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  1. Can anyone think of a time in the WWF (i.e before 2002) where it would have beneficial for the booking at the time to have had Wargames? Invasion, DX/Nation, .....?
  2. When I was 10, I tried getting myself over at school as "The Anvil". Given that no-one at my school watched any wrestling, and I was the only one in my basketball team with a name on the back of my singlet, let alone a gimmicked one, it was just met with confused looks and it was just quietly dropped.......until high school, when I publicly denounced my slave name and would only ever be referred to as "Sunjesh". This also was simply a bad idea. Please don't let me near your booking committee.
  3. They've already sent someone to burgle him. May as well Dino Bravo the guy and try and get Rikishi over again.
  4. I wish Marvel had cast Brock as Thanos now. I'd love to see some bizarre interpretation of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, have Brock with one last date on his contract, Authority have made some sort of uneasy truce where if he can survive his last date with the title, he can keep it. .....however the title now has a 24/7 rule attached to it. The PPV doesn't even have a card announced, it's just Brock arriving in the car park, and being met by job guys, he fights them all off and makes his way through the building just annihilating guys left right and center. HHH as Adam Warlock to Orton's Silver Surfer, holding him back for a greater purpose as Lesnar runs through everyone.
  5. Watched the Schwarznegger episode of Smackdown the other morning. I forgot how Art Donovan levels of bad that was.
  6. What I liked about the finish was how it played off the internet's general perception of Cena's matches. Who didn't think that STFU was plausibly the finish after just getting the shit kicked out of him all match? Bravo.
  7. If there was ever a time to bring back the reverse battle royale...
  8. After the Brie/Stephanie match they kept going back to Nikki making....some sort of face...I'm not quite sure what she was supposed to be conveying. Any D-grade movie experts care to translate?
  9. That fucking title match. Just plays with him. Nearly loses through his overconfidence. Fuck this. F5. Go home. Some of those suplexes were just nasty. Cena needs to go away for at least a month after that. Rest of the show was just awful though.
  10. Think you go with Barrett, Bryan, Slater, Gabriel, Ryback and Axel. Darren Young too if he's fit. You've got Rybaxel essentially doing the dirty work of the Authority and constantly getting beaten down by Reigns, Ambrose, whoever in the past. Essentially they get tired of taking the beatings on behalf of the Authority and getting nothing in return for it. You could easily do a backstage segment with HHH being dismissive towards Heath Slater and his winning streak, and a snarky comment about NXT to Gabriel as well. From there, you play off the uneasy alliance between The Authority and Heyman/Lesnar, how neither can trust the other, and that the mutual relationship is no longer beneficial to the other - The Authority want "their" title defended on a regular basis. Brock doesn't want to travel and be the face of the company. He wants to remove the face. Bryan does a couple of segments hyping his pending return from neck surgery, which build to the point that Bryan can't beat Lesnar. That The Authority regret the monster they've created in Lesnar as champion, they still regard it as better than the alternative. That they will tolerate Brock and his demands, so long as he destroys Daniel Bryan. Until then, they are merely placating Orton and Rollins. Enter Wade Barrett to play the Johnny Depp to Bryan's Orlando Bloom. There's no secret that Barrett will eventually turn on Bryan. Barrett's motivation is to show himself as smarter than Paul Heyman. You can even throw in that Heyman was behind the original Nexus if need be. The introduction of the Nexus guys doesn't even need to be referred to as the Nexus, but rather Barrett holding his end up of the deal that he can provide the back up for Bryan as he "has connections". In light of the re-emergence of the Nexus, and Lesnar's failure to show up beyond his 30 day obligations to defend the title, the board of directors banish HHH and Stephanie. Kane, Orton, Rollins remain as a placeholder to take a beatdown from the Nexus, and back up Lesnar where needed. From here, the Nexus become more heelish in their behaviour, creating conflict between Bryan and Barrett, Bryan torn between what he needs to do to beat Lesnar (maybe even throw in a brief program with Cena or Reigns, with them calling him on being a hypocrite, acting like Sting with the Main Event Mafia - not getting directly involved in Nexus beatdowns, but passively endorsing also) and disagreeing with Barrett's choices. Keep Lesnar strong as the tweener who occasionally shows up and runs through the Nexus singlehandedly. From here once Bryan and Barrett both realise that the Nexus won't be enough to beat Lesnar, they begin to part ways. From there - go to the Rumble final three being Barrett, Bryan and Reigns. Could go different ways from here - if they're happy with where Reigns is heading - have Bryan eliminate Barrett, and then eliminate himself to try and redeem himself, allowing Reigns to go on and be the one to beat Lesnar at Mania. They could have Barrett eliminate both ala RR 92, and go on to bite off more than he can chew against Lesnar, whilst Reigns and Bryan feud. Or they take the story the whole way, have Bryan overcome Barrett and Nexus turning on him to win the Rumble and challenge Lesnar.
