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  1. Only just realized we missed out on Hogan vs. Rude on respective teams had he stuck around a few more months at Survivor Series. ....other than when that actually happened in 87 of course
  2. If there was ever a time for them to reference Benoit again on TV. It'd be now, with HHH bringing up Mania 20, and the folly of how putting your idols on such a pedestal will only end bad. In horrible taste I know, but seems a good way of reinforcing HHH feeling justified in his views towards Daniel Bryan, and his ilk.
  3. Like the idea of WM 30 - one from each Mania, in practice: 1 - Mike Rotundo 2 - Jake? Jim Neidhart? Terry Funk? 3 - Piper 4 - Jim Duggan 5 - Terry Taylor? Honky Tonk? Marty Jannetty? 6 - Barbarian? Dusty? Snuka? 7 - Nasties? Animal? Slaughter? 8 - Tatanka? Sid? 9 - Rikishi? The Steiners? Scott Hall? Backlund? 10 - Surprisingly the hardest one. Adam Bomb? 11 - Jeff Jarrett? Billy Gunn? 12 - Vader? Savio Vega? Nash? Goldust? 13 - Headbangers? JBL? Foley? 14 - Mark Henry? Bob Holly? Godfather? Faarooq? Scotty? 15 - Al Snow? Big Show? Road Dogg? Val Venis? 16 - Albert? Christian? D-Von? Saturn? Malenko? Jericho? 17 - Regal? Raven? 18 - RVD? DDP? Maven? Booker? Chuck Palumbo? 19 - Rey? Shelton? Haas? Chavo? 20 - Jindrak? Conway? Jamie Noble? Tajiri?
  4. Think it was 16 as he didn't like it being a 4 way dance.
  5. During the Flair/Fujinami match at Superbrawl 91, is that Austin in the front row on the hard camera side? He debuts soon after, so could be? At the risk of a really unpopular opinion, I think the Wrestlewar 91 war games is very overrated. The Pillman aspects are pretty good and put him over huge, but the rest of it is nothing out of the ordinary. It'd be like saying the 94 Rumble was ***** due to the Diesel aspects of it.
  6. Man Foley is perhaps the saddest "old dude" going. Flair looks like death and has fucked up his life. Hogan has pissed all over my memories of him. But Foley is like the cool crazy uncle you grew up with and you'd see him like twice a year and just want to hang out with him forever. Then when you're older he buys you beer and tells you cool stories and gives you dirty magazines and he's just the dude that you hang out with at parties and shit. Then you're 24 and you realise he's no further along in life than when he was 18 and he's just doddering about trying to be cool and funny and you always go to his place to meet up with him because your girlfriend hates him. Then you're 30 and he's never met your kids because you're scared he'll walk in the room stinking of piss and cigarettes and they'll be traumatised for years. Oh.....shit.
  7. Halloween Havoc 90; Hot opener even if it's nothing but a spotfest. Stan Lane should have spent far more time as a face than what he did. Would have been much better as a Ricky Steamboat-esque babyface. Man that Black Scorpion stuff is awful.
  8. Luger from Fall Brawl 99 to Russo/Bischoff takeover is massively underrated. Has some awesome matches with most of the roster. That tag match with Flair against Sting and Vamp that ends up on the beach is glorious.
  9. Luger/Yoko weren't as good, but tremendously underrated. Steamboat and PIllman matches in 89 also good.
  10. Trying to think of anyone below him on the card who really benefited from a program with Sting other than Mick Foley. Vampiro bombed. Bagwell as his protege never really went anywhere. Regal program got cut quick due to the NWO angle. Vader maybe, but think his series with Cactus were more substantial in getting him over.
  11. Only two wrestling dreams I can remember are falling asleep during a rain delay at Wimbledon, and American Badass era Taker rode out to centre court on his motorcycle, getting the Royal box (which was filled with Nintendo characters) to do the fist wave to "American Badass", before doing the rope walk along the net and giving Andy Roddick a savage beatdown. Other than that, a really weird one when I was about 8 years old, that King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam snapped and murdered Razor Ramon during a beatdown on Monday Night Raw. Not sure why.
  12. That Legends Roundtable on "Renegades" that turns into DDP putting himself over for 45 minutes, whilst Roddy Piper sulks in the corner that the attention isn't on him is probably the worst of the lot so far.
  13. I think WCW still dies in 2001 due to the merger anyway, if not sooner. No Hogan in WCW = Dustin Rhodes, Foley, Austin all probably never leave WCW. Maybe Triple H also. Be weird if there's no Stone Cold, but WWF go ahead with their Attitude era push and hire the Sandman as the face of the company instead...
  14. Going through the WCW 1990 list is very difficult to keep track of without the Clashes being available. So much shit happens between each PPV.
  15. What if they don't turn Hogan heel, but instead give him a Malibu Stacy makeover, give him a new hat, a nose ring, Luna Vachon for a valet, and get Stiff Little Fingers to record "Alternative Hulkster" for his entrance music? Goes over like a fart in church. Hogan asks for his release, and spends the rest of his days on Celebrity Squares.....or maybe invents the Foreman Grill before Foreman does......or collaborates with Metallica on Reload or something. More likely - probably returns to the WWF and avenges his loss to Yokozuna, and has Bret Hart as his little buddy in a series of tag matches against Shawn and Nash before going away again. WCW without Hogan, not just as part of the NWO, but the 2 years proceeding is a completely different landscape.
  16. I'll call Russo swerve where HHH/Punk re-enacts Hogan/HBK with the exaggerated selling and what not. Then the big turn later in the show. yay.........
  17. What if we got a full season in 1999, and no lock out (or last season for that matter)
  18. Unlikely tag team with Michael Hayes.
  19. Yeah, because teenage girls and Ricky Morton (or Jeff Hardy for that matter) have never been synonymous. Actually, that's not the worst pairing. Matt Hardy during his creepy sideburns period......
  20. It got locked, fuck features. They're legitimate points of discussion. Feel free to call me out on an internet forum just the same.
  21. I'll re-ask the questions i had from last page of Feb discussion... Few topics of discussion coming from watching the WWE network: 1) Who do you think were the best hot tag/babyface in peril guys of all time? 2) The guys most unfitting to be in a young girl heart throb tag team? Dennis Condrey looked like a viking, and Robert Gibson just looked like a piece of shit, what with his Repo Man coat and all. You can sign to your family all you want, you're making it less likely for a sixteen year old to want to blow Ricky Morton in 1983. They're my early contenders.
  22. Capital Combat has been interesting so far. Weird 6 man mesh up with Roadies/Norman vs. Cactus/Bam Bam/Sullivan. Possibly the only interaction between Bam Bam and the Roadies ever. That Mean Mark match goes probably a little too long, but still a really decent showcase. ROBOCOP!
  23. Thank you for being a friend Travelled down the road and back again Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant. And if you threw a party Invited everyone you knew You would see the biggest gift would be from me And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.
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