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  1. Im not too much worried with reactions so much as realising the Fiend will be just another guy so soon. Roman beats him at Mania. Beats him/retains in a couple of rematches. Then what? I feel like you can keep the belt on him till Summerslam. If you can avoid Reigns dropping another big match. Especially if you don't plan on having them close the show.
  2. Also whose great idea was it to have Jerry Lawler do the women's rumble? Yeesh.
  3. I think Reigns/Fiend depends on how quickly you're prepared to dispense the Fiend as the guy Built him up as an unbeatable monster only to drop a fall 8 months later? On the other hand Roman cant afford another high profile choke. I think a four way involving Corbin and Bryan makes more sense if you look past the need for Mania to be one vs one title matches. Adds a dynamic of vulnerability to the Fiend losing without being pinned. Interested to see who the fourth guy would be for AoP/Rollins/Murphy vs Joe/Owens/Black. Viking Raiders makes the most sense but Black seems to be added to the mix and has history with Buddy. I'll say Ricochet. On the other hand I expect there's an OC vs Rated RKO match in there too, so seems unlikely you go with two big multiman matches. Joe and Owens vs Rollins and Buddy for the tag straps seems doable. Could you do a hair and title vs career and mask match for Rey and Andrade? I can't see Bayley making it to Mania as champion. It's just a matter of who takes her title beforehand and faces Charlotte. But where does that leave Becky? Time might be right for another winner take all four way between the Horsewomen and then have Shayna/Rousey/etc attack them the night after and force them to put their differences aside.
  4. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/01/kobe-bryant-i-knew/605560/
  5. I disagree, because it got to the point where it became believable that Brock could win it from #1, not just because it built up suspense for whoever was finally able to topple him. Once he eliminated both Lee and Strowman, it became a scenario of "Yeah Roman's probably winning it, but Lesnar is now the second most likely guy to win", which helped McIntyre's improbable win just as much too. I feel like they could have made 3 guys tonight - the first guy to hang with Brock longer than a minute (Lee), the guy who eliminated him (McIntyre) and the guy who won the thing. Felt a bit flat when Lesnar hung around at ringside for a while, and McIntyre was distracted, and it went nowhere, it was just Lesnar being gassed. "McIntyre eliminates Lesnar, and is cost his dream of winning the Rumble by Lesnar in retaliation" is just as good a story as "McIntyre eliminates Lesnar and goes on to win it too". Especially when you throw in that the probable Reigns/Fiend match is just going to be thrown together with maybe 6 weeks to build to it.
  6. Keith Lee needs to dress like Florida Stanley more.
  7. 1) I'm in for Rated RKO vs The OC at Mania. Orton's career goes full circle. 2) Lesnar costing McIntyre the win at the end would have seemed a bit more useful?
  8. Holy shit that was a boring show made up for by an epic Rumble.
  9. I find Doc Rivers generally to be a scummy human being. Few I detest more in basketball. But watching that was just rough to watch. Guys hurting big time.
  10. Thanks Gregg and Supreme. There's a tasteful way to bring the critical analysis at a time like this.
  11. 94 probably deserves some credit for introducing both the monster heel eliminates everybody and the both hit the floor at the same time tropes that have been done to death eons of times since. 1997 was wild too.
  12. So if the Edge rumours are legit where does he go? The guy that stops Lesnar? Yeah could be semi-interesting. No better or worse than the rest of the Lesnar Mania programs. Cant see him getting dropped on his head that many times by Lesnar though. Rollins? Seems a quick drop of the Owens/Joe feud/tag titles/etc. McIntyre? Corbin? Duelling pipebomb promos with Punk? "She was mine before she was yours, Adam"?
  13. Also, while we're on the topic of decade numbers. Mae Young wrestled in 9 decades.
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