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  1. Nah, he lost a "Loser Wears a Dress" match to Jericho. At this point, Jericho had made up his mind to go to the WWF and Bischoff knew so he (Jericho) figured he'd be the one to lose and wear the dress. But Saturn wanted to change up his look so they booked it to where Saturn lost the match and liked the look so kept it.
  2. I really liked Slater's short-lived tag-team with Dick Murdoch, The Hardliners.
  3. I tried to be a tough guy but I couldn't grow in my damn mutton chops!
  4. Have the Midnight Express been in any games?
  5. Not a modern guy by any stretch but has Bruiser Brody ever made it into any video game?
  6. They'd give him a gimmick where he'd be like that one episode of The Office where Kevin speaks like a caveman in order to eliminate unnecessary words and save time.
  7. I'll go to my grave saying this is the best 5 minute match of all-time and IMO, it's damn near a 5 star match. Raven orchestrated that match perfectly. Raven corralled Goldberg and got him to slowdown (albeit for a few seconds) when needed and got in a minute or so of shine, all of the run-ins hit perfectly which had to be tough considering all of the moving parts and the relative inexperience of everyone involved (Goldberg, Sick Boy, Kidman, Reiss were all pretty new) and they stuck the landing.
  8. I can see why they wouldn't want DK. Rocky Johnson is kind of a headscratcher because you'd think that at least they'd have included him in some kind of Rock DLC at some point. Orndorff is definitely an odd exclusion as he was a pretty big name in the 80s, was part of the WMI main event and had a big moneymaking run with Hogan.
  9. They weren't even in one of the old arcade games like WWF Superstars or WWF Wrestlefest.
  10. I guess we'll just have to define "modern" then. Marty had matches in the WWF and Chikara in the 00s and 10s. Are we just talking people who debuted after a certain year? Like after 2000?
  11. Was Marty Jannetty ever in any wrestling games? Also, I don't recall ever seeing Rick Martel in any games.
  12. I think this is the powerbomb that Bischoff said gave him a lump in his shoulder that he still has to this day.
  13. ATTITUDE69ERA420 is a fair and balanced source.
  14. Ah ok. I was hoping it was real and that it was somebody like Patterson or Owen bribing some production assistant to do that to rib Bret back in the day because that would've been tremendous.
  15. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Karma_(Fallout_3)
  16. In FO3, if you nuke Megaton that knocks your karma to as far evil as you can get.
  17. Haha, is that real and if so, what's that from?
  18. I never knew that song was an original. I've only ever known the cover by Guano Apes. The opening part of this version sounds like something Brody or another wild man wrestler would actually enter the ring to.
  19. It sucks that Rico got cut when he did because I was digging his "modern day Adrian Street" thing.
  20. I don't know how it played on tv but I was there and I can tell you that wasn't the case to many in the live crowd. People in my section and around me were PISSED when Bischoff won. Oh and Konnan beat Jericho, not Benoit. My buddy and I were pretty much convinced that Jericho was gonna go to the WWF after this match. He was basically spinning his wheels at this point and we sorta knew about the backstage stuff from what we read on the internet. We were speculating that he'd be in the Rumble or something like that as a surprise. The DDP/Giant match wasn't all that great live but the finish popped the place huge. It was a pretty cool visual to see DDP hitting that Diamond Cutter on someone the size of Paul Wight. Nash got a really big reaction when he came out and the place went nuts when he won. It was pretty evenly split at the beginning and throughout the match but the place exploded when nash won. And yeah, my friend and I were like, "this feels like the first hour of Nitro or something" while we were watching all of the undercard matches.
  21. I was always partial to Legends Roundtable.
  22. The place I lived in when I was in grad school in 01-02 had a Nielsen box. One of my roommates was a massive coke head who was awake at all hours of the night once he got done with his shift at Denny's and would just park himself in front of the tv for hours before going out to score more. I'm sure our house skewed the ratings for whatever shitty infomercials were on at 3am and reruns of Shasta McNasty and That's My Bush.
  23. He was definitely throwing some shade at Malenko though. In his book, he was pretty pissed at Malenko for causing his groin injury and not checking on him later. IIRC, Malenko picked him up for a superplex but dropped Bret on the strut that connects the ring post to the turnbuckle and not the actual turnbuckle and that messed Bret up. Bret said something like, "the pint sized Dean Malenko didn't have the strength to actually place me where I needed to be on a superplex spot and instead dropped me on the turnbuckle connector".
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