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  1. Love that show. It starts off innocuously enough, but the longer it goes on, the more the characters show how weird and complex they are. Schmidt is the early MVP, but after a while Winston and Nick both become strong contenders. Slew of great guest stars and cameos as well. The second season is great television. They falter a bit in season 3 due to not knowing how to deal with the ramifications of season 2, but Season 4 finds the sweet spot again. I am not sure what to expect with this season. Zooey was pregnant during some of the filming, and it sounds like they've had to write around it. Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield really shine in the series. I think Winston overall has become too quirky though. It sucks having to wait til January for new episodes, I still haven't seen all of season 4, waiting for it to pop up on Netflix. I can see them going overboard with Winston's weirdness, maybe I have yet to get to that point in the series. Coach provides a good balance to the idiosyncrasies of the rest of them, I hope he sticks around.
  2. That was awesome, and I somehow I get the impression it wasn't even scripted. That clip settles it, Renee Young is this generation's Lisa Miller.
  3. Love that show. It starts off innocuously enough, but the longer it goes on, the more the characters show how weird and complex they are. Schmidt is the early MVP, but after a while Winston and Nick both become strong contenders. Slew of great guest stars and cameos as well.
  4. I remember in the mid 90s, I finally convinced myself it was OK to be upfront about my wrestling fandom. I was in middle school at the time, and got ragged on pretty hard by a few people for wearing Wrestling shirts to school. Cut to a few years later, and one of the guys who used to go at me the most for liking Wrestling was at school wearing a "Macho Man" WCW shirt. It was then I kinda realized some people are just assholes and will use whatever they can to get at you. People like all sorts of weird shit, no shame in being proud of what you enjoy.
  5. Personally, it makes me feel fine, flowing through the jasmine in my mind.
  6. I don't even mind her as a worker, frankly, but if you never ever listen to your audience when they want something besides what you want them to want, you're WCW. We all saw that movie... Don't say WCW and movie in the same sentence, Vince might hear you and think you want a movie star as World Champion. If it means a WWE version of Ready to Rumble count me in.
  7. The correct answer is, "Anything he damn well pleases and I dare you to tell him otherwise."I think I see sailboat in his shirt. It's a schooner.
  8. This looks fantastic, and also makes me realize how much I would like to see Troma get a similar doc.
  9. What was the weird Justin Credible allusion that Callis made? The one that had Lance Storm dying.
  10. That's what the sign says on the marquee, kid! Turkey!
  11. The GI Joe lines were the best wrestling toy lines The Spawn/Young blood/Wetworks series was pretty good as well, Cygor and The Maxx were my tag champs for eons.
  12. That's what I miss the most, the enthusiasm. The announcers today seem almost bored by what they're watching. Say what you will about Lawler in the late 90's, but the man was excited. Usually about cringworthy things, but excited no less.
  13. If it means Jake Milliman stealing a turkey from Chris Melendez I'm all for it.
  14. Eli Roth on again, and had another great appearance. I'm not much of a fan of his work but the guy is fascinating. His stories about scouting the location and filming Green Inferno are stuff of legend.
  15. Definitely in on this, last year was a blast. No clue on the choice yet, time for research.
  16. Correct. DDP was the liaison between WCW and Malone. As for the DDP/HHH comparison, DDP was consistently over and got a push, HHH consistently got a push and was eventually over.
  17. Personality goes a long way. Seeing Eva's match this week reminded me of a quote from Friends when Phoebe was acting as Joey's agent; "They said you aren't believable as a human being." If it is eventually revealed that her gimmick is that she is either a robot or alien attempting to replicate the behavior of a human, I will pop huge.
  18. Blake and Murphy are such a blank slate, I feel like they could just hitch any over the top gimmick onto them and it would work. Like making them the new Larry and Cousin Balki.
  19. Just finishing up James Dixon's sequel to Titan Sinking, titled Titan Shattered. Both covered some familiar territory, especially if you have seen any shoot interviews from guys who were with WWF in the mid to late 90's. That aside, they were both a fun read, and went into some painstaking detail on certain things that have been covered before (the section about the Curtain Call being the most comprehensive account of how that went down I've seen anywhere). Both are free on Kindle Unlimited, if you're into mid to late 90's WWF I would definitely give them a shot.
  20. Foley's first book- probably some nostagia talking here but it was a real good read. Bret Hart- its a bit of a chore to get through being that it is 2500 pages long, but definitely worth it. Dynamite Kid- a bit on the depressing side but good. Jericho's 1st book- good read and lead perfectly into the second, the second I found to be a bit of a let down but still better than most. Death of WCW - I know its riddled with inaccuracies, but its a fun read
  21. Of course. Who betta than Kanyon? This. I can't help but think if he had come in a few years later, when Pro wrestling and the world at large were more open minded and accepting, he could have admitted his sexuality and probably been a happier and more well adjusted person and a much bigger star. Back in his Mortis days, I used to chat with him through AOL IM, and he was always so kind and positive, such a shame how things went down with him. I know depression played a big part in his demise, I wonder if being able to be himself instead of hiding it would have helped in that respect.
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