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    I really don't understand the Baszler love. Find that her stuff doesn't translate well at all. Used to annoy me when Angle would often be out mat wrestled by anyone and everyone, did the spot to death and lost the novelty quickly. Baszler is the polar opposite. Never emotes (without overdoing it like a Iceman Malenko gimmick) or gives off the impression she's ever in danger. No one has come out of a match with her looking good. I get that there's dominant monsters but plenty get over as the plucky underdog so close, or took a huge beating. Here, just guzzles people, takes the majority of the offence, no sells/makes their big spots look like shit. Awful
  2. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    Bobby Heenan's call of the '92 Rumble not only transcends into all time great sporting event broadcasting, but deserved an Emmy for the character work he brought to it. An ensemble cast of approximately fifty and he made every single one of them seem super important to the broadcast. I don't think I re-rented a tape from video stores more, and it still gets a play on the Network every few months from me. His performances on mainstream media shows like Arsenio Hall and Bill Maher showed talents were wasted on wrestling. The guy just never got beat verbally. Ever. You wanted an opinion on his opinions, and you cared one way or another about people simply because he had an opinion on them to begin with. Sad day.
  3. Face Turns

    US Flag waving Mr Fuji was super weird too.

    12 Angry Men. Sami Zayn as Juror 8, Miz as Juror 12, Baron Corbin as Juror 10, Vince as Juror 3, AJ Styles as Juror 5, Bob Backlund as Juror 9, Rhyno as Juror 6, Pat Patterson as Juror 11, James Ellsworth as Juror 2, Chris Jericho as Juror 4, Kurt Angle as Juror 1, Kevin Owens as Juror 7.
  5. Wrestling What Ifs

    Luger debuts at the Rumble, and knocks out Warrior with the forearm, Bret beats Warrior with the sharpshooter whilst unconscious. Luger/Warrior.....which then requires Flair sticking around and you do the RAW Loser Leaves Town at Mania.
  6. Wrestling What Ifs

    I assume you have Warrior in the Beefcake role, and Hogan/Warrior face Money Inc?
  7. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread


    Vince, grateful for a second chance at his life, sings the praises of the spirits and of Gorilla Monsoon. Upon realizing he has been returned to Christmas morning, Vince begins shouting "Merry Christmas!" at the top of his lungs. Genuinely over joyed and bubbling with excitement, Vince barely takes time to dress and dances while he shaves, for unkempt facial hair was still to be considered a sign of weakness of the highest magnitude. In a blur, Vince runs into the street and offers to pay the first boy he meets a huge sum to deliver an array of ketchup and steak wraps to Jim Ross. He meets one of the portly gentlemen who earlier sought charity for the poor and apologizes for his previous rudeness, promising to donate huge amounts of Roman Reigns t-shirts to the poor. He attends Pat Patterson's Christmas party and radiates such heartfelt bliss that the other guests can hardly manage to swallow their shock at his surprising behavior. The following morning, Vince arrives at the office early and assumes a very stern expression when Jim Ross enters eighteen and a half minutes late. Vince, feigning disgust, begins to scold JR, before suddenly announcing his plans to give JR a large raise and assist his troubled family. JR is stunned, but Vince promises to stay true to his word.....pal. As time passes, Vince is as good as his word: He helps the Rosses and becomes a second father to David Benoit who does not die as predicted in the ghost's ominous vision. Many people in Stamford are puzzled by Vince's behavior, but Vince merely laughs off their suspicions and doubts. Vince brings a little of the Christmas spirit into every day, respecting the lessons of Christmas more than any man alive. Lord Alfred Hayes concludes the story by saying that Vince's words and thoughts should be shared by of all of us ... "Promotional consideration has been brought to you by ICOPRO".

    Anyone else watched this Sid shoot interview that got released last week? Hogan-esque levels of bullshit.
  10. Wrestling What Ifs

    I remember there was a tease of it happening in a WWF magazine end of '95. Feel like they were planting the seeds for it with the Goldust program (conflict with Piper, constantly reiterating how uncomfortable he was with the gay overtones etc). Getting the tiebreaker ladder match is something we never really seem to complain about, but heel Razor/face Shawn would have been a sweet program around the time they had the Davey Boy feud.
  11. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    They keep subtly referring to there being a mole within Dany's group. Either Friendzone or Tyrion I guess?
  12. North Korean Peace Festival 2
  13. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    We're getting wacky Westeros Survivor Series team of Cersei, Jon, Jaime, Dany and Tyrion who have to come together for the greater good of SmackDown to fight the Raw Walkers, only for Cersei to hit her finish on Dany and walk out.
  14. Wrestling What Ifs

    With that Michaels title reign - would have been curious to see where they were going with Warrior until he left. Do we assume that Sid was plugged into the booking that was already in place for Warrior? (Survivor Series main event of Warrior/Shawn, with Shawn getting the return win at the Rumble?) If so, does Sid still come back? Do we get Warrior/Taker at Mania 6 years after it meant anything? Or is Warrior around to put over Vader to build up to Summerslam? If so - kinda curious to see how their matches would have gone if they were effectively the Sting/Vader formula?