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  1. I really like your post overall. But is Canelo a safe yardstick for these comparisons? I get that fighters are worth what companies are willing to pay. But Canelo money seems to me to be DAZN making a statement rather than a sustainable business model. UFC aren't a startup trying to woo the biggest stars. They're the main player in the game and have the guy under contract. Way different market position and bargaining position.
  2. I love that game so much. The gameplay is obviously excellent. But the combination of the play zones and the fact it's a handheld game makes it feel like you're playing an actual toy. If that makes sense. A bunch of little 3D toy worlds in your hand. That's great. And I agree. But what is the likelihood of a mini-DC having a bunch of obscure games on it?
  3. I don't know why, but I love the music on this! That bit halfway through, when it slows down... dreamy. I skipped current gen, so I'll likely get a PS5 initially for the PS4 games I didn't get. As long as the hardware doesn't need iterating.
  4. I didn't mind the show. But I watched it back to back with the previous week's, so it blends in a bit. Cody-Lance has been booked pretty well. I liked their little brawl the other week where neither man got to pull off a special move. Saves it for the match. Elite-Circle went less well. The go-home was essentially the PPV match. I was hoping they'd save the return of Hangman for a PPV surprise, but we got it on free TV, so I don't know what the PPV natch is supposed to be. I want to like Brodie Lee, but he's a bit boring. Britt Baker is great. Loved her ragging Statlander in her sub outside the ring, the previous week, getting that over. But the knee injury this week doesn't fill me with optimism. Along with Jericho, she's the best heel in AEW.
  5. Neil is right, but the games still came out over here. Bonk was sadly renamed BC Kid.
  6. Man, I never really give Kordell the credit he deserves. My abiding memory of the guy is the picks he threw to the Pats in 2001. They were like daggers to my 21 year old heart.
  7. You make a very good point about seniority, which makes that excerpt even more disappointing. Bravo simultaneously talks about how he's been at 150 UFCs, and everyone knows how experienced he is, and then goes on about how he didn't want to be head coach, he can't talk to Tony in that situation, his glasses went missing. Like @Craig H says, he has one skill (at an admittedly insane level), which he has parlayed into wealth (cool) and millions of people hearing him every week (not so cool). Were he a boxer and not a BJJ guy, I'd say that he had one too many punches to the noggin, but maybe he's just a dumb guy with one great skill. Anyone who watches the Premier League knows how prevalent that is.
  8. Just wait until you play it. You'll forget about backlog and budget.
  9. Man, I don't know. I was playing it last week on that dinner plate-sized controller and I did the first "dungeon" happily enough. Maybe it gets bad later?
  10. Good grief, that is one effed up poker game. And the watches don't quite rival Dele Alli's stolen watches, but still seem pretty decent: how the wealthy party, hey.
  11. Devil's Crush may be "just" a pinball game, but it's awesome and addictive.
  12. I didn't know that Terrorizer had officially died, but I assumed that was the case. Decibel always seemed pretty good. I assume they're still going. Invisible Oranges is a decent site. Angry Metal Guy has a lot of reviews, but is very much on the cheesy end of the spectrum. Toilet ov Hell are really good for death metal. When I'm not lazy, I have my moments...
  13. Ah, cheers. My yardsticks were the facts that Overeem is a touch older than me and Lesnar was 24 when he debuted in WWE. I was a big Lesnar mark...
  14. Aww, Guerilla Radio for me. I can still picture my routes to that song, 20 years later.
  15. 34 and 31. Without looking it up, that must be the best part of a decade ago. 2012? At the time, a real statement of intent from Overeem. He was the best heavyweight ever, back in the... assisted days.
  16. I like mine a lot. Don't play it much, but I like it. I took a big gaming holiday (save for Marvel Puzzle Quest) for years. Switch brought me back, and it also made me want to play on the U. So I've got Wind Waker HD on the go before I try BotW. Despite not playing the console very much (well, I played Mario Kart a lot), I do have a decent little game collection for it. Bayonetta 2, Mario 3D World, Xenoblade, Wonderful 101 etc. I missed out on Wii, as well, so the plan was I'd play key Wii games on it. I still might. I've got Metroid Prime Trilogy on there, for instance. I misread that at first, and thought the voice was screaming "IN THE GAME" like a lost soul from EA Sports
  17. Thanks, yoinked that. When I logged in, I noticed that my name wasn't mine, and that my country was Russian Federation. A little worrying. No charges of any kind, just apparently a squatter. I think I've secured my account now (even if a third party decided they wanted the username throughsilver).
  18. That is pretty lol, but I don't mind those songs at all in that context. Also: I know why they did THPS 1 and 2 from an ordinal standpoint, but I much prefer 3 to 1. Marketing team may not have liked THPS 2&3 though. Also also: I'm another who is in like Flynn for that new Paper Mario. The art style is completely insane.
  19. Ah fair enough. OP made it seem like having a bit of grass was the highlight.
  20. The double? They might win nothing, at this rate. There will just be no winner of the champ league, unless they can play the games later. The domestic leagues have a decent amount of data in order to "complete" the season (even if average points for the season just means there will be no change in the tables. How about predictive analytics, if they're all so clever? Higher weighting to more recent matches etc). But UEFA only have group stages and aborted round of 16 games to go on.
  21. Wow, Cruz is starting to look like a a little(r) Nogueira.
  22. This was the weakest empty arena Raw yet. I know there are more than three male heels on the roster, but it doesn't feel like it. (Makes that debate the other week about a "full roster" feel a bit odd.) And when said heel team is getting beaten (and/or beaten up) every week, it's like a shitty Dastardly and Muttley. Thank goodness the headline slot was a History Today debate, to liven things up.
  23. I know he was ultimately made of glass, but JLB had my favourite kickboxing technique, especially for a heavyweight.
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