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  1. The brawl was a lot of fun and fulfilled it's purpose in fast tracking the Taker/Lesnar match but we still don't know why Taker is going after Brock other than avenging his streak loss, I could understand Taker's revenge being motivated by some dirty tactics by Brock in the initial match but Brock won clean as a sheet, sure Heyman and Brock gloated about the victory but as Heyman articulated in his promo, why wouldn't they? Taker looks like a whiney asshole with the decision making ability of a toddler and I want Brock to beat his ass. The brawl was great, but I'm not forgiving the shitty writing. Oh and Cena now being shot towards the WWE title picture couldn't be more of a desperation attempt by Vince in order to gain subs and sell Summerslam as something extra special this year, the stench around WWE in the summertime is irreparable and bringing back legends and boosting Cena to the top of the card is totally papering over the cracks of a problem WWE has caused since like, 2005.
  2. I really want Reigns to take the U.S title. Reigns/Cena must be the only dream match remaining with the full time roster guys and now I'm depressed that it's not going to happen anytime soon, the crowd reaction alone would be so intriguing and really, besides Brock, who else could you have dethrone Cena at this point? I don't buy Zayn doing it, Zayn can work underneath better than anyone in the world but It just wont work for me. Reigns/Cena is where you go down the line and given the credibility Cena has brought to the belt, the only guy to continue that upward momentum is a guy like Reigns.
  3. So have we discovered just why Taker is back? If he's simply back to avenge his brother being injured then he's the most hypocritical motherfucker in wrestling, we're talking about the same dude who set his brother on fire and lost his streak CLEAN. I don't see how Taker is at all a face in this scenario and if that's the way they're going without some sort of melodramatic bullshit then Taker is the crankiest most bi-polar guy in wrestling, at this point I want Brock to beat his ass for shitting on his title challenge, no? Fuck this writing team. Fuck them all. The match is going to suck some dick too without some sort of stipulation and blood, Taker and Brock have had one GREAT match in the confines of the cell, their wrestlemania match was the worst. Taker can't walk let alone run the ropes, Brock shouldn't be selling for this broken down mess, it's hogan levels of hokey bullshit that will destroy WWE's one draw.
  4. It's pretty obvious Vince doesn't want to take any chances on Cena's stock decreasing, even by the most minute amount. The problem is he's steamrolling guys that could potentially take his ball one day and leaving them fairly limited and dead in the water in the eyes of the casual viewer. Cena put over Punk when it was obvious he was ready and the fans latched on to him, in the same vein Owens should have really gone over tonight and recovered from his loss to Balor. They have had multiple chances to put the machine behind guys but Vince's insecurities are glaring. Atleast the matches are great, I guess.
  5. I'm not Bray's biggest fan but he probably had match of the night here with Reigns, both guys really laid their shit in and produced a solid brawl. Their match on Raw that one time compared to tonight showcased just how much both guys have improved as singles guys and understanding their roles. The build up has been all types of hokey shit though and is only going to continue with the reformation of the Wyatts, I atleast hope Rowan is brought back into the mix, maybe have Ambrose discover him dozing around in the woodlands.
  6. The show was awesome and who is gonna risk a ban and make a new show thread?
  7. https://gifsound.com/?gif=i.imgur.com/7GBe8oh.gif&v=MK6TXMsvgQg&s=2
  8. Cole is so much more tolerable without Vince yelling in his ear every 10 seconds.
  9. Why is this shit on last?
  10. RIP Kofi's neck. Best 4 minute match ever?
  11. Hoping the NXT title match goes on last if Finn's going over. 10:30am start over here and supplements the lack of Saturday football, should be a fun show.
  12. So you're not invested in the transition of Eva Marie into becoming resident DVDVR favourite? Seriously though, her shit looked on point in that small training video, I'm curious to see how she's progressing. I don't however like Sasha seemingly becoming a face over night, I'm a huge fan of her controlling matches. I hope it's just a swerve that sees Becky being ambushed by Sasha and the chipmunks.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND4zLt5YctI Beautiful and overlooked promo of his, RIP Dream.
  14. Lana and Dolph have no chemistry at all, which makes me believe the plan all along was to have Rusev realign with her eventually, using Dolph as a pawn in order to re-establish some momentum for Rusev makes sense. I did find it funny how Ziggler dropped two near F's bombs on camera. Rusev is awesome though, I do wonder how long he's out for as it's only a matter of time before the feud fizzles out and becomes redundant.
  15. So that was the official sermon for the death of Cena's springboard Stunner. Cena would be a madman to use it again, unless it's protected as a unique rarity move that finishes guys off and I'm in total agreeance that it looks daft and doesn't mean a thing in the context of how it's been used so far. I could listen to both of them shoot the shit for hours and hours but I wasn't particulary excited about them being in a protected enviroment on the network but it was still great. Heyman blindsiding Austin with the last question was awesome and I genuinely thought he ruffled a few feathers there until I was in realization and in awe of what was transpiring, Vince needs to make it happen. Austin/Lesnar with Taker/Sting underneath would do record breaking numbers.
  16. Poor Renee. I need a gif of Rollins losing his shit at the end. Fell asleep during the opener and woke up for the main event, damnit.
  17. Dana's far from the polished product but I'm not mad at her, she's been given a variety of pieces to use and it's up to her and the direction from the trainers to figure it all out. If it comes across inauthentic then they can repackage her down the line but let's not get it twisted, NXT as a pr0duct has such high standards that she stands out and we forget it's still a developmental show. I think that's also Crowe's problem, his gimmick just doesn't suit him either and he got totally dorked out by Owens on his accent in the opening promo which didn't help his cause.
  18. Really dug Enzo's selling during the tag title match, he looked like a string of spaghetti flopping around during the end stretch, usually I'm not really into a simple move of tripping up a wrestler from the ropes being the catalyst for a 3 count, but he looked 3/4 knocked out before he was lumped onto the turnbuckle by Cass so it worked. My thoughts are muddled mess and I'm unsure why that's sticking out but yeah Samoa fucking Joe. Can't believe he got to keep his name, yet alone his entrance song sounding just like his TNA one edit: oh fuck that headbutt to Regal had me popping hard, too.
  19. Totally echo the statement of Sasha being the best in the world. What the fuck, I totally just went batshit and woke my neighbors up for Joe's debut. What a show.
  20. Wasn't Charlotte womens champion and got dealt with within 2 minutes on Raw? I wouldn't put it against Vince to have his top dog go over cleanly despite Trips going to bat for one of his boys. It is intriguing with neither belt on the line as it opens up the possibility for Owens to win, whether it be a fuck finish or not.
  21. If they were as ''smart'' as they think they are they should give him a standing ovation for elevating every NXT guy he's collaborated with over the past few weeks and will continue to do so, but nah. The NXT fans at full sail are way onto their way of being as tediously annoying as the impact fans of yesteryear. That being said the beers and junk are in for tonights special, can't wait.
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