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  1. Loved OC/Jericho. I can't recall a spot I've popped for more than the fake out-actual superkick. .....probably the Destroyer to the outside earlier in the show, come to think of it. Was hoping the 6 man tag was going to be a swerve with SCU joining the Dark Order instead of Colt, and laying to waste him, the masked child molester looking guy and the Dark jobbers, similar to how the Nation rebranded back in 97. I really like Stu Grayson though as a D'Lo in all of that. Nyla's new manager seems unnecessary. I think she cuts a really good promo, delivers her lines well. Lack of Russo makes me disappointed its not going to be Jim and Stacey Cornette. Archer/Janela told a great story that didn't have to involve Janela taking so much of the match.
  2. Can't say I Quit if an assassin gets you first, brother.
  3. Austin will forever be linked with Jerry Springer, crash TV, South Park, Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill, etc, despite having very little in common bar sharing a complaint letter from Phil Muschnik.
  4. I wish there'd been some sort of follow up to the 94 Rumble, with 14 odd guys trying to look each other in the eye and carry on with their lives, knowing they willingly murdered a guy and buried him on live TV. None of this Leslie Nielsen stuff. Focus on the drama between Kwang and Headshrinker Samu, who has remorse, who doesn't. Then maybe segue into an I Know What You Did Last Summer sort of thing, despite it not being made for another 2 years, with Taker coming back, and then murdering them all, and clearing out the awful midcard at that point.
  5. Taker's run as hardcore champ was pretty cool also.
  6. he had cool m0vez, he beat up Bradshaw in an airport, he was fun to play as on the PS games, and Head Cheese. Lot of wins there.
  7. I suppose you could either: a) not run the MSG title switch, and have Diesel go over at the Rumble instead b) point out that it was a fluke 7 second win, and that the chicken-wing was still a legit threat c) keep Owen in Backlund's corner, and the ongoing threat of another screwjob, or even Shawn interference. This could even be countered by Bret being in Diesel's corner. For completeness though, I'd have preferred Owen vs Diesel, Bret costing Owen the title, running afoul of Diesel for getting involved in his business (essentially the Bulldog IYH match 9 months early), and then set up the blowoff to the Owen feud, maybe finish the Backlund program as it did, and then go to Bret/Nash in the summer instead of Mabel?
  8. still on a Raw 1994/95 bend at the moment. No idea why they didn't go with Nash/Backlund and Bret/Owen, or Nash/Owen and Bret/Backlund. Having Nash go up against Bret killed him straight out the gate.
  9. The woo-away diet would have been something.
  10. Was it ever confirmed that the Eric character from the Little Mermaid was in fact based on the likeness of Eric Bischoff? Like, didn't he do the stills/modelled for the character depictions etc.
  11. That makes so much more sense than what's written in the original thread.
  12. Does anyone have any info on Lindsay Davenport (former #1 tennis player in the world) suing USWA for sexual harassment, or is it just sleaze thread/grain of salt stuff?
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