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  1. I agree heavily with a lot of that, but I'll counter the Lesnar being the catalyst argument. That mentality was well and truly in the swing of things when Austin walked in 02, or the Rock left to make movies. Could even make an argument for it being Hogan leaving in 92 or Savage fucking him over to go to WCW too.
  2. Days of Our Lives consistently ran with the same storylines, always going back to the well with the Stefano vs John Black, sure you had guys get the rub as their proxys, sons, 2IC, etc but they would always be demoted back to who the real stars were. You always had minor characters given that Horton and Brady rub but never really did anything but be background characters. 60 years later, the show continues irrespective of its lack of star making moments or willingness to elevate new talent. Shit, they only stopped bringing up Stefano after the actor died IRL.
  3. That's perfectly valid, and I agree with you, but does it take away from your overall opinion of the show? If I thought Breaking Bad was 10/10, I'm not downgrading it to a 9 because Flynn did nothing more than eat breakfast, or thinking less of GOT because they could have done more with Rickon.
  4. I don't understand the rhetoric of how no wrestlers got over as a result of the ongoing narrative of the show. Did anyone watch Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones and complain about the lack of star making moments, or how one of the lower cast members didn't get elevated so they can have their own show elsewhere?
  5. I hope they remember the Network angle on TNN but replace Cyrus with Alicia Fox.
  6. Brock got destroyed in 7 seconds by Goldberg. Didn't see this reaction then. Working yourselves.
  7. I'm not sure what I want more now. If Rey is this generation's Bruno: Dominic Sammartino or Larry Velasquez?
  8. Had no idea who it was at first. Was thinking "you looking JACKED, Dominic".. It was a cool moment. Just lacking context for most who were tuning in, but possibly not to those who watch next week as a result.
  9. Could a pay it forward format with TV time work? Say TNT acknowledged future issues with scheduling around the NBA, and agreed to give them 360 minutes of TV time a month to use how they see fit. Subsequently you have maybe 2 x 45 minute recap type shows a month (maybe one dedicated to just one big match), a standard 90 minute show and then a big 3 hr Clash of the Champions type deal if need be. Or just 4 weeks of 90 mins where the story suits it. I think there's significant issues with predictable running times and the ensuing formats. You tune in with 30 mins to go in Raw, maybe the opening 30 too and the rest you can read up on. Guys don't become as stale and overexposed as you no longer have a mandate to fill that much TV time every week. Maybe the surprises hit more if you promise a quick 45 minute go home show and something big happens instead.
  10. Also how good is a 90 minute show? Tried watching NXT afterwards. Fell asleep at the start of the Gargano match.
  11. Have watched 2 AEW shows. It did a great job showcasing some lesser names as big deals to casual observers like me. ...then Jack Swagger showed up and looked somewhere between lost and retarded.
  12. Speaking of souvenirs, didn't he get given one of the tag titles by the Nasty Boys to hang onto and never gave it back?
  13. Pamela Anderson papered over the cracks of what was a woeful 95 Rumble card. And a bonus Tommy Lee / Shawn fight.
  14. With strict BMI level limitations of "Butterbean" or above?
  15. I'd be curious to see how he went in a WWE environment where there is such limitations on what he can do, and the exceptionally public endings of kayfabe. Is he hypothetically as good a heel as Miz was, if you're seeing him do Make A Wish clips every Raw? It's a bit like how no-one gave a shit about Mike Awesome after he was no longer the biggest guy on the roster powerbombing everyone else through tables and braining them with chairs. To play devil's advocate - there's generally a disassociation between someone being a good worker just because they legitimately beat the shit out of people, is he necessarily a good character if he's not necessarily playing a character either?
  16. I think the appeal of MJF's work is that he chooses to step over the line from time to time with his work, that plenty of his peers choose to play it safe with (or have it chosen by their employer that they shouldn't). If you choose to believe that cancel-culture is a real thing, and I assume most promotions/networks do, he willingly oversteps that line constantly that wasn't there 30 years ago. So whilst, yes, I'm sure people play along as a tribute to the quality of his work, I think people also appreciate/respect that there is a level of risk to what he does.
  17. In hindsight, Luger winning the Rumble in 93, going on to face Bret at Mania (with or without Hogan shit..which probably works better with him putting Luger over on the way out). Either Bret retaining and then dropping to Yoko at Summerslam who beats Savage or Hennig at Mania, or Luger feuding with Hennig or Tatanka through the summer works better I think.
  18. How did USA never get a Suits and Raw crossover to happen? GM of Raw Louis Litt would have been money.
  19. This has been a fun 6-8 pages to read. #Eaststowin
  20. Steelers are almost likeable overnight
  21. On one hand, I'm down for Fiend/Lesnar at Mania. On the other, Fiend, Demon, Black, Taker, Papa Shango, Kane, the Boogeyman, Scott Steiner and every other supernatural character in some sort of massive never-ending clusterfuck that basically turns into a Siegfried and Roy show would also be money
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