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  1. Watched that Summerslam 96 match again the other day. Was awkward as fuck. Vader's not in position for anything, timing is off, and a lot of stuff just looks like shit.
  2. Nah - in the doco he says they weren't serious until months into her heel turn. I've always wondered though - if Shawn or even Taker jump to WCW. What do you call them? Shawn went by that name in the AWA, and it was before the whole rights to character/name/identities thing was really big. Could they have just called him Sean Michaels? Taker a little bit more difficult, especially when at the time WCW were getting sued for Scott Hall using a toothpick as copyright infringement.
  3. Morelock doesn't want any Chris Benoit jokes and he's really mad Morelock doesn't like joking about murderers and he's reaaaally angryyyyyy
  4. I would have got behind a guy known only as 'Taaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. What if Hogan and Linda divorce 20 years before they ended up doing so, Linda still writes the tell-all book and it turns out the Beefcake/Hulk rumors are true?
  6. I have this weird feeling they're just going to pull out a surprise Cesaro victory out of nowhere. Either the Orton victory is completely obvious or too obvious. Sort of like a compromise-fuck you. Cesaro getting the giant swing on Batista in the main event of Mania is a safe feel good WrestleMania moment, and almost like their insurance for if the crowd get really rabid with HHH going over Bryan in the undercard, they will pop huge for Cesaro.
  7. So whats the first thing you all gonna watch?
  8. This is the sole change from that all hands on deck creative meeting that was rumbled about where "everything" was up in the air regarding Wrestlemania. BUT HE'S GOT A NEW HAT! HE'S BETTER THAN EVER!
  9. Then either Macho has no issue (Shane being older then Stephanie at the time of the mythic encounter) OR our view of Macho is very VERY different. I now want to see a remake of The Crying Game, with Mach in the Forrest Whittaker role.
  10. Yep. Why would the Authority book the Big Show to take care of their big celebrity? And if the Authority were trying to make him look shit, why would he agree? And why would the Outlaws try to instigate the runny brown liquid shit of Betty White to evacuate her bowels? That wouldn't be good for business at all.
  11. I only just heard his voice for the first time on the Austin Show. My god he sounds like Wallace Shawn.
  12. Given every bad promo seems to be typified by unnecessary swearing, can we change the thread title?
  13. What if Brody lives after being attacked by Invader II?
  14. Only if its a vespa, and he stops mid ramp to sip his Turkish coffee.
  15. I'd like to see a psychotic fat guy gimmick, with vignettes showing him to be really skinny as a young adult, but his obsession with guys like Rikishi lead him to becoming morbidly obese. Now shunned from the world of normal people, he seeks his revenge on dancing fat guys everywhere.....and stalking the Funkadactyls. Show some more vignettes showing he's kidnapped Tensai and he has him down a hole somewhere insisting he put the lotion on his skin or whatever.......you then lead to a blow off match with the stipulation that if psychotic fat guy wins, the babyface must pay for his lapband surgery.
  16. Just because you're working hurt doesn't give you an excuse to just phone in the finish....and now you're on a messageboard no selling your own nephew? That's some pretty selfish shit right there. Well, I'll do the job tomorrow. I mean to be fair, He's beat me more times than Snuka's beaten Metal Maniac. Sell the missile dropkick. He'll be a darling on here in no time.
  17. The Undertaker joins Randy Savage in prison and gets out just in time to be revealed as the culprit behind Vince's limo exploding.
  18. Just because you're working hurt doesn't give you an excuse to just phone in the finish....and now you're on a messageboard no selling your own nephew? That's some pretty selfish shit right there.
  19. Poisoned eightball Zach Ryder pizza of course.
  20. What if: i) The Savage/Steph rumours were true. ii) They publicly come to light iii) Savage does 18-20 in the slammer. He'd be getting out this year too. Savage doing a Max Cady gimmick towards Vince and family on the eve of Mania 30 would be something.
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