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  1. The abdominal stretch... why did it always pop the crowd?
  2. Hello, is there somewhere to share fantasy booking? I would love to share my "what if David Von Erich didn't die" 1985 WCCW diary with everyone, as I think this would be a great audience.
  3. Ahh! Mixed up Jumbo and Akira!
  4. Who do we have here? I think I see Hansen and Taue? Hashimoto in the middle?
  5. Boys, I’ve got a little girl in the way. Any advice early on is appreciated.
  6. Flying Fred Curry, making history! Because, you know, he's flying around the world on a trip! It's history making! "Rough and Tougher" Pierre Mad Dog Labelle! The French Mat Star! You asked for him damnit, and he's signed up!
  7. Anything from before his injury is prime. He was really hot in the summer of last year before he was injured.
  8. Just watched Ibushi/Nakamura, man what a great match! The match was certainly carried by how nasty it got, which made it a riveting display. Ibushi continues to solidify itself and I think if they kept it going for another pin with an Ibushi victory, it would have made him one of the real favorites. Nakamura is looking solid and Ibushi has been looking great all tournnament. I love the progression of his moonsault to the outside spot, because I really took notice of how fluid and well executed they were the first few matches, but how opponents are catching on. Nakamura was very precious in pre
  9. I think much of it is attributed to the fact that they are a business just like any other business, and are probably saying to themselves: this formula works and it works because we are a profitable company. There is no reason for them to change what they are doing to a dramatic effect, unless they were in dire financial straits, which they never will be bar some extraordinary occurrence. I feel like I remember some famous wrestler saying that the biggest moment in reality for the WWE is when they became a pubicily traded company, and I think it has some credibility because when they did this,
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