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  1. How awesome is Tully in that first gif though? He's not even doing anything illegal. It's just a move you'd only do if you were a prick and a DIRTY MAN.
  2. 100% that's the senior in your class who got held back in 1st grade because his dad wanted him to be bigger than the other kids when it came time for sports so he looks older than 21, drives a Camaro blasting "That Smell" by Skynrd all the time and who buys the beer for parties but makes you pay an exorbitant "tax".
  3. I posted in one of the monthly threads that my great-aunt would always chastise 6 year old me and my uncle (who's really closer to being a cousin to me as he's not much older) for rooting for the "dirty men" like Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard and wondered why couldn't we just root for the clean men like Wahoo and Dusty? In this thread, we celebrate the dirty men of wrestling and their dirty deeds!
  4. No gif but go to about 5:15 in this video
  5. I wish I could find a gif of it but I remember Animal ripping Bobby Eaton's head off with a nice lariat in the match where The Road Warriors won the titles from The Midnight Express in 88.
  6. I remember this too. He used to blast people with clotheslines at times and it was pretty awesome (well for a viewer, maybe not for his opponent). My buddy and I used to do a weekly watchalong during the early months of the pandemic and we watched some older Cena matches. 04-08 main event Cena was a very different worker than post-arm injury Cena. He was a way bigger superstar from 08 on but I thought he was a much more interesting albeit less polished in-ring guy prior to that. That said, I remember him absolutely flattening D-Bry with a lariat in their Summerslam match and it was awesome.
  7. Nigel McGuinness had a pretty awesome lariat
  8. I remember him using it during his post WM4 face turn as well. I guess Orndorff was gone at that point (dead or running a bowling alley in Georgia depending on what rumor you heard at the time) so it was ok for him to use it as a finish again.
  9. That was his pre-Sharpshooter finish actually. He got chastised for it when he used it during his brief pre-Foundation singles run though as it was Orndorff's finish at the time.
  10. Looking back at this and I feel dumb. Hacking is really simple and I've gotten to the point where I can pretty much wipe out big swaths of enemies with quick hacks. I don't know why I didn't really get it at first. I think I may have just felt overwhelmed at the beginning of the game and the fact that you start out so squishy that you get your ass kicked in pretty much every combat situation at first (at least I did) so I was getting frustrated.
  11. I'm further into the story now and I feel like the game is back on track. I've pretty much just been rolling around the Badlands doing gigs for Dakota and progressing through the Panam romance story. I really like this part of the game as I like doing these missions and having Johnny drop in every now and then with some snarky comments or somewhat zen like advice. And I like the relationship between V and Panam as it seems that's the way two people in their respective situations would actually act and feel.
  12. The worst was that wretched Sheryl Crow cover they used in Big Daddy. And I'm probably the biggest GnR fan on this board (my kid's middle name is Axl) and I could do without ever hearing it on the radio again.
  13. I used to watch with my grandmother, my great-aunt and my uncle who's about 10 years old than me, so he would've been 15 or 16 when I was 6. He got me into rooting for Tully Blanchard and Flair and I remember my great-aunt would rail at us for rooting for the bad guys or as she would call them, "the dirty men". She'd always go, "why ya'll root for them ol' dirty men! Why don't you root for clean men like Dusty and Wahoo?!" Haha and I remember my great-grandfather got offended when Dusty said "Damn" or some other fairly mild swear on tv. He goes, "alright now sonny, you're a clean man. You can't go saying that on the television!" I love that my older relatives used to call the faces and heels, clean men or dirty men.
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