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  1. Sort of - Matt's not poor; he just lost that match where he and Private Party had to join The Firm. In fact, he will often capitulate to what Page and Stokely want to save Private Party from getting fined.
  2. 29 men in, 29 men out. Voodoo Chile hits, Hogan walks in and wins his record-tying third Royal Rumble. Brother.
  3. CMLL has a live show on YouTube right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRh5JuWgLKc
  4. That would be great because Tennessee Lee joining Jarrett in the WWF improved Double J greatly.
  5. I'm wondering why I saw the #JAXvsSD hashtag more than once, when the Chargers aren't in San Diego any more.
  6. You've certainly taught me a lot of move names, so ... A-TOWN DOWN!
  7. We use the nWo theme when I introduce the Burning River Buckets basketball team. Lights down, spotlights, it's pretty fun.
  8. Thoughts on ECW When Worlds Collide 94 That was a popular show title in 1994, as AAA's pay-per-view in November had the same name. Mikey Whipwreck was so skinny that the ECW TV title belt wouldn't fit around his waist. 911 chokeslammed referee Pee Wee Moore and got disqualified, even though he could have pinned Mikey easily to win the title. An enraged 911 chokeslammed Pee Wee twice more. Jimmy Snuka beat Kevin Sullivan without landing one offensive move. Sullivan dominated the match but was distracted by Sandman running off with his wife. This would become a nagging problem in Sullivan's career. He got tripped by Hunter Q Robbins III, and Snuka just pinned him. Speaking of wives, Peaches pinned Sandman in the tag team Singapore caning match, but at least Sandman gained a gimmick that would last the rest of his career. Pee Wee Moore came back out to referee another match, so 911 came out and chokeslammed him two more times. It's not like Pee Wee made a bad call! Shane Douglas used the fact that Arn Anderson was in the building to cut a promo on Ric Flair. JT Smith emerged as the sole survivor in an eight-man elimination by pinning both members of Public Enemy, who were the tag team champions. By the end of the night, Rock & Grunge had beaten up Terry Funk, collected a payoff from Paul E., and signed to face Terry & Dory Funk Jr. on the next big show. ECW drew its largest crowd ever for this show, with Sabu & Bobby Eaton vs. Terry Funk & Arn Anderson. There's no way two WCW wrestlers would have visited if it weren't for Funk's involvement, so he's the MVP. Unlike WCW, ECW didn't fumble the big moment. This match included crazy brawling and everyone hitting their crowd-pleasing spots. Arn turned on Funk, who had blasted him with an errant chair shot, and Sabu won with the half Boston Crab. Now we know that Jesse Ventura never watched ECW. Later in the year, he said “If Arn Anderson said he’ll be your partner, he’ll stand behind you.” But Arn turned on Dustin and joined the Stud Stable, which included ... Terry Funk.
  9. Now I have to watch that match and see if Dombrowski called it a "Defensive Dropkick," which he should, since he sat under my learning tree.
  10. During the promo package for the Pure title match, Daniel Garcia mentioned Renee Paquette and used her "sports entertainment" name of Renee Young.
  11. I just watched Neidhart against Bad News from the LA Sports Arena in July 1988, so I want to say the answer is no.
  12. Daddy Magic must have forgotten that he called Elevation with Big Show and Schiavone (not Ian)
  13. This is my only option, and I'm enjoying it.
  14. Yeah, I just heard him on commentary with Craig DeGeorge. Talk about a weird duo. Bock certainly falls into the "tell you how to make a wristwatch" category.
  15. She defended the belt against Emi Sakura on Elevation in Cleveland. It was one of the best matches of the whole night, with the student (Shida) beating the teacher for the first time.
  16. Very happy to say that my close, personal, longtime friend Andrew Lazarchik of Wildcat Belts (Hot $hot Drew Lazario from Steel City Wrestling) made the Daniel Bryan belt.
  17. Hey, it's Mike "Kid" Collins! He gave me my first break into the wrestling business in January 1994, and the rest is history.
  18. I think that's the whole Elevation show for next Monday.
  19. Thoughts on The Night the Line Was Crossed I thought the title referred to the first three-way dance, but Tod Gordon said that the beginning that it was an incidence of line-crossing violence. Really, the most violent thing was The Sheik throwing a fireball, which was nothing new for him. This led to Sheik and "Patrick" Tanaka beating Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan. Sheik won even though he never stepped into the ring! Wildman Sal Bellomo was passing out toys from a garbage bag, even though Christmas was six weeks earlier. Mr. Hughes won the match, but he must have been thinking, "Wasn't I just feuding with The Undertaker? What happened? Why am I here?" Gary Wolfe was called "The Pitbull," but somehow when he was joined by Anthony Durante, he became Pitbull #2. Tommy Dreamer showed up looking like a pretty boy and spent the rest of his career trying to prove how tough he was. Here, he kicked out of the Superfly Splash as a 22-year-old rookie! Heel Jimmy Snuka gave Dreamer three more, causing internal bleeding. "Awesome" Mike Awesome had the word "Awesome" on his trunks. The fans chanted "Awesome" as he went for the Awesome Bomb. Small package by JT Smith for the win! Shane Douglas is the MVP for lasting all 60 minutes of the main event. He faced Sabu for the first 15 minutes, with champion Terry Funk joining the match at the 15-minute mark. Sabu left for a long time after a knee injury, and Funk was taken to the back for a while by his "Few Good Men," Axl & Ian Rotten, before rejoining the match. The Franchise went all the way and rightfully demanded another shot at Funk in the post-show press scrum, which degenerated into a brawl.
  20. If you had told me that after 10 weeks, the Browns would have the same number of wins as the defending Super Bowl champions, I would have said, "That's great!"
  21. It won't be Logan Paul because he blew out his knee at Crown Jewel.
  22. Yeah, we played that song as we entered our wedding reception, so we would have looked like we were bragging about being great patriots.
  23. You will probably get Dark Elevation followed by Dynamite. The fans on Friday should get a bunch of Dark matches and Rampage.
  24. In my WWF history book, "King of New York," I pose the question, "What if the WWF did the Louisville Screwjob and put the title on the Patriot at Ground Zero?" In my upcoming WCW history book, "King of Atlanta," I pose the question, "What if the WWF did the Russo/Hogan Screwjob and had Bret WIN the match, strip him of the title, and have Shamrock beat Michaels in the main event before losing the belt to Shawn at IYH:DX?"
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