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  1. Think they did a similar gimmick in dying days of WCW (Filthy Animals against either Team Canada or Jarrett and the Harris Nazis?) Early TNA with AMW possibly?
  2. But on the other hand, show should have ended with with Noam Dar, Dean Malenko, Barry Horrowitz and Colt Cabana running in and forcefully attempting to circumsize the Undertaker only for hometown hero, Mohammed Hassan to make the save and be all "hey sorry about that piano wire thing a while back, bro"
  3. Kinda annoys me when they do overseas shows and still announce guys as being from "Atlanta, Georgia" or "Death Valley" without adding the US on the end.
  4. Considering how often they told us how hot it was, the crowd was anything but.
  5. Last few years showing a need for nostalgia sing a long acts, it's gotta be Men on a Mission. Crowd would pop for a live Whoomp There It Is.
  6. Wasn't the story even worse than that, where Shawn actually got a bump off him and *then* went and ratted him out for how big the line he just snorted was?
  7. Remember when the whole Faarooq/Sunny thing got dropped because they were getting the wrong kind of heat in the wrong towns? What a time to do it all over again.
  8. First guy to pin the Undertaker clean on PPV. Main evented a big 4 PPV. Former KOTR winner. Went over in two Mania title matches. A fondly remembered character of the attitude era. Snorted coke off a limo. Responsible for the introduction of Oscar. Arguably the best pushed 100% African American in the history of WWE. We need to talk about Mabel' s HOF credentials.
  9. I completely misread this and assumed you were talking about James Marsters.....Spike from Buffy. Not Cyclops. Doesn't really move the needle on my want to see this either way, but it could have worked.
  10. Me neither. Will try to tonight however.
  11. OK, cannot find a thing to support that this actually happened, yet vividly remember him getting a match with Steiner, and getting beaten after Magnificent 7 interference. Drugs. Don' t touch them.
  12. And by that I mean, Cagematch says it never happened? Huh?
  13. Never watched that Kronik match from 01 before. Until now. At 4am. They were totally in the right to not take the blame for that match. Neither were in the worst two workers of that match. Kane looks awful throughout. Clark doesn't sell anything granted but his stuff looks good and fairly crisp. Eugh. The Jericho/Steph stuff doesn't age well either.
  14. I remember there was an O'Haire vs Steiner World Title main event on a Nitro or Thunder maybe a few weeks before the end. He was super over and they protected him massively in the finish. Still can't believe they fucked that up.
  15. Curious whether the split of contract owner was simply a matter of sign off authority required on amounts over a certain dollar value, or whether it was a date issue based on the takeover (all contracts signed after X date are with this entity instead). My issue wasn't with who they signed, it was that they signed them all at once, largely at an unnecessarily inflated rate, given lack of competition, and then felt obliged to use them straight away.
  16. I don't get why they took on the 30 odd contracts that they did upon purchasing WCW. Those 30 odd contracts would have continued to get paid by AOLTW until it expired or they accepted a lump sum buyout. Weren't too many who took that to go work for NWA:TNA a year later. Would have made sense to take maybe 4-5 guys they saw as developmental types and prepared to be a mark and take cents on the dollar, then pick off guy by guy as their contract expired, having them doing HWA shots and talking head appearances on dvds talking shit about WCW. 2001 post Mania was terrible prior to the Invasion. May as well maintain a form of goodwill by keeping people hanging on waiting for the eventual Invasion angle to occur. Hindsight being wonderful as it was, they had all the guys they wanted from WCW within 18 months of the buyout anyway. The 01 main event scene without DDP and Booker isn't that much impacted. Rhyno and RVD just become more important than they were, and the McMahon feud still goes as it were without promotion wars or 30 guys doing nothing but standing in the ring for an opening show promo. If anything you could easily fast track the Lesnar debut a few months too. A decent what if is that they cooled their jets and didn't rush things if HHH and Benoit don't get hurt within weeks of each other. Does Shawn's planned return that got nixed due to his drug issues end up going ahead? I'd have loved to have seen a return of the smaller 2hr IYH PPVs where it was just months on end of debuting WCW guy announced as making his debut at PPV facing WWE established guy with something big at stake. Stuff happens. Go from there. Heel/face alignment based on brand was terrible (except XPac. That was hilarious)
  17. Can't say I agree. I can't see AOL getting rid of WCW if it's still pulling 1998 numbers (peaking at a 6-5 in the ratings, and made a $30 million profit. Yes, the AOL merger tightened the screws, and lost key supporters of the product as a result, but let's not underplay the fact it lost $63 million that year.
  18. Could also make the argument that WCW lost far more than the WWF won at the time. Whether its a valid one or not, I'm not entirely sure - the product does not age well at all.
  19. So we've spent years building to the big secret of Jon's parentage and rightful claim to the throne...and its totally irrelevant. Even Varys' letters to this effect from the last episode was forgotten.
  20. Should have had a Winterfell Vote of Confidence that Dany lost before taking on Mouth of the South Qyburn as her new hand.
  21. Surely we can retrospectively upgrade him to Gold King, in memoriam?
  22. They're totally bringing back the Slammys not just as a quick ratings shot in the arm but to also find a way to make a joke at this writers' expense by awarding her Best Bowtie
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