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  1. On paper this looks like show of the decade, with only one match I'm not really arsed about in Crews/Samson (has this been confirmed?). Unpredictability, major name debuts, title matches, great professional wrestling build up. This is certainly my wrestlemania this year. Predictions: Joe/Asuka/Nakamura/Crews/Revival/Aries.
  2. Can't see it personally, Joe is being groomed into the NXT ace and will carry things at the top end. Finn on the other hand could do, with the balor club in tow.
  3. Well sure, he's a father and adults shouldn't be hurling abuse and expletives towards wrestlers they loathe for no real justifiable reason other than their own dumb agenda. I don't see anything wrong with what he said. I think he clearly get's his character, he's transformed back into the ass kicker he was in the Shield as of recently, it wasn't his fault a senile old out of touch owner of everything wrestling mismanaged him to the point of no return.
  4. I think Roman was purposefully looking dejected and pissed off as some form of foreshadowing for a turn, to Niners point he has been booked as a badass since his comeback, it's a pity it's probably too late, the overwhelming crowd apathy and disdain is a complete overreaction to what is a really fucking good wrestler. Crowd was awful too tonight, RVD chants in 2016? really?
  5. man that shit was a massacre in comparison to this I kinda feel bad for Roman, he looks completely dejected. Nothing is working for him.
  6. Shane/Taker segment should have gone on last, but as usual, Vince has other ideas. Sunday is going to be fun for all the wrong reasons. and it essentially confirms Shane is going to die being thrown off the cell.
  7. Can't seem to find the theme options after choosing the Nise Black/Blue theme, it's like reliving my shroom infused adolescence.
  8. Yeah the receipt in the Raw match with Seth destroying his nose, which begs the question, is Cena that careful of a worker to not apply the hold correctly in fear of popping off someones head? I don't get it, hell even Austin has pleaded with him to tighten that shit up and he didn't.
  9. Well sure, 2016 Hogan clearly doesn't have his gimmicks on in that pic, where's the bandana? the shades? those are important pieces to his anti-aging palette and let's face it Hogan has looked 50 since he was about 25. My point still stands.
  10. I think people have a heightened affection for legends/iconic figures like Flair, Austin and Hogan and couldn't imagine them aging like normal people. Hogan looks the same as he did 20 years ago, Austin too. Flair looks like a scrotum.
  11. Another reason to loathe Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins made Sting old? C'mon dude, Rollins walks along the same line of clumsiness RVD does. I'm probably just bitter Sting didn't retire after last years Mania when he should have. I agree with you to a point but the spot itself (the buckle bomb) didn't look reckless or botched. It just looked like a 56 year old who's body wasn't in condition to be in the ring anymore took a move he shouldn't have taken. I'll concede to being a little facetious in my initial comment, you're right. If the production of the match was altered to cater to Sting's age then he wouldn't have suffered the debilitating injury he did. But here we are.
  12. That's probably the worst case of silver linings I've ever heard.
  13. Another reason to loathe Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins made Sting old? C'mon dude, Rollins walks along the same line of clumsiness RVD does. I'm probably just bitter Sting didn't retire after last years Mania when he should have.
  14. I acknowledge that. You sound a lot of fun to be around. I'm fine with the chanting but sometimes it's over-the-top. The foul language, etc.. it's still supposed to be a family friendly environment. There's no need for someone to be yelling "Sell the fucking moves!" Eh NXT shows are marketed towards neck beards and impact refugees, sure I can accept that the foul language has no place at a show with kids in the building, but Eva shouldn't be in the ring at all, she should be at the PC training for at least a year like Josh and the other signee's that have zero wrestling experience are. It shouldn't have to come to people concluding she's intentionally being really bad (when it's not the case, she's just awful) to justify her place on the show, because NXT is awesome and has to always make sense or something. Eva's position in NXT is driven by ulterior motives.
  15. After Shane's highlight reel and the build so far, a proxy seems highly unlikely and would blow any potential lapsed fan interest that's been garnered since Shane's return. You would think Usos/Dudleys and the total divas blow off will be on the pre-show. Styles/Jericho has yet to be announced? on paper, aside from Brock/Ambrose this show looks dreadful.
  16. You would think Joey from Friends would have better improv after the line flubber. Shane's only real appeal is falling off things and the crowd crossing their fingers they get their wish with Shane throwing himself off the cell, other than that he's just a nostalgia act that sucked 15 years ago. Ambrose/Brock is going to be awesome, though. Really excited for that, Ambrose is low key gaining some serious form lately, it's like the past year of floundering around the midcard never happened.
  17. AA are the funnest tag team I've seen in forever, to their quirky promos to Gable out-wrestling fools to Jordan decimating everybody and having the best hot tag in the biz. They're still relatively raw and unpolished but they're getting better and better. Amazing chemistry. Plus I was at this show and experienced this, so yeah.
  18. Not to be Mr. Pedantic but Triple H is 46, not 50 and honestly, in the smoke and mirrors world of professional wrestling where Triple H has been protected for nearly two decades, hitting Ambrose with an impulsive flash pedigree to get the win, in a highly competitive 30 minute main event, where Ambrose ''proved'' he could beat Hunter isn't really that damaging in the grand scheme of things. It's not a Booker T situation.
  19. Ambrose must have read that one dude completely tear him a new asshole in the March Madness thread as that was his best match I've seen to date, both him and Trips' worked their asses off and had me completely engrossed in the story they were conveying, bought the three count on dirty deeds, too. It's a shame he's going into the cauldron of death with Brock at Mania as he's generated the most steam he's ever had in the past two months, eating 37464635 German's in some form of a knock out victory is only going to carve him away from the pack at the top. In that regard, it's Punk all over again.
  20. They have actual had a match before in Japan. Yes but Nakamura wasn't Nakamura back then.
  21. Ya'll must be crazy if you think Vince is going to abandon his baby AGAIN after last year's mania, we got a year, the iron has cooled yes, but Vince is unrelenting and will not relinquish. That's not counting out the Ambrose factor though, Reigns could still win the belt and Ambrose could be in the match, because honestly, 90 thousand folks shitting on his main event is a scary prospect. Random brain fart but Lesnar/Nakamura would rule the world.
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