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  1. 16/1/94 - Wrestling Challenge Hosted by Gorilla and JR Mike Bell vs Razor Ramon Mike Bell has an awful habit of getting the piss beat out of him in squash matches. This is pretty brutal. Razor wins it with a back-suplex from the top rope, doesn't let him get any in, and just lays it in. Enjoyable. I wish we had a Scott Hall main event run. Brian Walsh vs Jeff Jarrett Brian Walsh looks creepy AF. Like a malnutrioned Von Erich in an iceskating leotard. Gorilla and JR just make no secret of pissing on Double J's gimmick. "What sort of country and western attire is that?',
  2. 15/1/94 Superstars - "THIS ISN'T A BODYBUILDING CONTEST, THIS IS THE WWF" - Vince McMahon with a straight face. - Lex Luger vs Bastion Booger - Luger sells way too comically for a babyface, frustratingly so. This is actually a pretty good match, Booger takes about 70% of the match. Luger does a really tepid hulk up and wins with the forearm. - Stan Lane and Vince commentating. I wonder why Stan Lane never worked out as a commentator - he's pretty good for the syndicated stuff - gets the main angles over, well spoken, good looking, charismatic guy, and Vince seems to enjoy worki
  3. I really didn't like the Kazarian/Jericho end. Kazarian has maybe 5 or 6 believable false finishes on him. That's probably 3 too many, especially when Jericho just kills him dead with the Judas Effect anyway. Like watching a tennis match where a low ranked guy keeps finding break points against a Federer or Nadal but never converts. If he doesn't break serve, he's a choker who can't seal the deal, rather than competitive.
  4. Also, the Gunn Club staying at ringside and yelling shit without actually getting involved while the Rhodeses get beaten up make them even bigger losers than I thought.
  5. FTW title about to be wrapped around someone's head, the lights go out.... and it's not Sabu?
  6. Team Natural's My Favourite Poster. I hope you reconsider the necessity of this post.
  7. You arguably have better guys than Hogan in top positions there in Nikita and eventually Luger at the time. I think he ends up in the Windham spot in the Horsemen for this reason.
  8. Anyone watch the Bipolar Rock n Roller documentary? Any thoughts?
  9. I kinda wanna put money on the Broncos scoring a caught TD.
  10. This show was half as enjoyable as the reaction to telling facebook dorks that Taker's farewell speech should have seen him pass on the undertaker gimmick to a woman of colour, and the ensuing melts.
  11. Surely this removes any debate around whether Matt Stafford is any good...
  12. Hawks looking good early. I'm not even sure you'd pay 120 mill for Hayward prior to the leg break.
  13. Massive signing with Harrell. Very happy with that. I wonder if they'll offer Dwight money to Boogie again. Who is the Lakers' biggest competition in the West this year? I'm saying Mavs if all relevant pieces stay healthy and the Blazers if they can get find some decent big man depth.
  14. I wonder if the long term view is giving Cody the FTW title to be the alternative champion to Moxley?
  15. As glad as I am Darby finally won the big one, I hope he drops the title on Thursday to Starks (with or without Hobbs heel turn). Don't feel like Darby needs the title, is better chasing it, and gives guys something to do (Hobbs/Starks/Cage vs Dustin/Cody/Darby could be fun). Concerned at the pace they're going through programs at the moment though. Page and the Elite aside, every other program seems to be burned through in 6 weeks. Theres a lot of guys with statuses of "where now?" and generally you have to be optimistic about some of it, but for the most part I dont see them
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