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  1. That neither LA team are on his list despite both having logical vacancies and cap space probably indicates this is getting in before Lebron.
  2. I hope this ends with Wiggins going back to Cleveland
  3. Yep - that Enzo promo from the latest PPV was gold. Can't stand either of them in-ring, but that was good.
  4. Fuck off Ed Sheeran
  5. Sounds like a cool concept - wonder if 7 points/3 minutes is right balance though?
  6. You'll go blind....
  7. The fuck you ever seen Enzo do a roly poly clothesline?
  8. "and this here, this is Big Covfefe. And he's big. like really big. The biggliest..."
  9. The guy who sung Born To Be Wild?!?
  10. I don't mind the lack of set up/tease - if you're going for that MMA style out of nowhere/could tap at any second/be choked out in seconds vibe, its a necessity. It just played into this pavlovian view of how we look at a resthold. Quite right it looked poorly applied though.
  11. I blame the ref doing the 3 arm drop spot rather than checking for a submission/whether he's passed out.
  12. I feel like the money's in the Summerslam main seeing all 3 guys do absolutely everything to put down Strowman, and Roman only just steals the pin. Have Lesnar chase Roman to Mania, come up short, find a way to distract Joe and Strowman till then, and whichever is getting the bigger reaction, gets the program with Roman from there.
  13. Although realistically, should have used the Tombstone. Knows first hand how devastating it can be, having had his neck broken with it back in 78