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  1. It's not that I want Saudi Arabia to win, it's that I want Mexico to lose.
  2. Obviously very thrilled that we got the win over Iran. We're playing with house money now - I just want us to play our best game against Holland. Bad thing, though? Berhalter will absolutely be kept on as coach now. This would be A Very Bad Idea, as was the case with Arena...and Bradley...and Klinsmann. Coaches should only get one WC cycle at most.
  3. Well, we could use your height on corner kicks.
  4. Not beating Wales looms larger now. That was a wasted opportunity. I'm not expecting a win against England, but we definitely have the ability to get a result. Whether we win/lose/draw today, we have to beat Iran to get out of the first round.
  5. Love the Japan supporters. They did the same thing after the Japan/Greece match in Natal back in 2014.
  6. So That loss to Japan and draw against Saudi Arabia that the US had back in September don't seem so bad now, do they?
  7. Like pretty much everything else in wrestling, it worked when it was done the first time - Jimmy Snuka does a running headbutt to Don Muraco, who calls for the door to be opened as he's falling backwards to get out of actually putting the IC belt on Snuka - and gets run into the ground by doing it way, way too much afterwards.
  8. Even with Iran's GK1 out of the match, England has firepower to spare. Friday won't be easy. ......After going to Germany, South Africa, and Brazil, it feels really weird to not be at the World Cup supporting the US. But I was never going to Russia or Qatar. Yeah yeah, the team made not going to Russia an easy call but still. I know a lot of people who did go and man.....I'm pretty judgmental about anyone that made this trip. The sportswashing we've seen already makes the WWE Saudi Arabia shows seem tame.
  9. If I'm reading this right, they're going to pay $780M to build the stadium, but none of that will go to buying the land. They'll pay $4M per year in rent Well, it's not like City Football Group doesn't have the money to do it. And NYCFC needs to get out of Yankee Stadium. Having to play "home" games at RBA and in Los Angeles is a bad look for the League in general and the club in particular.
  10. This absolutely could have been a good story to tell. But WCW was both unwilling and completely unable to pull it off.
  11. I enjoyed this episode - shockingly didn't get Polynesian Pro in Detroit in the 80s and I only know the stuff that Meltzer touches on - the Maivia/Robinson fight, the riot where the cop got hit in the head, etc. (I'd love an episode on Montreal's International Wresting territory - I did get that in Detroit. Rick Martel and the Rougeaus are still around....)
  12. That wasn't the Prince Iaukea from WCW - Rocky Iaukea is King Curtis' actual son. Prince Iaukea was just given the name by Kevin Sullivan back then. (But yeah, seeing all the panelists from this show gives me pause as well - I was watching all of these guys 30, 35 years ago.)
  13. That's a good question....maybe Gino Hernandez?
  14. He had some fun matches with Vader as IWGP tag team champions. Hase and Muto come to mind here.
  15. Thinking about former ROH Champions of any kind....what's Brody King doing these days? I know he's already there, but he and Jericho could tear it up. (Former tag champ with PCO.....which is another good shout that came up a few posts back.)
  16. I think it's very telling that it's been mentioned several times here already that people left the movie wanting more Doctor Fate, Hawkman, and JSA rather than more Black Adam. The movie was entertaining. Definitely a big spectacle with good SFX - I wish the DC area had a Drive-In theater, as this is the kind of movie that would be perfect for it. Don't see many rewatches in the future, though.
  17. Speaking of things shaking loose....The Elite were also mentioned on Dynamite last night - during the Trios title match? They haven't been mentioned much if at all since the brawl, so I found that interesting.
  18. I'll be shocked if it's anything other than a quick trip back to drop the belt.
  19. Certainly far-reaching consequences whenever it happens - they've got teams in five different leagues. And then there's their massive stake in F1.
  20. Did Haaland ever play against Man United while he was at Dortmund? Kind of want him to run up the score in the Manchester Derby after what happened to his Father.
  21. As much as I don't want it to be MJF, it's totally something I can see them doing.
  22. I can absolutely see him in the Player/Coach role, maybe a tag team with one of the NXT prospects.
  23. Tito Santana comes to mind - he had been using the Flying Forearm and then started using the Figure-Four Leglock during his IC Title feud with Greg Valentine.
  24. I'm here for either of these. Mr. Gannosuke from the FMW days did a Full Nelson Camel Clutch and I've always felt it would get over in the States. Same for Shinzaki's Straightjacket Camel Clutch (Gokuraku-gatame? It's been a while.)
  25. To be fair, both Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme have apple fritters, which are - I'll say it - superior to Cinnabon. To keep things on topic, I look forward to the trios match hopefully starting the push for the Trios tournament. -- While I don't anticipate Trios matches in AEW having captains, I'd love it if the Trios Finals and all subsequent title matches were 2/3 falls.
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