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  1. There's only so many times Dave can cover for Jericho's drunken shenanigans until Bork pays Chris a visit. My emotional investment in the product is at an all time low so when Brock ran down I just laughed. To be honest, the match was one of the better ladder matches I've seen, all the transitions were smooth and everyone nailed their spots and looked great. Finn is a lunatic. Even if the ladders are gimmicked (certain ones are wooden that have aluminum coating and are painted) some of those bumps will shorten careers. and then I watched the Becky 24 special and remembered why I love this. Bastards.
  2. If we're going full TNA, they could call Enzo. Imagine the heat.
  3. suit Jericho and list Jericho are tied as my favorite Jericho's. The less said about undisputed Jericho the better.
  4. Kenny's 35 and has had considerable amounts of time off in between matches to recuperate and rehabilitate injuries. I see no reason other than him wanting to do his own vanity projects in the gaming industry why he wouldn't be the ace for another decade. And given AEW's current schedule, he gets plenty of time to do both now anyway. Jericho is 48. Page can take a L here and be fine. I honestly don't see Page as a top guy, he's years away. Trigger too early and you have a Jay White situation on your hands.
  5. First time seeing a woman hit a shooting star, very Liger-esque in execution too. For the record I had no idea she passed. Probably wouldn't have posted it if so.
  6. Norse culture = White identity. White identity = Nazis. Godwin's Law 101
  7. The Outliers? tremendous. Shocked no-one came up with that name before them.
  8. AEW selling themselves as this ultraprogressive company I seriously doubt the girls are being held against their will to do it. The fact this is even a talking point is bonkers.
  9. You would think a generation that's getting more and more nihilistic and apathetic wouldn't give a shit about some women's photo shoot for a pro-wrestling show, something that was probably a Brandi Rhodes invention and has been showcased in BTE already with no issues. Some would call it bad optics. I dunno man. One would only have to look at some of the WWE girls' instagram pages to see something resembling those kind of shots. Does WWE actively encourage this? who knows. I doubt this is a AEW brass scheme or some kind of fan-grab. If the girls want to show off their boobs, let them, I don't care.
  10. Kushida is doing nothing to convince me. Cool entrance music aside, he looks like a complete dork in the back to the future cosplay, and is nothing special in the ring (and tiny). Should have been shipped to 205 straight away.
  11. If his IG is anything to go by Tino is getting closer to his return from pec surgery. Tino/Moss/Matha with Robbie E orchestrating? I'm in.
  12. If I'm reading correctly ITV has picked up AEW. BT hoarding quite the portfolio with UFC, Champions League and now WWE rights. If BT can wrestle away more Premier League games I can cancel cable entirely.
  13. so now that's settled - maybe we can move on from all the racial accusations and point scoring in every fucking thread that's turning the board to shit. Didn't watch the show, but everyone should check out the 4 way from 205 live.
  14. Moss has leaned out significantly and I like the Masters/Simon Dean gimmick. Look forward to watching him progress - plenty to work with there. Having him lose so convincingly in his repackaged debut was weird though, he should be steam rolling dudes like Mendoza. Riddle/Cole was excellent.
  15. Bully was in the shape of his life in TNA as well. Unless NGE was referring to their early TNA days
  16. So he got that MF bag but demanded two MF bag's? Nothing but respect.
  17. Liked everything about Kushida's presentation but wasn't a fan of the match, actually, aside from the Ospreay matches Kushida is kinda boring to me. Velveteen continues to be the crown jewel of the show. I wonder where they're going with UE. Roddy going solo would be disastrous.
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