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  1. That's either really deep, really shallow, or somewhere in between,
  2. Figured out the swimming, at least enough to go on with the game. After diving, I pushed the controller down thinking Donkey Kong would dive towards the bottom. Nope. He angled upwards and bobbed back to the surface. Finally realized the up/down controls were counter-intuitive. Up makes him dive downwards. Down points him to the surface. Messing around with all three games right now. Think I may ultimately prefer DK Country to DK 64. Little more familiar with 2d platformers. Forgot how much fun platform games (is that what they call them?) are. Do they not make many of these anymore? Planning to buy Ocarina of Time off Ebay sometime today.
  3. No real surprise, but Paul has aged really badly. He's gone from young Michael Keaton to :"Would you buy a car from this man?" {No!}
  4. I've thought of rereading GLC and the other associated books, but.... I read some of the Gibbons and Tomasi run when the books came out and didn't find it anything out of the ordinary. I wouldn't mind picking up at least the GLC run, and giving Tomasi another chance. but that's probably 10 or 11 trades and I suspect I'm not going to want to invest that much on top of what I've already spent. Ideally, yeah, I'd go ahead and reread GLC and a couple other things too.
  5. Similar "miraculous recovery" to Ian Rotten's. How long until she starts selling copies of the pathology report and a pair of underwear she wore while ill for the low, low price of $99.99? How long ago was she diagnosed? This seems like a too quick turnaround, but I didn't pay much attention to the initial news, so maybe it's not as fast as it seems.
  6. No love for Ziggler's ongoing effort to make sure he walks with a cane by the time he's 50? That bump over the top off the irish whip was... something. I want to see him sell a snapmare by flinging himself into the first row.
  7. God, Donkey Kong is kicking my ass. So far, I'm struggling to master those stupid barrel training sessions at the beginning. I'm really sucking at diving underwater and swimming around.
  8. This looks like a lot of fun, and there are copies available on Ebay and Amazon, but it'd probably cost me $60-$100. If I really get into the N64, I'll pay those prices eventually, but right now, I can get the same mileage out of Mario 64, DK 64, Banjo-Kazooie, etc. The 2nd Zelda game, Majora's Mask, has me intrigued. Do I need to be familiar with previous games to really get into it? Played a bit of Donkey Kong 64 this evening. Very hard, but it's a blast. '
  9. Well, I stopped by the store and thought I did rather well. Bought a SNES and N64 for a little over $100. N64 console had an extra controller, a memory card. and the expansion pack pre-installed (the store installed the explansion, not the previous owner). Game selection wasn't great, but I came home with Donkey Kong 64,. DK Country and Banjoo Kazooie. They had a copy of Mario 64 with the box and manual intact, but I wasn't sure about the price, so I decided to check Ebay first. May go back for it Thursday. Going to order a few games from Ebay this week. Want a couple wrestling games. VPW2 is a definite for later on. For now, No Mercy and one of the WCW games. Revenge has a great roster. World Tour has the Japanese contingent. Can you edit movesets on any of the Aki games? I'm guessing CAW mode/editable movesets didn't come along until later.
  10. All three of those wore out their welcome by the end, and none were particularly good in their later years. People want to copy things like ECW and the nWo without understanding what made them work to begin with (despite creating it (sorta), Bischoll seems to have no idea why the nWo angle took off). A lot of what made those three work is that they were new and fresh..
  11. So I'm planning to reread Johns' entire GL run starting later this week. I've already picked up some of the crossover events, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I should add to this list. Mostly, I'm just interested in books Johns actually wrote unless they directly cross over with GL. Here's my list so far. Most of these are the tpb collections. Green Lantern: Rebirth (the mini) Green Lantern: No Fear (tpb includes the Secret Files special) Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (Johns co-wrote with Gibbons) GL: Revenge of the Green Lanterns GL: Hal Jordan - Wanted Sinestro Corps War (GL 21-25, Sinestro Corps Special, GLC #14-19) Rage of the Red Lanterns (GL #26-28, Rage of the Red Lanterns Final Crisis Special, GL #36-38) GL: Secret Origin GL: Agent Orange Blackest Night #0-8 GL: Blackest Night (#43-52) Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps (#1-3) Brightest Day #0-24 GL: Brightest Day (53-62) GL: War of the Green Lanterns (GL #63-67, GLC #58-60, GL Emerald Warriors #8-10) GL: Sinestro (first six issues of New 52 relaunch) GL: Revenge of the Black Hand GL: Rise of the Third Army (GL 13-16, GLC 13-16, New Guardians 13-16, Red Lanterns 13-15, GL Annual #1, GLC Annual #1) GL: The End I'll probably read the current Justice League series afterwards since Hal is in it. Anything else I should add? I know there was a Sinestro Corps collection collecting the villains one shots, but Johns didn't write any of the specials and they don't seem essential to the main storyline (I'm familiar with the characters' backstories). Should I add it? Are there any other issues of GLC that tie in directly and should be added. Or something that ties into the crossover books. I assume if I read the Blackest Night/Brightest Day main books and the GL tie-ins, I won't miss anything too crucial? Anyways, if someone sees something that should be added, mention it. Thanks.
