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  1. Speaking of which... Someone pitch me a Mania card that doesn't outright suck. You could probably squeeze 2 or 3 good matches at most.
  2. The irony is like a FedEx on your wedding day.It's just one of the many jobs he lost on his wedding day. So you're saying it's a free ride when he's already paid?
  3. How long before Judd Nelson sues Punk for royalties?
  4. Watched an episode of Total Divas last night. That guy that turned up at Nattie's wedding looks really creepily like Benoit.
  5. Feel like this was done ten years too early. I want a WWE network version of Tuesdays with Morrie
  6. I've always wondered that about Savio being the mystery partner. Really can't think of too many options. Especially with how little they played up Savio having wins over Austin previously. In terms of who was available - maybe a really underwhelming debut of Justin Credible? Going with Chyna would have made some sense given the big ending afterwards. Think I remember reading it was supposed to be Kurrgan?
  7. Rumble 96. I swear thats the worst/laziest booked Rumble of all time. * - Pretty much all 30 guys booked equally the entire match. Everyone gets a bit of offence in, everyone takes a bit. No-one ends up having any real shining moments in the ring, save for Austin in the last few moments of the ring clearing out. Savio looks like a total dick practically no selling the DDT. HHH is the MVP of this match - constantly getting up and taking bumps for everyone all over the place whilst other guys just rest in the corner. Really keeps things moving. * - Shawn is pretty awful in this. No interest in the back story at all. Runs into the ring whilst Owen, the guy who put him on the shelf is in the ring......and then casually starts locking up with Spark Plug Holly instead. The enziguiri spot is done really badly - too many guys in the ring doing stuff, it's not the centre of attention, no-one pops for it, he's up again in minutes anyway. Same sort of deal with Jannetty later as well. At least they make it the centre of attention this time, but they sort of just bump into each other and go at it. Love the old Rumbles where there's always a strategy or a focus on one guy in particular gave it a bit of credibility. Why would a guy hit the ring....and then focus his attention on Bob Holly or Make A Difference Fatu? * - Order of entry is pretty all over the place. 3 of the first 4 being heels doesn't really work, and then just a bunch of guys making up the numbers to follow - Gilbert, Dory, Omori. Bulldog at 29 shouldn't have happened, especially with him being Michaels' main challenger a few months later...and then being made to look like a bitch by Diesel. Why the fuck does Gorilla Monsoon reward Diesel for fucking up the PPV title match by giving him a title shot and then not giving Taker another one also? Illogical.
  8. Jake was supposed to wrestle Bret at SS 92 I believe.
  9. I'd love to see a promoted UFC bout with a WWE guy that devolves into sports entertainment hokiness. Would anyone really be that angry to fork over for a PPV that featured a main event involving zombie situps, hulk-ups, a babyface comeback and then a finish involving an elbow drop?
  10. I was thinking Cena breaks the Make-A-Wish record by granting the wish of forming a tag team with his dying little buddy...........in a handicap match against Nikki Bella
  11. So where to from here for TLC? Rollins vs. Ziggler or Orton? Cena vs. Show 2341347984 or Lesnar? Bray vs. Ambrose Rusev vs. Ryback or Ziggler or Reigns? Harper vs. Rowan or Ziggler?
  12. Sting comes out tomorrow and announces he wants just one more match in Wwe before he retires. Against Hhh at Mania. Either Hhh gets back in power by end of night and grants him his one match, or new Gm Cena gives up his title shot in interests of fairness, both with same result of Sting facing Lesnar at the Rumble. Sting gets destroyed by Lesnar giving us a Vader match replay twenty two years later. From there you build to Mania about whether Sting keeps to his word and has his one match (play up his earlier comments about ddp and booker being made to look stupid and him doubting himself), or does he still challenge a now over confident Hhh (put the return to power as a stip on the line?) or Cena for ruining his one match request.
  13. Is that the first time they've essentially referred to TNA on WWE programming with JBL referring to Sting as a 2 time NWA champion?
  14. Never worked with Cena (sort of - worked a tag with David Flair against Cena and O'Haire at an OVW taping in 2002) Others include: Liger Daniel Bryan Tommy Dreamer Billy Gunn Raven Mark Henry Bob Holly Rikishi The Sandman Taz Jim Duggan
  15. Anyone notice the closing scene last night.....the camera paused far too long on the road sign...three towns, distances of 9, 23 and 47. Ezekiel 23 47: And the host shall stone them and cut them down with their swords. They shall kill their sons and their daughters, and burn up their houses. 9 = Niners??
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