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  1. That sucks. Anyone know how the live stream is on the FITE app? I'm still not sure I actually want to spend $40 on a PPV in 2018, lol.
  2. Can I just subscribe to the HonorClub for a month and watch it with that, or is there a straight PPV option on top of that?
  3. Forgive my ignorance but is NJPW World airing All In live?
  4. That whole fucking Universal title lineage is horrible. Finn and Goldberg were pretty short. Owens was the usual weak WWE heel because heaven forbid we have strong WWE heels. And, Brock looked strong but never wrestled. It's up to Roman to seize the day and make this belt a man's belt.
  5. What all can I customize and share and download online? I know you can download created wrestlers but do they have belts, rings, etc. too?
  6. What's the state of HonorClub these days, in terms of streaming quality and VOD? Anyone know if they're still doing an open beta for Roku?
  7. Did they just grab one of those giant makeup pads and pancake her face with it?
  8. I had a pleasure to meet him twice and he was a very friendly and kind man. I was a WWF fan growing up in the 90's and I was obsessed with the WWE title. Since he was champ before I was born and he held it so long, he came across as a god and still kinda does, to me. He was the definition of a WWF/E babyface and a man with seemingly infinite integrity.
  9. I just now discovered the GWN app was on the Xbox, so I signed up for the free trial. The app has a long ways to go to catch up to the Network but it's workable. No chapter stops is no fun and the fast forwarding and pausing is bad too. They still have some decent amount of content for $7.99 a month. I caught the first TNA show ever and it was more low rent than I remembered. The crowd was kinda dead and it was sad to see how far wrestling had fallen since 2001. When WCW died, it was semi-enjoyable and pretty non-wacky but TNA went in the opposite direction creeping towards 2000 WCW levels but with the X-Division. I might just end up skipping around and watching more current stuff since I'm pretty out of the loop on the product. I also wish they had a compendium of the Broken Matt stuff so I could just watch that stuff.
  10. Jarrett should have worn a light-up suit to the HOF ceremony.
  11. I got through that last episode pretty smoothly, and I hope this is a look at things to come. I just want the CWC every week and I'll be happy. Give me a unique take on the WWE, not the same re-hashed Cruiserweight division that we have gotten in one form or another since 1997. Both matches were pretty damn awesome, in their own ways. I totally got into the story of Kalisto and Lince both wanting to go to Mania and neither accepting a loss easily. Itami/Strong was pretty nice too and it really built up as the match went on. BTW, I never actually realized how Itami was not a star until now, at least in the WWE. When he first came in, I really thought he had a good shot in the company but now, a couple years later, I fully understand his placement on the roster. He can work his ass off and be a star in Japan, don't get me wrong. Also, does he ever use the GTS anymore or has it been completely phased out?
  12. HHH is getting me more interested in this show. I loved the CWC but didn't care much for this show and now I'll give it one more go with this week.
  13. It's amazing that Flair was doing what I imagine are 99 Saturday Nights with Bobby Eaton and Asya and whoever the hell that other guy was. Actually, I stand corrected since it was Thunder from July 99
  14. Power Move was my shit for a while simply because it was the only wrestling sim out there. I can't imagine it holds up well though. I remember being in love with Nitro when I first saw it and then being disappointed as soon as I played it. It looked so much like the actual tv show, to me.
  15. As someone who is totally out of the loop on GFW, I like the idea of their streaming service and I'll be trying it out when it's released. I've been watching Nitro for the last 10 months and I'm nearing the end and the next logical step would be to watch TNA. I'm just hoping it'll be on the Kindle since I don't have a cell phone and I really don't want to watch it on my PC.
  16. I'm really honestly trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be looking at with that MITB plaque pic. I saw it on Reddit the other day and didn't know.
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