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  2. I've always found it disappointing when someone in WCW or WWE did/does a Northern Lights Suplex. I think it was mainly Benoit who used it. I used to watch New Japan before I had even heard of the WWF, and Hiroshi Hase used the Northern Lights Suplex as his finisher. Only one or twice did I see someone kick out of it. It was a killer move, like it was impossible to kick out of. And then, years later, I saw it being used as a lukewarm near-fall in WCW and WWE. It always hurts me a little inside. WWE, give someone the Uranage (another move you don't see often enough) and the Northern Lights Suplex as signature moves/finishers.
  3. Well, none of those things ever stopped Vince from pushing a guy before.
  4. Curtis Axel used it for a while in FCW. I have no idea why he stopped using it. The only two things I remember about Mark Jindrak in WWE are that he teamed with Luther Reigns (remember him?) as Kurt Angle's enforcers, and that he had a match on Velocity with Doug Basham that was surprisingly good. Oh, and his knock-out punch finisher wasn't Big Show-level atrocious. I do wish Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire would have gotten a push during the Invasion. I always thought O'Haire had a lot of potential back then. Any reason why he didn't stick around?
  5. I'd love to see a Tag Team Elimination Chamber simply because I'd love to see Brodus Clay and Tensai squeezed together in one cell -- and getting out as the last team.
  6. ... Really? My memory is horrible. I thought Razor/Michaels was the first one. I retract my statement with shamefaced awkwardness.
  7. I'd probably put Taker/Lesnar on three, and have Nash/HHH somewhere as well.
  8. Duplicates, people, duplicates: one for Hall and one for the office. Duh.
  9. But without seeing some horrific consequences for Kane, why would anyone worry anyway? He's just, like, "off t.v." like he would be if he was beaten down by anyone else.We need to see him horribly ruined in some way, and we should have seen it weeks ago, so there would some sense that Miz or Kofi were in actual danger. The camera should carry us into some barn, into a little enclosure and we should see what Kane has been turned into: I want more footage of the horror barn. That 'investigative reporting' thing was pretty good. I also demand Tom Waits' 'Murder in the Red Barn' song being very softly played in an adjacent space of the camera, or at the very least being whistled for a moment. Actually, that whole song would be good fodder for a Wyatt promo.
  10. Not exactly what you're looking for, but...
  11. Big E's own My Little Pony was amazing. Dear God, I've fallen in love with this man.
  12. I like Dawson quite a bit. He has a nice snap to a lot of his moves; especially his kicks to the temple look good. And Regal does a good job of building him up as well with comparisons to Arn Anderson and remarks about how he's technically sound etc. I just saw one of those 'Behind the Scenes' clips. Rawley does a pretty good promo there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lwwHHs0eJ4 Skip to 43:11.
  13. What was the problem with Swagger's title run? Badly booked, or did the crowd just not take to Swagger?
  14. A whiny, ignorant, not-so-subtle question: what happened to the NOAH matches, Ditch?
  15. I've been drifting in and out of watching wrestling for the past couple of years and I've recently started watching WWE again. What happened to Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre? I remember Swagger having some very good matches with Christian in ECW and even becoming the World Heavyweight Champion out of nowhere, and now he's in this... not terribly entertaining mid-card heel gimmick and people are kicking out of the Gutwrench Powerbomb when it used to be a killer. And Drew McIntyre was, as far as I remember correctly, introduced by Vince McMahon himself as 'a future WWE champion' and 'The Chosen One' and I remember seeing some matches of his on SmackDown where he was a dominant guy. Now, like Swagger, he's lost in heel mid-card with a not terribly entertaining gimmick? What happened to them?
  16. So he's just gonna randomly walk into backstage segments and say "Bad news, everyone!" like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama? ... God damn you.
  17. Just do what I do, and every time he does the discus lariat, pretend he is the offspring of an evil hillbilly woman who tricked Kerry Von Erich into having sex with her. Kind of like King Arthur and Morgana, but with less swords and more whiskey and trailer parks. It makes him top three in the company easy. Did the woman chain up Kerry afterwards so he had to saw off his foot to escape?
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