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  1. 21.07.1992 Randy Savage & The Undertaker defeat Ric Flair & The Berzerker WWF House Show @ Civic Center in Portland, Maine, USA I need to see this.
  2. Hopefully someone better in the know can elaborate on Australia's WCW/IPW federation. "Hawk"...guy who was like 70 and never sold for anyone and always in the main event, coincidentally owner. His son, Cruz, who wasn't a bad worker, but also always in the main event, had an odd Jason-like gimmick, and from all reports a piece of shit - would shoot on guys who got better reactions than he did - know a few young guys who ended up with a broken nose or jaw because he was an unprofessional fuck.
  3. Final segment just needs to be Puppet still masturbating in a trash can. Only for him to look up and see the camera as he's finishing and then awkward fade to black..
  4. Watching the build up to WM 2 between Mr. T and Piper. Mr. T is just completely unlikeable. Weird heel promos on SNME. Would have been cool if they did the Austin/Hart double turn 11 years earlier.
  5. Rock also had the Smoking Skull belt for a bit too.
  6. Rewatched the Orton/Taker HIAC 2005 last night. Some absolutely brutal chair shots in there, unprotected to the head that are just dumb in context/hindsight. Well laid out match too.
  7. KOTR 95....don't mind the end result of it, see the point, but ultimately, could have been done so much better. Shawn needed to get squashed by Mabel in the final, not Savio Vega. Him going to a 15 minute draw with Kama did nothing for anyone. As Russo-ish a swerve it would have been, I could have dealt with Bigelow winning the tournament and then turning on Diesel the next night instead also. Best booking of a feud for mine is Malenko/Jericho. Great build up, even better satisfying payoff.
  8. Save it for a few weeks later, it'll come in handy for Axl Rose a few years later.
  9. Crockett has some good stuff too. That Magnum TA kid is going to be HUGE in the coming years. No doubt they'll find a way to cut him off at the knees..
  10. Watching the early 1995 RAWs, it's difficult to tell the difference between Reigns and Nash's push.
  11. Agreed. Though if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to watch Dennis Knight's matches, I'd much prefer Phineas Godwinn over Naked Mideon. I was just thinking about that guy the other day. His big "lose his shit" babyface comebacks, which were all mostly just mule kicks and spitting and shit, was top notch. I also miss Festus for similar reasons
  12. Shhhh, the admin can hear you, dude. Ixnay on the narksay.
  13. Sorry if this has been mentioned a million times already, but how do you think they plan to do Civil War without Spiderman or the X-Men?
  14. Black Entertainment Network or the History Channel needs to pick up Impact...
  15. Aren't you being equally as phoney/corny by cheering the guy who just called everyone in the building a fucking idiot? You're also making the assumption that a) people are cheering "their guy" rather than just being so post modern by cheering anyone who's a heel, and b) that you don't necessarily like the guy he's in the ring with, whose job is now harder to do because fans are deliberately giving the opposite reaction they're hoping for to tell the story they want to. Let alone that not everyone in the building has some pre-existing sentimental attachment to whoever in the ring, it might be their first show, so why is the despicable heel pulling out admirably brave high spots like shooting star presses and dives to the outside? Don't buy the argument that a new move set looks disingenuous either. Using Jericho as an example where it was blatantly hammered home that he wasn't doing anything that was remotely entertaining and was no longer pandering to fans, then it makes sense for him not to pull out high spots. Same as Cactus's anti-hardcore stuff in ECW with the rest holds. Or that it fits the character development (why would Marvellous Marc Mero be doing the same flippy shit as Wildman Marc Mero, looking past the fact that post-knee blow out, he really can't?)
  16. But Gangrel was a fucking *vampire* man! And not like Angel or the sparkly one from the movies ... motherfucker tried to turn 2 Cold Scorpio! Now I'm thinking someone's written some really bad fan fic about Gangrel turning Scorpio...
  17. Initial reaction was to post how had Bret not needed to be placated and insisted on working with Austin to avoid him jumping to WCW, Austin probably doesn't get the push he ends up getting. On the other hand though, Shawn insisted on working the house show loop with Austin in early 96 also which really did nothing for him.
  18. 1) Rikishi. There was this fat kid at my high school who only knew of him, and nothing else wrestling-wise, and would constantly ask me about what Rikishi was doing to the point where I considered hiring Rikishi to run him down for the People. Fuck Rikishi. 2) Justin Credible/Jeff Jarrett/Shane Douglas/Gangrel = I just really hate "heels who are heels for the sake of being a heel". OK, why are you laughing like that? Why are your sunglasses on inside? I get that you think you're cool, but you do nothing to show why that may be, and it's not like you're portrayed as a delusional guy, you're just...not that cool, all you're doing is just laughing at random intervals weirdly and throwing your head back...
  19. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/violent-new-sport-brings-street-fighting-into-the-ring/story-fnk1w5y0-1227000553368 Wow. (Cliffs: UFC but with Survivor Series elimination rules). Needs War Games rules added to it as well. Try not popping big at that opening flurry of shit going down.
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