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  1. I think it's "Hold My Own", but in an old english font that really needs to be taller and wider so it isn't so squat.
  2. Safeway is but one small piece of an absolutely fucking HUGE company now after their acquisition by Albertson's a few years ago. Try to finagle your way into their corporate infrastructure if they have any production houses or distros near you. Lots of brands in the chain now, and a pretty decent chunk of their own production houses. Milk, ice cream, juice, bottled water. Better money, steadier schedules and more than likely representation by a labor org with some teeth. Here's a link to jobs available within the corporation you now work for. Poke around, maybe you find something more worth your time than cashiering: https://recruiting.adp.com/srccar/public/RTI.home?c=1208301&d=External&rb=INDEED#/ EDIT - "More worth your time than cashiering" sounds like I'm being cunty. That is not my intent, I only mean something that more greatly compensates you for the time you spend doing it.
  3. Let me know what you think. I have waffled back and forth on getting it, but $25 for what appears to be a magazine photo essay is a little more than I want to drop on someone's debut issue of their zine. If it is super primo glossy card stock for the pages, I can dig why it's so pricy, but I probably don't need to scoop every issue. That picture of Janela on the cover is fucking dope, though. The couple of photos I have seen of the Janela feature come off to me like it's almost like a streetwear lookbook, but with a pro wrestler as the model. I dig that steez. I think I might be convincing myself to just buy the fucking issue.
  4. The story I heard involves him not being told of what was coming, and the subsequent conversation about the angle between he and whomever it was that was booking CZW at the time degenerated into a physical altercation.
  5. I too am pretty interested to see what he does. Selfishly, I just want he and Rusev to hang out and whatever unfolds, then so be it. They were so much fun together. But realistically, what is he? Still an in-ring guy? Commentator? Whatever the deal is, I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  6. Thanks for the knowledge. Like I said, I wouldn't include her because of how well she is doing her job, but from what you are saying, there isn't anything there anyway. My only beef with the "hire your friends" horseshit is that people seem to never hire their capable friends to do anything. It seems like people have to look out for their worst fuckhead friends because those folks don't have any real merits that they can lean on to get stuff done for themselves.
  7. All of those things are totally accurate, but aren't the same as hiring Brandon Cutler or Nakazawa or Dr. Luther. I would include Riho, since she was obviously hired because of Kenny, but she carries her weight pretty goddamn well. Also, the idea of Kong as gatekeeper is hella laughable after her last appearance or two on TV. She doesn't move well enough to even have basic matches. It's nowhere near as bad, but watching her almost felt like late stage Andre, where guys would just feed themselves to him and bump without him actually having to do anything. The beatdown on her from Mel and Dr. Luther was pillow soft, but somehow wrote off this monster for at least months, and likely forever. I hope she sticks around as an agent / producer to help Nyla develop into a better monster, but I can't see her getting much use in-ring anymore.
  8. My 10 year old thinks Brock is boring as shit, but enjoys him tossing fools around. I'll ask him who his top 4 or 5 are when I go home for lunch. He is pretty wild for this team of Gulak and Bryan, but I think that's me rubbing off on him. Braun Strowman, vehicle tosser was a pretty big deal for him also. I told him that Braun won the title at Mania and he seemed unimpressed, so maybe his Braun love is gone. I'm pretty sure his A+ number 1 right now is Britt Baker. He thinks her being an asshole to people is super funny. If we go by merch he owns, his favorites are Owens, Asuka, and Roode, but I think all of those purchases are from like a year or so ago now. The last wrestling shirt he wanted was the Death Triangle shirt. His Bayley action figure was running roughshod over a whole crew of dudes the other day, she even beat up a Transformer. So she's likely still pretty high up on his list. Action figure Apollo Crews does well also, so he's likely still a favorite.
  9. Is she a nepotism hire as well? Is she hella tight homies with Brandi? If she is one of the "give our boys a contract" signings, this is the first I am hearing of it.
  10. That poor dude. I barely have a heart, and I want to hug the hell out of that young man.
  11. FUCKING GENIUS. Your most excellent suggestion got lost in release talk, but I am fully onboard with this. Empty arenas are really harshing my vibe on pro wres, it just feels like a very alien concept to be trying to enjoy this thing that has brought me so much joy while we are in a time that is so uncertain. Empty arena La Vela shows would at least let me reminisce about the good old days.
