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  1. I hope they don't feed Darby to Moxley next week
  2. Page and PAC had an awesome match with no bells and whistles. Really enjoyable. The anticipated counter to the takes forever to set up Buckshot is getting old though. Enjoyed Moxley and Omega more than I expected. The Daniels reveal made no sense. "I'm going to dress up as my hated rival and sit around and wait for after the match to make my big return but only if my guys win and these guys beat them down after the fact" Would have preferred the MJF turn happened on Dynamite instead but Happy to see where it goes though.
  3. I hope this is the ultimate troll and Punk appeared without a contract, and it's a one off. Thus becoming this decades Tom Magee tape of that time Punk did return to WWE on their never watched late night show for thirty seconds and never came back.
  4. Perfect timing. They need a new Sin Cara.
  5. I love how self aware female reboots of beloved films have become. Don't advertise it as such, let the pissbabies complain after you got their money. I enjoyed it far more than I expected. I went along to humor uncle and not much else. Solid 7/10.
  6. That Hennig tag title run in early 99 still happens just with Rude instead of Windham.
  7. Reanimating that man's entire family from the dead, yet still can't do anything about the reactions Natalya gets on TV.
  8. I love how pretty much every guess on the alias was spot on.
  9. It's quite surprising him and The Godfather never showed up as B-team members at some point. I vaguely recall that Charles Wright had some story about getting his WCW deal screwed over by someone though. EDIT: Found it - he was supposed to be Vincent, but Virgil offered to do it for a fraction of the money he'd agreed to.
  10. This is the first time I've ever heard this, and holy fuck do I want a timeline where instead of Hogan marching out to drop a leg on Randy Savage, it's Mabel and Oscar rapping their way down instead.
  11. That Cody Rhodes promo tonight. Amazing. First time I've thought much of him since the Dashing Cody gimmick. Such a good delivery style. It didn't feel like someone reciting off a mental check list of every bullet point they needed to get across. The inflections at different points even got their own little reactions. And it stood out as different to the WWE style as he responded to what had been said about him. He addressed the previous points and he made it seem like what the other guy said actually impacted him in some way. Great stuff. There's so much dead weight and it's still delivering. I wish they'd scrap the women's division until someone of note is ready to jump. That tag match was a clusterfuck. If you find JR going into business for himself annoying, surely Emi trying to work face for no reason just as bad. I'd be pretty happy never to see the Dark Order again also. Indyriffic shit. Also frustrating that they struck gold with Darby Allin and now he's seemingly disappeared Is it weird I find Private Party reminiscent of the Steiners? Certainly not in terms of how hard hitting they are but they way they work their heat segments and the pacing are very similar. That Jericho promo. I am dead. Not sure if I'm in the camp of Tully being wasted on Spears or just wasted in general. He doesn't really do much. They rely on the older fanbase remembering him as a total piece of shit. I can't see how there's not some drama about Dustin either being in the Match Beyond or needing to be subbed out. They love a good callback too much to not do a "seal the deal with a hug and a kiss" throwback. Page turning heel does make sense now that you mention it but whilst the motivations mentioned hold up, the execution is difficult without wandering into dueling authority figure promo time at the start of each show.
  12. Why is Greg Valentine there? You don't want him on a podcast. It'd take thirty minutes into the episode for him to get warmed up.
  13. Reluctantly showed 2yo Frozen this afternoon. "Movie stupid. Powerpuff Girls". Think I've saved a fourfigure sum on her not being into this. At what age do you think I can get away with a screening of Gremlins?
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