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  1. Harper putting on a clinic in not only professionalism but salesmanship here. If I was in NY for Mania and meditating over going to one of the Axxess events I absolutely would pay the admission to see this match alone. Guys like EC3 could learn a thing or two from this. Don't go out on national television looking disinterested and demoralized. Find a way to turn those lemons into lemonade.
  2. waiting for Niners Fan to defend this shit
  3. I'm just going to pretend everything else in between Becky's face to face with Ronda the night after the Rumble and the segment tonight never happened. The tedious twitter spats, the breaking of fourth walls. I'm making the decision to trim all that fat, because the segment tonight earned it. Way to re-heat your main event, don't let me down. Anyone catch EC3 arms folded, looking completely demoralized with the rest of the jobbers? Fucking hell. He looked destroyed.
  4. I don't think enough people care honestly. Anyway I'm hoping the Andrade/Rey match announcement is a screener for Andrade (and a few other guys like Ali, KO and Zayn) to be added to the US Title match at Mania, hopefully in the rumored ladder match.
  5. Doesn't Snoop have a wife? lol. I don't remember that at all.
  6. someone's remade D-Brine's ''Monster'' video for Kofi and it's gold.
  7. Jeff is a stunt performer, the only time he's suffered a bad injury was when he broke his leg doing bike jumps in his yard, lol. Jeff's the same age as AJ Styles but wrestles like he's 10 years older than him. He's definitely tweaked his style so big bumps have been fewer and less destructive on his body as he's gotten older.
  8. to be fair that's the most entertaining Nak's ever been since his WWE stint
  9. I just watched one of those ''10 best moves of Ember Moon''' highlight reels and nothing Ember does is that spectacular outside of her finisher. I've seen Candice Lerae pull off some effortless shit like Lionsaults and she gets no recognition at all around these parts. Yeah Charlotte has a tendency to overshoot her moonsault variations mostly to protect herself, she's certainty not as bad as Sasha.
  10. You're criminally underrating Charlotte's athleticism there.
  11. Vince is apparently in 'war mode' with AEW which is funny considering Billy Gunn is getting inducted next week, of course there's the possibility Vince isn't aware who will be writing Billy's checks in the future.
  12. y'know the one time I was impressed with Ember is when she was a talking head on the pre-show of a show that's name is failing me right now but she came across showing way more personality than whatever her wrestling character is supposed to be. I know opportunity is the hook those gravitate to defend those who haven't had a fair shake, but something clearly hasn't connected. That being said Ember's series with Asuka was awesome and she should have really been the one to take Asuka's streak.
  13. Been to one Mania (33) and honestly it's more hassle than its worth. The stadium was seemingly right in the middle of a ghetto and the wait for cabs after the show was beyond chaotic. Further enhanced by everyone being stunned that Taker had seemingly just retired it was a very dejecting atmosphere. I'm a socially insular person most of the time and being in large crowds triggers my anxiety no end, couple this with being in what I can only describe as a map from GTA San Andreas at midnight with the crowd dispersing at a rabid rate I'm surprised I didn't have an anxiety attack. I ended up flagging down a cab and paying way above what I would consider a normal tariff fee to get back to the hotel but I didn't get shot or robbed so every cloud. Enjoyed the accompanying indie shows I went to a lot more. Casually walking to a bar at the wrestlecon supershow and being greeted by a topless Ricochet doing that weird superman pose and ZSJ in his speedos flogging t-shirts in the lobby was kinda surreal. It seemed like anywhere you turned someone of name value was hanging out. Also shared a Newport with Matt Riddle outside the venue at Progress and he was the most attentive and welcoming guy in the world, magnificent hair too. AEW and WWE combing through the indies signing just about everyone may seem detrimental to the Mania crop of independent shows in the short term but it also gives new guys the opportunity to work in front of an international audience. With that exposure plus the spike in Fite.tv shows I don't envision the indie market collapsing any time soon, if anything it's only going to get bigger given the demand every year. Mania is certainly one to tick off the bucket list especially if you're a lifetime fan like most of us are, but it's definitely a one-and-done thing for me. Only a Vegas Mania show could possibly tempt me out of retirement but until then I'm content watching the shows on my big capitalist television at home.
  14. Maybe Charlotte is handed everything because she's better than everyone else? She's arguably had every top echelon woman's best main roster match (I'm not counting NXT but she was great there too). Where others have failed to hit the heights of their NXT run Charlotte has elevated her own performances and everyone else she wrestles.
  15. to be fair Rey/Joe is a pretty good alternative figure the Andre will be on the main show given the exposure of the SNL guys
  16. Watching Wrestlemania 17 right now and I know there's like 37 matches on this show but I'd quite happily watch another gimmick battle royal. Joey Janela's Clusterfuck is the closest thing I've seen to it in recent years.
  17. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/rob-gronkowski-makes-appearance-wwe-charity-event so it begins
  18. If Asuka's going to go all in on the character she needs to adopt the barefoot look again to really capture the essence of the crazy. Like Rusev and Umaga. There's something insincere about a nutty character wearing a pair of Nike sneakers under kick pads. yeah yeah I know settle down Ricknetico
  19. Shower thought but let's say the match is for both titles, they wouldn't do a double tap-out finish would they? Becky has the disarmer and Charlotte has the figure-eight locked in on Ronda, Ronda taps out. Match ends. Everyone is confused. Ronda is a picture of burning anger as she leaves the ramp. Charlotte and Becky raise both belts. Sasha and Bayley follow. The nXt four raise all the gold. The internet explodes. Y'know, if I pitched that idea to Vince I bet he'd go for it. It protects his biggest female star and creates two champions in the process. In all seriousness if Becky isn't raising the titles as the so called 'champ champ' to end the show the internet will melt.
  20. Becky, Charlotte and Ronda are the main event of WrestleMania, they are effectively your Rock, Austin, Brock & Roman class this year. The Riot Squad should be making them look as strong as possible. I think the problem is the women do have a limited amount of time on each show, and the stories are exclusively based around the two womens titles and rarely anything else unless it's some weird shit like Mandy seducing an Uso or some other attitudinal garbage. The tag titles haven't really taken off yet due to the champions floating over to three different brands which has really stagnated the division in gaining any kind of steam. God forbid WWE has too many titles as it is, but having an IC womens title could be the perfect remedy for the likes of Ruby/Naomi/Sonya/Mandy etc to feud over rather than being sacrificial lambs for whoever is holding the brands main title or sitting in catering tweeting out their grievances.
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