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  1. Is that the first time they've essentially referred to TNA on WWE programming with JBL referring to Sting as a 2 time NWA champion?
  2. Never worked with Cena (sort of - worked a tag with David Flair against Cena and O'Haire at an OVW taping in 2002) Others include: Liger Daniel Bryan Tommy Dreamer Billy Gunn Raven Mark Henry Bob Holly Rikishi The Sandman Taz Jim Duggan
  3. Anyone notice the closing scene last night.....the camera paused far too long on the road sign...three towns, distances of 9, 23 and 47. Ezekiel 23 47: And the host shall stone them and cut them down with their swords. They shall kill their sons and their daughters, and burn up their houses. 9 = Niners??
  4. Exactly. Every guy that comes out is made out to be this big "Oh fuck!" moment for Flair, even if they've done nothing for years before that. "Barbarian don't like Flair either, Brain......"
  5. I really want to see a Rumble with 90 minute intervals now..
  6. Started making my way through that list over the weekend from the bottom up. First real exposure to NXT. I'm sold on Bayley......torn on Charlotte - great heel worker, but just.....tranny.......tranny......tranny. That Christian/Orton match from Summerslam is odd. It's pretty good in an isolated context, but for a middle of the card match, they just kick out of fucking everything, it's weird to watch as its so rare to see these guys protected to that extent. The M-Pro six man from Barely Legal does not age well.
  7. I completely got lost by all the references to Garfield appearing in Avengers 2. If the Jim Davis cartoon shows up, I will lose my shit.
  8. I still think its Memphis with Lawler able to give his full attention to it. Vince turning up in ECW and doing the Mr. McMahon character there instead would have been kinda fun.
  9. So with Rusev in there, do they: a) do a standard double count-out with Sheamus? b) have him take a million and a half finishers before going down, ala what they did with Skip Sheffield in the Nexus 7 man at Summerslam? c) have him be the sole survivor and beat Cena clean, although Cena has another shot at Lesnar, and basically just did the same thing with Lesnar a few months ago? B is the least likely, but I'd like to see what he can do with Orton for a few months before the Cena match at Mania. Him taking a Brogue Kick, Knockout Punch, AA and then an RKO and then barely staying down woul
  10. Does the 94/95 budget account for the Charles Austin payout?
  11. Decided to spare you all pages of fantasy booking. Reckon the most likely timeframe that they go broke is if the Mike Tyson involvement in Wrestlemania backfires and he no-shows/walks out. From there - think you end up with them signing Shamrock, the NOD, Triple H, Taker, Owen, Edge and Christian, Bradshaw, the Hardys, Jarrett, Dustin Rhodes, Sable and Sunny. Maybe the Outlaws and TAKA get bought in to drop/unify the belts. Austin eventually comes in later in the year to work a program with Goldberg or Hogan. Foley probably goes to ECW. Meanwhile, you get some bizarre Memphis off-shoot o
  12. The Angle match on Smackdown from about late 2001/early 2002 was definitely his best. That was awesome selling on his part too.
  13. I'm assuming the Survivor Series match is Cena/Ziggler/Usos/Big Show vs. Rollins/Kane/Dusts/Henry after tonight. Maybe they do a Show/Henry match separately, and add Orton to either side, and then...err.....Ambrose or something. Not a lot going on there. Maybe its just 4 on 4...
  14. Probably isn't defined by his successes so much as the lopsided scale of monster guys pushed down throats to little/no success vs. guys who were smaller and didn't get there. Ones that didn't work out with similar pushes? Punk....Benoit.......RVD.....maybe Shamrock.
  15. I completely read that as a Stu Hart On A Pole Match, with Stu Hart's skin being used to make some sort of title belt. I like my idea better.
  16. He was midcard at best at the time, after that, became prominent in the main event scene with Sid, Goldberg, Bret and the Outsiders. He got his release and the no compete clause because of him being World champion at the time/Time Warner not wanting the lawsuit. If he's just another midcarder, they don't give him (possibly all of them) his release or such generous terms.
  17. Benoit essentially got pushed beyond the midcard in WCW due to the Owen tribute match. Bret never goes there. Owen probably never dies. Benoit's still in WCW doing nothing of note.
  18. Did not enjoy Annabelle at all. Way too much signposting of things to come. Way too much illogical shit going on left, right and centre. By the end of it, I just wanted them all to die painfully.
  19. Say Shawn's back is too injured for him to wrestle Austin at Mania. Do you hotshot the title onto Tyson, and then work a Mayweather/Show prototype match? How would it have gone down?
  20. Bret gets the first feud against Hogan, at the very least he stays for the interim period I assume Nash and Hall get fed to Hogan in due course, unlikely to leave beyond that the IC title probably gets a showcase again as the workrate title, Shawn gets to work with his buddies and decent guys, doubt he leaves either. I think the issue with it is how likely they do Savage/Hogan main event at WM 10, five years in the making with Savage getting his win back, that sends people off, whilst WCW continues the momentum they had in 94 before Hogan comes in.
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