  11. Could you imagine the pop Barrett would get if he interrupted an Authority promo, "I'm afraid I've got some bad news....." and then the Nexus come out of the crowd and emulate the original debut and just lay waste to everyone?
  12. Bryan bringing back Nexus upon return from injury to counter The Authority could be interesting viewing.
  13. I'd like to see him make a Space Jam sequel.
  14. Well, shit... This kinda spoils the ending of Jumanji for me.
  15. I still have a scar near my left eye from backyard wrestling, tree branch was supposed to snap back and hit me in the face for the finish, but not at that speed, or in my eyeline. Kinda feel bad I went into business for myself, and unsecured a trampoline spring and punched him in the mouth with it afterwards. Safety first, kids.
  16. If WWE named one of their PPVs "The Night They Drove Ole' Dixie Down" it would instantly be the second best-named PPV they have (Behind, of course, Royal Rumble). That would actually be a pretty bad ass event name for a Southern wrestling promotion. Good job. Or a Dixie Carter snuff film. Either or. Just saying..
  17. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3673944/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1 If that isn't proof he was taken from us too soon...
  18. My brother killed the territory when he completely no sold 3 consecutive piledrivers on the exposed hard wood floor. I commend him for his 6 week sell job of the subsequent chicken wing post match beatdown for it, but, really, I don't care if you're 9. That's not what's best for business. As far as I'm concerned, he was the one who deserved all the backstage heat for that. Not I. I was defending the business, and standing up for all the other boys in the back.
  19. I skimmed over this page, and misread the last post as somehow uncovering teen angst Jim Ross writing confused haikus about Dr Death and Bill Watts. I am lesser for realizing such a thing does not exist. Moreso if it had emo titles like "Heart Slobberknocker" or "These Bowling Shoe Ugly Feelings"
  20. Watching the SNMEs as well. I've always seen Greg Valentine as that credible lower card technician guy. Never really thought about how he had a fairly decent run against Hogan prior to the big Piper angle, and that he was a top card guy for so long both in New York and the NWA. Don't get it. At all. No charisma. His matches weren't *that* good, wasn't a big guy by any stretch. Don't see what his appeal was to be that high up the card.
  22. What if Vince doesn't feel the heat of the steroid trial, and doesn't end up getting rid of Warrior, Hogan and Bulldog? What does the booking for 93 to 94 look like instead?
  23. Why should he? The Authority are capable of getting negative reactions on their own, and with Cena as the number one face, the number two guy has always been able to grow organically, whether its been Punk, Bryan or Reigns because they're the top guy getting unanimous positive reactions. That's because of Cena and his mixed reactions, not in spite of them. Without Cena, Reigns becomes him instead. Besides the shock value, he's third heel behind HHH and Lesnar anyway. What's there for him, assuming Bryan's out for ages? A program against Reigns he's not ready for? Jericho? Ambrose?
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