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  1. Braves picked up Scott Downs from the Angels for filler. Even though he's just a LOOGY right now, that's what the Braves need. Avilan has been shockingly good against both lefties and righties, and could be used in more of a setup role as opposed to a specialist
  2. Vasquez is a hell of a return for a guy like Veras, who has suddenly found control this season despite declining velo.
  3. Tino Martinez has resigned as Marlins hitting coach after reportedly physically abusing (grabbing Dietrich by the neck/chain) and verbally abusing players. Naturally, he was Loria's hand picked choice for the job. WELP.
  4. July 28th. DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPION GIANTS WITH NEARLY THE SAME FUCKING TEAM AS LAST YEAR: 46-57, nine out, tied for last Chicago Cubs, BLOWING SHIT UP AND THROWING SHIT AT THE WALL TO SEE WHAT STICKS: 47-55 New York Mets, NEARLY BANKRUPT AND ROLLING OUT A TEAM WITH THREE PLAYERS YOU'VE HEARD OF: 46-55 So the Cubs and Mets each have a better record than the defending champs...that's crazy. FWIW, all three need to sell. Pence getting traded for the third straight July would make me laugh and laugh some more. If the Mets hang on to Parnell, especially after seeing what K-Rod got the Brewers with him being a FA in three months, they're insane. And then the Cubs...I think all they have left that would be of interest to clubs is Navarro, who is so damn streaky that counting on him for more than a week is lunacy. Schierholtz and DeJesus are guys they have under control for next year too (via arb for Schierholtz, and an option for DeJesus), so rushing to push them out the door might not be an ideal situation. Gregg is also another guy that needs to find a new home. If only Scott Baker's return from TJ went smoothly, then the Cubs would have another nice piece to trade.
  5. The point remains: the Phillies could be in fourth in the division by Monday. Hell, THE METS could be tied for second by Monday. This is wacky. Meanwhile, the Braves just keep marching along at their own beat... Speaking of the Washington disaster, Davey said yesterday that Storen wasn't going to pitch because he had the flu. Then he pitched in game one, got hammered, and demoted to AAA. And Clippard is pissed off about it. This is going so well.
  6. Pisses you off that even if the starting pitching was middle of the pack they would be right in the mix. Who'd have thought the Esmil Rogers trade would be ten times better than the Dickey and Marlins deals Yan Gomes has a higher fWAR than Rogers and Arencibia combined. Not so fast my friend. The Phillies (?!?!) win the Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez bidding...for 6/50. Largest contract ever given to a Cuban. Scouts vary on opinion, with a ceiling of a #3 and a floor as a long reliever.
  7. Matt Ryan is getting $104 million for every one of his playoff wins. How cute.
  8. Nah. Beachy was one or two starts away, so he'll slide into Hudson's spot. Wood started last night with Maholm banged up. These things always work themselves out...and sometimes, working themselves out involves a butchered grounder from Freddie Freeman and Tim Hudson planting his foot wrong on the back and Eric Young Jr stomping it like a stick.
  9. Davey apparently offered to resign too, so he clearly doesn't give a fuck in his last season. I still don't know what to make of Washington, but they might need to cut some payroll this winter...already at $81.6M (118M this year) with *ten* arb raises on the table, including Zimmermann, Desmond, and Strasburg.
  10. It really is. I saw at least half a dozen people on Facebook bitching yesterday, and three times as many on Twitter...yet I saw no one actually talking about it in a positive way.
  11. Vernon Wells and Alfonso Soriano on the same team...be still, my beating heart.
  12. It wouldn't go very far, and considering he's a piss collector, I highly doubt he can match Braun's high-powered attorneys.
  13. Except for the fact that, you know, he still didn't do his job properly. He did. So to summarize: juicing is bad, but DUIs are still A-OK.
  14. Thankfully, games in April count the same as games in August. Also, thankfully, the Braves don't play another game all year further west than St Louis.
  15. Stuff I listen to that hasn't been mentioned....there's a lot, since I work from home and pretty much listen to eight hours worth a day. -History of Rome. This one is over, so it's just a 190 episode archive, but man is it fantastic and informative. -Bertcast. Kreischer is the one person from Deathsquad aside from Rogan and Your Mom's House that actually has a feel for what the fuck he's doing anymore. His guests are usually pretty diverse and interesting as opposed to the same crop of people trotting out the same shit over and over. -Hardcore History. Eps only come out every couple of months, and they're absolutely worth the wait. Actually considering buying some older episodes. -Behind the Dish. After ESPN killed Baseball Today, Keith Law got his own podcast and it's different from the other baseball podcasts online...it's pretty much an interview plus a "closing rant", and if you like his columns and Twitter, you'll like this. -Startalk. Neil Tyson is the man. That is all. re: Carolla. I actually have a system for listening to his shows. I immediately skip all live shows, because they are generally terrible. Any political guest immediately gets skipped, because the same point gets beaten home time and time again. Whenever he goes onto one of his stupid political rants, I skip ahead 15 minutes, and if he's still talking about it, I'm done with the ep. At the end of the week, I probably end up listening to ~five hours of the ~eight hours of the pod each week...which I guess is a success.
  16. Home Jersey is pretty awesome. All of the other ones make my eyes bleed.
  17. The Astros just gave Altuve a steal of an extension: 4/12.5, with two club options that can push the deal to 6/25. He's the same age as Starlin Castro, and while Castro is clearly a better player, is he worth more than twice as much money over the same time period?
  18. Matt Thornton got traded to the Red Sox. Of course, the White Sox deal him THREE OR FOUR YEARS TOO LATE, and his value is pretty much gone right now. All they got was a prospect who is a top 15, but not top ten, guy in Boston's system. Man...teams are fucking dumb for hanging on to middle relievers for too long.
  19. Oh, there have been a lot...I've =been to a handful of hockey games and a shitload of baseball games. The best hockey game was pretty clearly Game 3 of the 2011 Cup Final in Boston. 8-1 Bruins, and the most electric sports crowd I've ever been a part of. As for baseball...I was at the Cubs-Braves game two years ago where Bobby Cox's number was retired, and Carlos Zambrano nearly caused a brawl by headhunting. I was pretty drunk and irritated after experiencing MARTA for the first time in years.
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