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  1. I just meant spot on the card, but you're right, there is a certain quality to having him do the Dean gimmick whilst doing his stupid little jogging on the spot thing.
  2. Dr Death in the Backlund program that Bret had in late 94 early 95 would have been the time. Or Dean Douglas' position.
  3. Finished watching The Test on Amazon. Mixed feelings. I thought the early episodes covering Langer's appointment were really impressive - his capacity to come in and instill cultural change, obtain buy-in from such a huge group of young men who had, until now, lived in an environment preaching the complete opposite values, and do it all on the run when so many wanted them to fail at it. And then as the program continued, the losses came thick and fast, you realize that the changes instilled were probably more to do with large amounts of money spent by Cricket Australia on getting cultural change experts from the corporate world to do it all in the background, and in reality, Langer was a fairly ordinary coach that got by on being liked by his players and his credentials as a player, and not much else. Thought Aaron Finch came off poorly and sympathetic - a bit of a dinosaur in how simplistic his approach was to the game, but also respected him allowing anything to go to final cut, and how much he was genuinely struggling with that scrutiny. The Khawaja stuff was really fascinating. Feel like it was the tip of the iceberg for the animosity between him and the coaching set-up, and never really explores him being unfairly dumped ahead of Harris during the Ashes. Lyon tearing up giving Travis Head his baggy green was nice to watch, but then coming off as a pretty shit bloke in other aspects. "Kohli has Australian levels of competitiveness" was just such a wanker thing to say. And who visits Gallipoli wearing a camouflage coloured snapback? Warner comes off as an absolute cocksmoker in every possible bit of footage, and whilst I'm sure it's intentional of the directors of the doco to facilitate this, I doubt it wouldn't have been hard to do. From his speech to the dressing room upon his return, showing no remorse or anything learnt from what he'd done and being met with blokes largely looking disinterested or at their phone, to Smith opening up about how he'd struggled with it and getting a much better response instead. Even that last shot of the two Ashes sides having a beer, and everyone getting on, whilst Warner looks a non-participant in a conversation amongst Stokes, Pattinson and Marsh. I enjoyed Ponting calling him out during the World Cup too. I wish they'd spent a bit more time on the selection committee meetings. What little they showed ahead of the India series was super tantalizing but gave little away after that. Felt bad for Sridiharan Sririam - came off as a total outsider in the doco. His three contributions to the doco - giving a speech in the first test in the UAE being met with total silence and a patronizing "Yeah totally right, would love to be in our shoes not their's mate" from Langer. Being held down by one player while another smears chocolate cake in his face on his birthday, and then getting involved in the after match celebration after they retained the Ashes, as he was needed to play Kumar Dharmasena. Felt really offputting. The right suspects are viewed in a more positive light than what they walked in as, and as such, you can probably view it as a success from that perspective. I hope there's a follow up.
  4. Loved the Firefly Funhouse Stuff. And surely with every other Wyatt feud ending with a heel or face turn, Cena as the first challenger for Drew or Braun could be kinda fun. Really liked the opening match. The LMS was a great way of reconsidering how long self-isolation really is.
  5. I'd have liked a Taker shooting star press that was mostly a combination of wires and intersped clips of Lesnar's from Mania 19
  6. Agreed. It was fun but it was Baywatch Nights fun.
  7. Man I hope this ends with a surprise schoolboy rollup.
  8. Johnny B Badd being the Harley Race to Braun's Luger also works for me, and subsequently handing down the Badd Blaster..
  9. I hope Braun wins, then Roman comes out and is all "Sorry im late guys, had car trouble", then Braun is all "Sorry to hear you had 3 flat tyres, bro". Then Roman is like "I never mentioned THREE flat tyres, Use". Then the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays as Mania fades out on a close up of Braun looking awkward
  10. That Zoom conference where he spends the entirety of it doing absurd weights in the gym at Titan Towers and refusing to blink for the webcam is going to be something.
  11. I really want to see someone use the 'rona as if it were green mist. First show back in front of a live audience. Hock a loogie on the guy, and have it sold like death. Then do vignettes of the guy self-isolating for 14 days at home recouperating, re-learning the English language, building up to a revenge match, where the second attempt to spit a loogie backfires, and the cowardly heel is the one hooked to a respirator. For full effectiveness, it'd better be the Miz, and then they recreate the Owen Hart/Shawn Michaels enziguiri feud off it.
  12. That's a really good bracket too with how everything has come about. Not a lot predictable. I assume we get Dustin vs Archer in the semis. Then again, Colt vs Kip has also been set up - Cody getting eliminated by Spears or Darby, and so Archer not having any use for the tournament, and getting disqualified by beating up Dustin or Colt isn't unlikely?
  13. That was such a weird firing too. She was in the middle of an angle on TV with RTC. Surely there was more to it? Kinda reminds me of that episode of the Office where Robert California's wife applies for a job there.
  14. I think the most interesting use of Shawn Spears will be Tully mentoring him as to how to stall and hold onto his title. It also isn't the most interesting use of the title. I'd be OK with Stu Grayson winning it, only to hand it over to Brodie Lee straight away. I like how they've booked him so far, and stands out alright in a terrible gimmick. Evil Uno I'm fairly certain is Wilson from Home Improvement.
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