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  1. Fairly certain there's at least one copy of a Great American Bash 85 tour fancam where Ric Flair comes out to a mashup of Fanfare For The Common Man, Easy Lover and Niggas In Paris.
  2. Next X-Men film, he needs to be cast as Juggernaut. Then he keeps the suit of armour, and does an unstoppable momentum gimmick.
  3. His wives probably didn't think so. He was Mormon?
  4. Was there a better Bagwell match than him and Scorpio vs. Eaton and Benoit at Slamboree 93?
  5. Worked for a while till some guy broke in, stole the urn and melted it down into jewellery. Couldn't get it up for weeks after that.
  6. What if Carl Lewis tests positive the same time as Ben Johnson?
  7. Jeff Hardy is 7-1-13 in televised ladder matches...
  8. You've never worn cock tassels and facepaint in the bedroom? What next, never worn spiked shoulder pads?
  9. I've been watching a few WCW PPVs from 1990 onward. There's a few references to tombstone piledrivers on shows where Mean Mark was still on the undercard. Definitely predates Undertaker.
  10. Comment Bret Hart made recently in regards to Fabulous Moolah and the current batch of women wrestlers in the WWE: "It's never been better. I mean who ever got a boner watching The Fabulous Moolah?"
  11. I remember someone off here sending me a picture of Bix about 10 years ago and being in awe of how young the guy was and churning out that quality copy. .....it was years later that I saw an episode of 2 & A Half Men and realised that Bix and Angus Jones were not one in the same.
  12. Was just thinking about this. I'd like to see them do Bret/Savage, have a screwy finish through no fault of either guy (have Luger or Yoko interfere for example), THEN have Hulk come out and challenge Savage. Let the whole thing unfold organically. Bret as the new guy screwed over by the old firm. Savage getting screwed over by Hogan *again*. Hogan trying to do what's right, but ultimately being a selfish cunt. Hundreds of possibilities from that. Hogan beats Savage at KOTR and turns heel with an assist from Lex. Hogan returns the favour and helps Lex beat Bret in the KOTR finals. Bret and Savage vs. Hogan and Luger at Summerslam. Have an awesome traditional Survivor Series main event afterwards - Bret, Savage, Taker and....Owen vs. Hogan, Luger, Yokozuna and Shawn. The Bret/Owen angle happens anyway. Yoko/Taker do their thing. Savage overcomes the odds and beats Hogan and Luger to survive. Rumble - Hogan beats Savage after a huge clusterfuck of run ins. Bret and Owen lose to the Quebecers still. Taker/Yoko do a double elimination spot in the Rumble and brawl around the building leading to a match at Mania. Bret and Luger are still co-winners of the Rumble. Mania pretty much goes the same, but with a Taker/Yoko match, Savage vs. Luger falls count anywhere, Bret/Owen. Hogan gets deliberately disqualified in his title match with Luger. Luger turns face and helps Bret beat Hogan in the main. Hogan goes off and films Thunder In Paradise.
  13. They cover it in that Foley doco on WWE Network at the moment.
  14. I miss Lethalwrestling.com ...no, wait, that's a lie.
  15. I remember making up fake media outlets that I belonged to, to get a free copy of Scott Keith's books on a couple of occasions. ....and still feeling ripped off. Think I gave them away once I realized they were mostly just professionally edited versions of columns.
  16. Watch it, or the Ravishing One will come back for the grave to avenge the name of our God. (with a joint, perhaps) Maybe on Unleashed but not the family friendly show. The Ravishing One will show up with some Sherrie's Berries! James Watch it, or the Ravishing One will come back for the grave to avenge the name of our God. (with a joint, perhaps) Maybe on Unleashed but not the family friendly show. The Ravishing One will show up with some Sherrie's Berries! James "DAMN IT STEVE! You don't rise from your grave and show up empty handed." ARRIVE ALIVE
  17. That's actually a pretty cool What If in itself. If Jesse was still around commentating at the advent of the NWO - does he side with them? He'd seem like a perfect fit, especially with their need for a color guy when they took over Nitro. On the other hand, he hated Hogan and loves the conspiracy about new world orders and what not. Was a pretty cool dynamic with Brain spending the first few months basically saying I told you so about Hogan. Does Ventura pre-warn WCW about this happening? Or does he sell out and side with them? Unfortunately, given they could never deliver an in ring blowoff to Hogan/Ventura, it'd be a bit of a tease.
  18. "We all know who that is! That's Ape Landslide!"
  19. Can't see them both going in, if for nothing else, it spoils a potential main event of the next PPV. Bryan-Orton-Batista into Bryan-Orton-Batista-HHH into Bryan-Batista x 2-3 times
  20. Arguably the best part of the film, but its not saying much, he's basically playing himself. The film takes all the worst parts of Oceans Eleven and tries to make a PG version of Inglorious Bastards out of it.
  21. A bigger letdown in 2014 you will not see than Monument Men. Lazy. And shit.
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