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  1. Didn't Daniel Bryan have a gauntlet match just like this? With similar fuckery? The point here is cute callbacks right?
  2. I hope Angle taps Corbin in thirty seconds, and Cena answers the open challenge. But what's the finish? Cena shouldn't tap. Doesn't necessarily need the win either. Not crazy about top rope finish dumbfuckery either
  3. Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor. Yeahnah, not feeling it at all.
  4. Other issue with the three underdog babyfaces - Rollins, Becky and Kofi, some gotta not go over. I want Kofi to go over because I have no faith in this continuing in good taste. A few more months of this (rather than say Big E and Woods turning on him the next night), has Vince McMahon Tiki Torch Rally being rejected and re-added over and over again. On the other hand, Kofi and Rollins getting beat really spoils the fun of the main event.
  5. You're all underestimating the pants chafe of attending a live Mania. 8hrish show, probably 2 hrs of walking before and after the show. I still turned up to RAW the next day with a reddish chafe the likes of which you've never seen before.
  6. If it was held over a weekend - would people really buy a ticket for one day and not the other? Especially if they deliberately don't advertise what is on what day?
  7. Can you imagine the amount of times where the first night is rendered null and void, because Vince gets 20 minutes sleep and decides to retcon everything the next day? Kofi closing night one by beating Bryan for the title, only to eat an RKO and lose the belt five minutes into the next day would be amazing.
  8. Hopefully that Braun/SNL stuff gets saved to the SNL prior to Mania. Leslie Jones saving Colin Jost and laying a beatdown on Braun probably goes over really well on SNL. At Mania, it'll get booed out of the building by guys who will never forget there was an all woman ghostbusters.
  9. At best - it wasn't a bad movie. There is no way in hell it is worth 91% on RT though. That script was written in about 5 minutes, and the awkwardly implied "NXT was scripted, but this is sort of real!" stuff at the end, yeesh.
  10. Not sure what Angle's last match will be. I hope it's him winning the Andre rather than a pointless match with Baron or Elias, or a redux of his match with Drew.
  11. I'd love to see a redux of the Bulldog/Owen feud of 97, them finally having a match, only for Charlotte or Becky to come out and get them to reconcile. Curious to see what their plans are for Miz past this feud. I hope Miz/Bryan being re-done is the goal for Summerslam with the title, but is Miz over enough as a face? Is it worth Kofi dropping the title back to Bryan a month later or so?
  12. I feel like they wouldn't take that path for the simple fact that they'd be devaluing one title as less than the other.
  13. I liked them adding Ali. The sight of having 3 internet darling previous recipients of the "PUSH THIS GUY" wave getting freezed out by fans was something. Fickle indeed. Show did nothing for me.
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