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  1. Ha - Pompeii is looming on my to watch list. I'm not sure I can stomach it. 7 Days In Hell was pretty fucking funny also.
  2. I'm a Lakers fan, but wow, this is Over The Edge 98 esque. And I love it.
  3. Has anyone from Game of Thrones gone on to be in anything thats been good? Emilia Clarke...pretty much universally awful stuff since. Gunpowder was boring. Sophie Turner with X-Men films no good. Star Wars haven't fared much better. The Hot Zone with Davos entertaining but not good. Richard Madden in the Elton John bio pic probably the best of the lot. Klondike was passable. Charles Dance made Project Gallipoli that wasn't awful but still a snooze. Ser Friendzone made Cleverman which was really good too. I probably liked Fighting With My Family more than most... Oh...wait. Peter Dinklage with cameo in Avengers and of course 3 Billboards. Anyway...the strike rate has not been gold.
  4. I think they dropped the ball a little with the presentation of Wardlow. They've built him up as this unstoppable, stoic monster.....only to bring him out doing Steve Bradley cosplay in his tights and undercut. I felt he showed too much emotion at times too. Him coming out in gear similar to say, Mr. Hughes/Big Bubba would have been far more on point for what they were trying to get across. But credit where credit is due - great swanton.
  5. Yeah, fair enough. Terrible idea and sorry to bring it up. Apologies if anyone took offence, it wasn't intentional. Terrible execution aside, I think the point I'm trying to make is that by refusing to mention that she's trans on TV, it becomes like every other real life thing that needs to be mentioned, in the same way Edge/Lita/Matt was. Only a matter of time before it gets mentioned for cheap heat by some carney going into business for themselves (as Sean Morley is now), and once you do that, for mine anyway, you lose any opportunity to do something good with it. What that good is, clearly I have no idea.
  6. I got to watch up to the Street Fight this morning. That opener....what story were they telling? And I get that the in-ring guys have the "Just two big guys throwing bombs" excuse. The commentary was horrible in that regard. Just guys trying to get their shit in. Mauro's dumb loud catch phrases. Nigel getting his preprepared talking points in with no real structure or timing to anything. And Beth just wanting to be heard...and she's absolutely terrible when she can't bring it back to talking about herself. Oh yep, you didn't have a match in Ohio Valley with either of these two way back when? It was a poorly structured match in the context of a great spectacle.
  7. Could they run a Caster Semenya angle with Nyla and Britt trying to push the fictitious board of directors to put her through ridiculous standards and testing to ensure she's meeting the necessary testosterone angles to remain the champ? I feel like if its done with the appropriate respect shown, it puts huge heat on Britt and sympathy for Nyla. On the other hand, one transphobic audience cheering for Britt and it's super messed up.
  8. Harden and Westbrook still stunk up the game offensively at every possible opportunity.
  9. Common's raps were terrible. Unless he was going for a "MIchael Scott at the Dundies" vibe. Would have been a good year to do US vs The World format. Especially with how Giannis drafted. Giannis/Doncic/Embiid/Simmons/Pascal/Sabonis/Jokic/Gobert would have taken some beating.
  10. The state repossesses the Million Dollar title to recoup its losses. .....Only to hire the Repo Man to do it.
  11. I really want a live telecast of the jury selection, with all of them being brought off by the Million Dollar Man to do degrading/humiliating things instead.
  12. I feel like they booked themselves in to a corner with Brandi coming out last week to support Cody and this week on commentary during MJF's match. Surely if Cody can't touch him and he's doing everything he can to get Cody to stop the match, he goes after her?
  13. Blues riff in B, watch him for the changes and try to keep up?
  14. Whilst on the subject...Mr Mayhem is largely the most ill fitting nickname for a guy who stands there reserved, doesn't speak and rarely gets involved.
  15. Well, I guess now that everyone else loves Britt Baker, we're going back to:
  16. "HACKSAW! HOOO! RIDE THAT DILDO BLENDER, TOUGH GUY!" *confused face from man in his 60's who has never ventured onto the internet ensues*
  18. Goldberg Bret-kicking the Fiend and ruining Mania would be something.
  19. Reigns beat Taker and Triple H at Mania. Rollins beat Triple H and Lesnar?
  20. I really like the idea of Bray and Goldberg. I suspect it'll be Goldberg and Corbin. Reigns comes out for the save after Ziggler and Roode interfere. Tandem spears. Show ends with guy with arguably lesser career endorsing Reigns as the guy
  21. I think Anvil signed a contract that wasn't worth the paper it was written on with some local fed that had local TV. So he vanished from TV around this time to honour his commitments.
  22. Neroli Meadows embarrassing herself on ESPN. I really wanted her to do well, but yeesh...
  23. Hoping that it's not a carcinoma in situ the likes of which you've never seen before
  24. This would have been a nice thing for Jake Roberts to do I guess.
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