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  1. We're talking about a woman who got a tattoo of the date of her first Diva's title win. She isn't going anywhere.
  2. AJ's tribute CM Punk gimmick is incredibly tiresome and see through. So Brie is a heel now? This show was an epic comedown from the glorious main event from last night and yeah maybe I was enjoying the Ferguson events a little too much to care. Big Show does what he wants.
  3. I could get behind the idea of BNB being the new authority figure
  4. This reminds me of the March Raw show when Dave was given ''accurate'' news that Punk was scheduled to appear. Jericho is stirring up shit on Twitter as usual about the subject. Yanno what made Taker losing the streak so special is we didn't know it was coming. Sting showing up would be awesome but I can't help but feel apathetic about it. Spoilers blow
  5. This is awesome. Also Cena has a new rap song out which is also awesome.
  6. Lesnar is physical sure but so is someone like Sheamus who Bryan gave as good as he got for months on end, we're talking about the guy who was working twice a night occasionally last summer. Lesnar is a safe guy. I loved Ambrose running across the stage prop and diving onto the security, like it wasn't anything flashy or contrived looking like a cross body but a running unorthodox splash off a diving board. I love minor details like that that showcases his craziness.
  7. Is there a better managerial run than Heyman 2012-2014?
  8. I'm sorry but I don't wanna see Jericho or Kane in 2014 yet alone them wrestling each other. It might be the placebo effect but I liked the ending with Henry and Rusev, bizarre but a path in a different direction that made a midcard fued feel important. September/October Raw's are always garbage, it is what it is. We just haven't got Bryan to rely on to give us something to watch this year.
  9. Definitely. But the fabricated news headlines that Cena is Hogan levels of broken down make me cringe.
  10. People have been going on about Cena being banged up for years, talking about his shoulders are knackered, yet I scroll through my twitter feed and see him tweeting pics of him overhead dead lifting 300lbs. ''Cena is banged up, WWE are shit at creating stars'' I think I've read this every month since 2008
  11. http://instagram.com/p/sh2u0hscMr/ Justin Roberts is my new favourite thing
  12. Oh fuck you, Vince. You short sighted old fuck.
  13. I'm enjoying both Diva feuds. The rest is white noise.
  14. I know Austin said when he met Reigns at the Summerslam 2k conference Reigns also shown personality, was eloquent and articulate yet these dumbass writers keep scripting him so tightly he comes across artificial. Fuck these writers.
  15. Nikki Bella genuinely convinced me that she wanted Brie dead, I know she's basically channeling her Total Divas character and this feud will be the vocal point of that show but there seems to be some legitimate insecurities and jealousy being brought to the surface here. The post-promo beat down was savage. It was sooo good. I'm totally in on Nikki Bella.
  16. What are you talking about Nikki Bella just cut the promo of the decade
  17. Though he does fall into the category of the ultimate piss break/smoke break/fast forward wrestlers. Only Randy Orton comes close, maybe RVD.
  18. Brie cut her best promo ever tonight.
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