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  1. I've cut better promos than Seth Rollins pissed up after a night out in a takeaway. What was that?
  2. Evolution are fucking awesome and so is the entrance music, popped for that more than anything on this show, hopefully we get naitch at the PPV too.
  3. This Documentary is amazing and well worth whatever it is I pay for it in British sterling, I'm about 30 minutes into it and it's so nice to have such a humble, decent guy as the ''face'' (sorry) of this new era going forward.
  4. ''We love you Barrett, we do, oh Barrett we love you'' ''PNE'' (Preston North End chant, Barrett's favorite football team) something else. The British influence was in full effect tonight, that's why the post-mania Raw's are so awesome. Americans suck Yeah, we need more crowds that'll give a racist and homophobe like Warrior a hero's welcome while booing uppity minorities like Big E and Rey out of the building. Yes because Warrior is a legend and Big E and Rey suck ass.
  5. ''We love you Barrett, we do, oh Barrett we love you'' ''PNE'' (Preston North End chant, Barrett's favorite football team) something else. The British influence was in full effect tonight, that's why the post-mania Raw's are so awesome. Americans suck
  6. I find Stephanie really attractive but tonight she was dressed like a flight attendant. From the waist up, anyway. From the waist down......well, leather shorts shouldn't really be loose, in my opinion. Not flattering. Now that I've skeeved myself out a little, um.......loved the random appearance by Danny Davis.
  7. That fucking wink by Brock walking back to the set!! I could kill him!
  8. I'm pretty damn drunk right now and I'm hyped for Bryan hopefully having his moment in the sun tonight. The same guy who jumped on a plane and worked for All Star wrestling for Brian Dixon under a mask when he really didn't need to. He paid his dues, honed his craft, learning various Styles working in front of butlins and holiday camps every night. Getting his ass kicked for months in the shittiest buildings in front of 12 people people. The same guy we all watched on the wrestling road diaries buying rare vinyl, putting over local indys and their guys just because it was the right thing to do. Is now, 6 years later on the verge of being in the main event of the biggest show of all time. It's humbling to be able to watch that. Fuck CM Punk, Bryan is our guy, and tonight's his night.
  9. Rock's in New Orleans as well. I'm double pumped for WrestleMania now, they've successfully pulled me in despite the shitty ass build. Hogan, Austin and Rock surely have to be in the ring together at some point of the show.
  10. Thought after the T fiasco Barrett would be kicking the Calon clan to the aftershow.
  11. Hogan & Austin cracking jokes in the front row is giving me a stiffy.
  12. That Jake speech was powerful, reduced a grown man to shed a tear, beautiful.
  13. According to Randy, Warrior didn't even rehearse his speech, could be a very interesting watch. P.S should there be a HOF thread? Or am I blind
  14. Wasn't Bryan penciled in to face Sheamus a month ago? That, coupled with 'tista being Trips' best mate springs up doubt in my mind regarding Bryan winning. Or as tristof said, Bryan won't be champion for long.
  15. "What some people call desperation, others call necessity" Bryan just sold me on the show. Man that Lesnar/Taker opening segment couldn't have been more predictable; although Taker's matches these days are all about the match, what a lousy build-up.. really, why hasn't the altercation between them from that one UFC been mentioned? This is years in the making, make me care!!
  16. Man that Vengeance 2002 three way for the title was so on point, I remember wanting Angle to win the title so badly to set up the Lesnar showdown, which inevitably happened of course.
  17. Does anyone else experience quality drop-outs (especially on the PS4)? Mine is constantly dropping from HD to SD, it's absolute hell living with OCD as it is without encountering this shit.
  18. How many times is Nattie going to channel her Dad's ''we're gonna get hungry and forget our manners'' line from that one In Your House PPV, or where it's been engrained in me from, wrestling with shadows. She's just so shit
  19. WrestleWar 92. Steiners beating the shit out of Fujinami and Iizuka, The Freebirds being awesome, Flyin' Brian being one of the best in the world at this point having an awesome match with Z-Man, Flamingo and Bagwell, Johnny B. Badd's magnificent cape and that fucking main event. Is there a better show in 1992 than this?
  20. Is there any way to change the aspect ratio of the older broadcasts to widescreen on the PS4 app? or on any platform for that matter.
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