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  1. I've been on my annual PWG marathon. Why does the PWG crowd chant "Get your shit in" to Brian Cage?
  2. Ok, with the Stimulus I finally bought an apartment and a garage. I stole a car and sold the original car I had when I first started online. Whenever I leave the garage with the car I stole (and have since bought insurance on and put a locator on) I have 2 stars. I know I stole this car, but is this how it is going to be every time I drive it out of my garage? I put a LOT of money into souping it up.
  3. Very much so. If you see me, he will probably be with me. He said he is interested in joining the crew, but doesn't know "who Bob Cena is."
  4. Got my owed bullet in the head today... Not knowing posting names vs Xbox games is confusing. My IRL buddy avenged me, but I pulled him off. Crew loyalty, ride or die DVDVR
  5. Can someone link me to the dudes site who is making those AWESOME Capcom style super move gifs?
  6. That was a cool clip. I am such a geek about the backstage stuff in wrestling. I wish there was something out there about "Gorilla" position, but that would just be breaking the wall way to much and I know WWE would never produce it. Also, is Kidman always in that spot?
  7. So,.... what the heck happened at the end of that Chikara show?I'm lost.
  8. http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/flatbush-zombies-better-off-dead-mixtape.95707.html?song-8 Just found these guys through a buddy. (On a BIG music kick lately) 4 Wrestling references so far.
  9. Whoa whoa. I played like a gentleman. I did not spin anyone on purpose.
  10. Oh. Well good to know. Couldn't find any sessions with crew members last night, but still ended up with random alliences till almost 430 (without time change) in the morning... Phew. Leveled up a few times, getting better at races, UH-60 machine guns are almost useless, and I stole someones tank and went on a spree. Good times.
  11. It says everything is too hot? Do I need to spray it or something?
  12. Ok, where do you go to sell cars you've stole?
  13. Bring it brother. No one is on now. It kinda sucks.
  14. OH! I think I remember this. I landed on the roof of the gas station fuel pump thing. Shit... Then I got killed by a random. Did not know a DVDVR was in the AO. Shit, I messed up man. I'm sorry.
  15. Ok, if I did that it's because the RED CIRCLE was hiding your red highlight around the circle... So, If I did that: 1. I am sorry. 2. I mostly spend my time flying around, so, i'm sorry. 3. That's fucked up. So, please, bust a cap. 4. Seriously, my bad....
  16. Anyone on tonight? (I feel like we need a DVDVR GTA twitter or something) It is 11:28 ET (PM) and vickyv25 is online.
  17. I cannot hit ANYTHING with UH-60 Blackhawk machine gun! You'd think that would beat a guy on foot... nope. Racing at the airport this morning and I raised 5 levels! Wow.
  18. No school work and it's raining. I'm on today for a bit (1230pm east coast time) on Xbox Vickyv25
  19. I loved it when Cena took Cesaro's stuff. Loved it. Could totally buy a fued between those two, especially with "feets of strength" spots. Spear on the outside really got the "ohhh shiiii!" reaction.
  20. I've seen a few indies working in the "Edge of the Apron, the hardest part of the ring." PWG had one of the Taylors in a striking match and Excalibur was asking "Do the strikes hurt more on the edge of the ring?" FIP last week had some dudes taking bumps on the apron.
  21. There was a pretty annoying "Goldberg" chant during the Main Event Tapings at Smackdown in Tampa this week. And then a HUGE reaction when he did the fucking Jackhammer on KOFI, which Kofi kicked out of.
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