  12. It's not a screen. It's heat transfer vinyl on duck canvas. I want to learn how to screenprint, and when I do, you are goddamn right that I'm going to try to do something along these lines. If it's anytime soon, I'll hit you up.
  13. While there are no wrestlers in this picture, I am very proud of my handiwork, and I wanted to show it off. Here's the patch I made for my vest: https://imgur.com/a/XxPyJGj
  14. My wife is teaching me how to sew. She made me a hella dope mask with a really pretty floral print, but it is in the washer today. Behold, the covered face of a dude that works for local government in public assistance, and as such is determined essential!! Foster Care payments aren't going to make themselves, you know!! https://imgur.com/gzdcE6n Don't be hella jelly because of my Zubaz backpack.
  15. I just laughed myself stupid at the very first spot in the Baroni - Sayle match. There is something about the jumping attack that just got me right in the guts. It's so slimy and underhanded in the most amusing and likeable way. He is some kind of glorious dickhead, that Baroni. EDIT - He just keeps getting better! All the eyepokes and backraking!! I think I love this dude. I am digging this fucking match, man. Both guys look great.
  16. What no one seems to be talking about with all these plans to get the season started is what about the need for guys all the way down the line? MLB guy gets hurt, AAA guy replaces him and so on down the line. If you restart baseball at the MLB level, so then does MILB have to follow. I just don't see any safe way to do it. Likely, neither does anyone else, but I understand not wanting to be the guy that says we should shut it down.
  17. Fucking boooooooooooooo. As much as I want to be watching real, meaningful baseball right now, I wish they would just fucking stop. You are talking about sequestering these guys for months on end, now they want to realign. Let's just not play baseball this year, huh? The only nice thing I will say is at least they are matching clubs that already share a facility. LAD / CHW, CLE / CIN, AZ / COL, SD / SEA, TEX / KC. Florida teams don't share facilities though, with the exception of MIA / STL and HOU / WAS. If they could keep everyone in one location and limit exposure to the outside world, it could work. But how on Earth do they think they are going to keep any of these people disease free? If one person gets it, the whole complex sharing a space with them is fucked, right? I admire the notion of looking for solutions, but sometimes you have to just decide you can't get something done.
  18. I just jumped to the backdrop. Yeah, it's fucking incredible. Thanks for the tip, that's now in my YT history so I can watch it if I get bored while I'm in the office today.
  19. The backdrop driver Kansai lands at the start after the chain tug of war is maybe one of the prettiest suplexes I've ever seen. Super clean and crisp, and Ozaki takes it hella perfectly. Whenever I think of that move, that is the one that comes to mind. Like a dropkick and Okada. They are just tied together forever.
  20. I saw it and clicked through. He is on another post of theirs advertising their "HGH fly and buy special". "Thanks for the stem cells" indeed, Mr. Cage.
  21. Pro wrestling is so fucking stupid. Why do I like this dumb shit? Because every now and then, a dude is mad believable in a world that is imaginary. I'm not sure if that is the best way to describe the lane that Cody has been travelling in for the last 10 months or so, but I think that's the only way I know how to voice my enjoyment for what he's been doing. He has found exactly the man he's best at being, at least as far as character on TV goes. Pretty fucking cool deal. I don't get the point of shitting on the IWGP US Title, especially considering that your current World Champ holds it. Take that out, and I feel like that is a walk-off home run kind of promo.
  22. Point taken. That is also horseshit, but that's the way it works.
  23. Yo, what the fuck are you people talking about? Any owner with their hand out hoping money falls into it is on some whole other shit. Can't field a club without 2020's revenue? Sell the fucking club. BIllionaires own these clubs, and you think that because they play in Milwaukee, they need a handout? They don't pay for stadiums, we can call that their bailout in advance.
  24. What could be the fucking reasoning behind not just having the three way ladder match but structuring it so if Morrison doesn't win, then the winner's team gets a title shot? Am I an idiot for thinking that makes more sense?
  25. There was TWIB segment with a couple guys, maybe Dykstra and McDowell? John Kruk maybe? Whatever, not important. The players explained the process behind chewing up a big glob of bubble gum, then just as the sugar started to break down and your gum gets nice and gooey, you cut a plug and wrap your gum around it and have yourself a wonderful chew of gumbacco for the duration of the game. What a fucking TV show. Can you imagine the outrage if that segment aired today? Does my heart good to remember the good old days, when my favorite sport's stars wanted 12 year old me to get gum cancer.
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