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  1. Roman Reigns died on his arse tonight, please stop making him narrate his feuds, he isn't cut out for it, some people just don't read well from a script but to his credit did come into his own when he broke it. Poor guy. I'm solely watching Raw for a dose of Sasha these days and she didn't wrestle again.. glad she got the spotlight atleast with the video package, she is so far above any woman on the roster in terms of popularity it's insane. Lot's of New Day which is great, but the show is really boring right now.
  2. Trips has insinuated numerous times that he can't be held responsible for the main shows and ultimately the decisions are in Vince's hands, I doubt if he was in a position of creativity he would out right shit on things on Austin's podcast and in other interviews he's done. On Trips' being conniving, the Punk feud from a few years ago where he squashed all Punk's heat then went back into retirement was one the most counter-productive things I've ever seen. That being said if NXT didn't exist I probably wouldn't watch WWE outside of Mania season, so whatever, this is pro wrestling and it's full of dickheads, who cares really.
  3. ''End Scene'' was totally apropo from Graves on commentary after Eva's match. Eva continues to look like she's playing a wrestler, that being said she's slightly improving, like, she totally pissed off everybody in the building when she forgot to kick out during the final stretch, but her taunting in between the sticks is getting better. She's still nowhere near ready to be in a match on television, yet I have this bizarre fascination with her challenging Bayley one day so I'm willing to give her time to progress. Echo the sentiments on Jordan/Gable being fucking awesome and having such organic chemistry with each other, Jordan gets some mean height on those belly to bellys.
  4. Sting also referred to the coveted WWE World Heavyweight Championship™ as the ''WWE title'' too. It's telling how constrained this company is when we notice this redundant shit.
  5. Meltzer's star rating system used to be a good point of reference for checking out matches back when I was a teenager, nowadays, not so much. Sasha/Bayley is 5 fucking stars.
  6. Owens has certainly earned his pay this past few days.
  7. Ehh, I think he could definitely break the mold of the tough enough winners jinx of previous years. Josh's upside is astronomical, great looking, built, naturally athletic and a legitimate professional sports background, also appears to be a genuine hard worker, all of the components that gives Vince friction in his slacks. Saying that, they absolutely tried to sabotage the vote with the before and after pictures prior to the guys matches, along with the critiquing being way in favor of Josh post-match. Amanda should get a contract, Trips' looked so pissed raising Sara's hand at the end there.
  8. I can't wait for Steve Austin to shit on the springboard stunner on Tuesday morning. Totally ineffective and poor in execution, which could be said for the majority of Cena's moveset for years now. There is no stock left in the AA, everyone in the building expects a kick out even it's from a JTTS. I'm definitely over Cena's structure of a match in 2015, Cena's strikes have always been lacklustre but his ability to sell between the sticks has made up for his drawbacks, but even that was the shits last night. If you can't work because of your nose being in recovery and refuse a mask, don't sacrifice key components of the damn match. Seth looked like a goof not attacking the face from the offset. After meditating on it since last night, I think that annoyed me more than the finish.
  9. Corbin is progressively getting better each time he wrestles these big shows, doesn't look out of place with someone like Joe or Rhyno and lays all his shit in well and now has the character arc to back up what he does in the ring, nothing wrong with enjoying what he's doing right now.
  10. I think Tanner has potential and is very much a natural in any scenario they've put him in so far, but lacks a certain rawness that ZZ does in terms of his charisma and personality, as the judges pointed out he can do things he's showed how to do very well but I don't see him being a star like the other two guys based off of what I've seen. Who knows in the long run, but the stock is totally in ZZ and Josh right now. I think all three guys will be signed regardless.
  11. Paige is repulsive and I don't think she understands that to be a judge she has to be somewhat impartial and understand each contestants pros and flaws, to come out with comments like Amanda ''sucks'' when she blatently doesn't is unfair. Whether it be an unconscious strategy or not, Amanda is playing the best heel character on the show and it suggests she does have some potential upside down the road. I used to dig Paige, but she comes off annoying and dumb here.
  12. This show is trash, the concept is flawed, all the judges are totally transparent in their opinions. That being said, Patrick going home is a shocker and was the one dude I'd like to have won.
  13. The brawl was a lot of fun and fulfilled it's purpose in fast tracking the Taker/Lesnar match but we still don't know why Taker is going after Brock other than avenging his streak loss, I could understand Taker's revenge being motivated by some dirty tactics by Brock in the initial match but Brock won clean as a sheet, sure Heyman and Brock gloated about the victory but as Heyman articulated in his promo, why wouldn't they? Taker looks like a whiney asshole with the decision making ability of a toddler and I want Brock to beat his ass. The brawl was great, but I'm not forgiving the shitty writing. Oh and Cena now being shot towards the WWE title picture couldn't be more of a desperation attempt by Vince in order to gain subs and sell Summerslam as something extra special this year, the stench around WWE in the summertime is irreparable and bringing back legends and boosting Cena to the top of the card is totally papering over the cracks of a problem WWE has caused since like, 2005.
  14. I really want Reigns to take the U.S title. Reigns/Cena must be the only dream match remaining with the full time roster guys and now I'm depressed that it's not going to happen anytime soon, the crowd reaction alone would be so intriguing and really, besides Brock, who else could you have dethrone Cena at this point? I don't buy Zayn doing it, Zayn can work underneath better than anyone in the world but It just wont work for me. Reigns/Cena is where you go down the line and given the credibility Cena has brought to the belt, the only guy to continue that upward momentum is a guy like Reigns.
  15. So have we discovered just why Taker is back? If he's simply back to avenge his brother being injured then he's the most hypocritical motherfucker in wrestling, we're talking about the same dude who set his brother on fire and lost his streak CLEAN. I don't see how Taker is at all a face in this scenario and if that's the way they're going without some sort of melodramatic bullshit then Taker is the crankiest most bi-polar guy in wrestling, at this point I want Brock to beat his ass for shitting on his title challenge, no? Fuck this writing team. Fuck them all. The match is going to suck some dick too without some sort of stipulation and blood, Taker and Brock have had one GREAT match in the confines of the cell, their wrestlemania match was the worst. Taker can't walk let alone run the ropes, Brock shouldn't be selling for this broken down mess, it's hogan levels of hokey bullshit that will destroy WWE's one draw.
  16. It's pretty obvious Vince doesn't want to take any chances on Cena's stock decreasing, even by the most minute amount. The problem is he's steamrolling guys that could potentially take his ball one day and leaving them fairly limited and dead in the water in the eyes of the casual viewer. Cena put over Punk when it was obvious he was ready and the fans latched on to him, in the same vein Owens should have really gone over tonight and recovered from his loss to Balor. They have had multiple chances to put the machine behind guys but Vince's insecurities are glaring. Atleast the matches are great, I guess.
  17. I'm not Bray's biggest fan but he probably had match of the night here with Reigns, both guys really laid their shit in and produced a solid brawl. Their match on Raw that one time compared to tonight showcased just how much both guys have improved as singles guys and understanding their roles. The build up has been all types of hokey shit though and is only going to continue with the reformation of the Wyatts, I atleast hope Rowan is brought back into the mix, maybe have Ambrose discover him dozing around in the woodlands.
  18. The show was awesome and who is gonna risk a ban and make a new show thread?
  19. https://gifsound.com/?gif=i.imgur.com/7GBe8oh.gif&v=MK6TXMsvgQg&s=2
  20. Cole is so much more tolerable without Vince yelling in his ear every 10 seconds.
  21. Why is this shit on last?
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