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  1. I wish we got a Ric Flair and Jimmy Yang tag team on Smackdown in the mid 2000s, instead of that quasi shoot angle he did with Carlito. The Woo Yang Clan would have been tremendous
  2. They just need to do what they do with every other directionless but still popular, midcarder. Tag team with Sheamus. Have him hit his head and decide he's now Rick O'Shea, and doing a Brad Pitt in Snatch gimmick.
  3. I think they do the Sid/Hogan vs Taker/Flair match that they did on SNME. I would have liked to see either a Sid/Hogan vs Flair/Savage dynamic (similar to the Taker/Batista vs Shawn/Cena dynamic), or even the Mega Powers reuniting to take on Sid and Flair. Hogan and Savage's dynamic post 1991 was weird.
  4. I hope MJF makes good on his word and joins the Wolfpac, which is just him, Dialysis Konnan, Wardlow in red and black face paint and a Fubu jersey, and Kevin Nash via Zoom.
  5. Didn't Bret Hart of all people powerbomb him during the World Title tournament in 99?
  6. Fangio with some terrible clock management there.
  7. Gostkowski.........
  8. I wonder if the monthly PPV model comes early, then you fast track the multi man/team matches that didn't really turn up until mid to late 96 in the WWF. That Shawn/Bret/Taker dark match that did the loop on RAW would have been pretty cool. (and yes there were monthly PPVs by then)
  9. In fairness to Houston, when was the last time a player was just so clearly mentally shot like Westbrook was this series? Like I'm going back to Muggsy Bogues' jump shot post "Shoot it you fucking midget". His free throws were hard to watch. Like, I thought, one more miss and you'd see a nervous breakdown play out on court, and perhaps if Rondo's brother wasn't dealt with so quickly, it may have eventuated.
  10. I hope they trade Harden for Giannis. Austin/Bret level double turn
  11. wasnt there a concerted effort by him to get OJ in to wrestle a PPV?
  12. Late 94 you probably get Bret vs Anvil and Bret/Davey Boy vs Owen/Anvil
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