  12. Obesity and chin beards that may be painted on ARE pro wrestling!
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll probably grab a game or two from whatever they have on hand, then pick up a few games off Ebay. Apparently, the store has SNES consoles on hand too, so I'll probably grab one of those too. Definitely planning to do that if they have Donkey Kong Country in stock.
  14. Edit: never mind. After rereading his post, I realized I skipped over one little factoid. My whole long winded explanation of how to fix the issue is null and void b/c it's not the problem I thought it was. So your desktoip computer is not connecting to he internet, but the wireless devices are? My guess would be the modem had a power fluctuation and reset the IP address, but, if that's the case, you could get back online simply by resetting the modem. And, IP address conflicts usually knock out the wireless network, not the desktop. You don't specify, but I'm guessing your setup is similar to mine. Modem wired into desktop PC and also connected to router (so the desktop PC has internet even if wireless network goes down). If you haven't done so already, try unplugging/resetting the modem and router at the same time.
  15. So I've kinda realized the only games that interest me are some of the old-school games I grew up with. Outside of Final Fantasy, I haven't really used the PS2 in years and upgrading to a recent gen Playstation or X-box doesn't appeal to me. I'm planning to take a trip down to the vintage games and consoles store in the area and pick up a Nintendo 64. Mostly, I'm interested in the N64 for Donkey Kong 64 and Mario 64, but I'll branch out. What other games are worth picking up? I'll probably pick up a wrestling game? What are the better WCW games? No Mercy is a no-brainer, but I loved WCW in the 90's (aside from Hogan and his cronies), so I'd really like to pick up a good WCW game. Heard a lot about Goldeneye and Star Wars Shadow of Empire. Besides that, nothing is really on my radar. Is the expansion pack used on most games? I know I need it for Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark, and a few other games, but it doesn't sound like most games made use of it. I'm going to pick one up, but I don't know that the local shop has it on hand, so I might have to order one from Ebay. Along those lines, are there many Super Nintendo games that hold up. I'd like to go back and play the Donkey Kong Country games, but I don't know that there's much of interest to me outside of those three. Super Mario Bros. maybe? For old school systems, N&4 seems the better bet, Thanks. Anyone have any old system? Recommend some titles.
  16. Yeah, that's what he calls his diving leg drop.
  17. God, even Hogan can't believe how incompetently booked that match was..
  18. As a Steelers' fan, I had to like this post just for the Dolphin commentary (Fish had to lose today for the Steelers to have a shot at the playoffs). Besides, there's no reason a team with a shot at a playoff spot on the line should show up and job like that to the Jets.
  19. I'd like to think that the fact that the Mentalist burnt itself out creatively a couple seasons ago had something to do with it. Also, isn't the Mentalist already in syndication?
  20. IIRC, UWF stopped running shows using the TNA name after a couple shows got canceled because the TNA wrestlers got yanked at the last moment. According to Meltzer, TNA wanted to stop doing co-promoted shows so they could run house shows under their own banner. It would never, ever happen, but the notion that Taylor Swift could end up on Impact in the Brooke Hogan role is amusingly surreal.
  21. No wonder I had no idea. I didn't realize his makeup was based on anything. Not sure what sith are? Or Darth Maul? Those are Star Wars characters or something, right? The wrestling bubble at its finest. Hypothetically speaking, would it make it better or worse if I recognized Darth Maul because he performed with Pitbull?
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