleans at San Francisco Indianapolis at Green Bay Tennessee at San Diego Denver at Oakland Monday, November 7 Buffalo at Seattle Tiebreaker #1: More interceptions thrown, Fitzy, Tannehill or TIE Fitz Tiebreaker #2: Chris Carr passing yards 278 Tiebreaker #3: Detroit Lions sacks vs Minnesota 2
  5. Does anyone else remember the contest that WCW had where you could write a rap for PN News and he would rap it at a PPV? The winner was hilariously bad, and it's been a point of fascination for me to see what the other entries were like, or if WCW just picked one essentially at random.
  6. Cincinatti new England jets detroit kc seattle oakland arizona denver green bat dallas minnesota 11 31 4
  7. Sunday, October 23 NY Giants vs Los Angeles (England) Cleveland at Cincinnati Washington at Detroit Oakland at Jacksonville New Orleans at Kansas City Buffalo at Miami Baltimore at NY Jets Minnesota at Philadelphia Indianapolis at Tennessee San Diego at Atlanta Tampa Bay at San Francisco New England at Pittsburgh Seattle at Arizona Monday, October 24 Houston at Denver Tiebreaker #1: Brock Osweiler passing yards 217 Tiebreaker #2: total points in Oak/Jax 51 Tiebreaker #3: Gronk receiving yards 97
  8. I dunno if we can chalk this up to the whole bullet points thing.....Goldberg has tried multiple times to break in to reality TV and hosting gigs. I'm sure he has spent much of the past decade taking acting classes and learning how to deliver pretty specific scripts. He has learned and developed a skill. Also, this thread would be two pages long if you took out all of Waldos posts about the cruisers that say the exact same thing.
  9. Sunday, October 16 San Francisco at Buffalo Jacksonville at Chicago Los Angeles at Detroit Pittsburgh at Miami Cincinnati at New England Carolina at New Orleans Baltimore at NY Giants Philadelphia at Washington Cleveland at Tennessee Kansas City at Oakland Dallas at Green Bay Atlanta at Seattle Indianapolis at Houston Monday, October 17 NY Jets at Arizona Tiebreaker #1: Andy Dalton passing yards 321 Tiebreaker #2: distance of longest FG kicked in KC/Oak 53 Tiebreaker #3: Houston Texans sacks 3
  10. Has anyone else been watching the Fox Exorcist series? I am shocked by how much I'm enjoying it.
  11. They are going to have the number one pick. Why the fuck would they sign EJ Manuel?
  12. Arizona at San Francisco Sunday, October 9 Washington at Baltimore New England at Cleveland Philadelphia at Detroit Chicago at Indianapolis Tennessee at Miami Houston at Minnesota NY Jets at Pittsburgh Atlanta at Denver Cincinnati at Dallas Buffalo at Los Angeles San Diego at Oakland NY Giants at Green Bay Monday, October 10 Tampa Bay at Carolina Tiebreaker #1: Ryan Shitzpatrick interceptions thrown vs Pit 2 Tiebreaker #2: New England Patriots points scored vs Cle 35 Tiebreaker #3: Denver Bronco sacks vs Atl 3
  13. It's hard to continue to try when the refs are doing their best to make effort not matter:
  14. I could see getting penalized for shooting a bow and arrow if Norman had literally shot someone with a bow and arrow.
  15. Cousins getting hit a whole bunch is payback for him quick snapping the Browns as the refs sent a Browns CB off to get concussion testing.
  16. Not trying to be a Browns homer, but I didn't think Haden touched him.
  17. That Michigan interception was the defensive back equivalent of the Jadaveon Clowney hit from a couple of years ago. That dude could legit do nothing for the rest of his college career and he'll still get drafted.
  18. I think the trade was dumb, but you can't let hindsight enter in to the equation. Watkins was considered the best WR prospect by a pretty wide margin. No one doubted the pick, just the cost of the trade. It was a bad trade because of what they gave up, not because of what they ended up with, or what they could have gotten.
  19. Long time DVDVR favorite Victator has written a book. I figured I'd pimp it for him. It's free: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYCH74A/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb
  20. Sunday, October 2 Indianapolis vs Jacksonville (at Wembley, London) Detroit at Chicago Carolina at Atlanta Oakland at Baltimore Tennessee at Houston Buffalo at New England Seattle at NY Jets Cleveland at Washington Denver at Tampa Bay Los Angeles at Arizona New Orleans at San Diego Dallas at San Francisco Kansas City at Pittsburgh Monday, October 3 NY Giants at Minnesota Tiebreaker #1: Alex Smith rushing yards 25 Tiebreaker #2: Sam Bradford passing yards 201 Tiebreaker #3: total points in NO/SD 66
  21. I'll watch. I assume that if I had a character, he would be the best character. Seems logical.
  22. On the brightside, while I'm getting him ice cream, he'll probably be saying some super racist shit that I'm secretly recording and can blackmail him with later.
  23. That was a hell of a throw by that punter.
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