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  1. RolandTHTG

    The Old School Questions thread

    Don't think the Furface/Mariner gimmick was ever said to be Brutus on TV.
  2. RolandTHTG


    I don't mind the dives so much. It's just watching him work 20 minutes, and in the end only the OUT OF NOWHERE 30 seconds before the finish is what matters. There's no psychological conditioning that makes people believe that a move is high risk, as it doesn't take any toll on the guy doing it (and doing it every other match), it doesn't lead to a pinfall ever, the guy receiving it doesn't sell it at all, and doesn't factor into the finish. HHH/Rollins from Mania was his best match because they worked around those limitations in his work so well.
  3. RolandTHTG


    Its probably unfair to the specific workers, but it doesn't help when every guy does their same signature spots in the same set up every night in every match, the TV matches have the same format that you can set your watch to. Some guys have the right pacing, variety of moveset, and ability to maintain interest to either thrive in that environment or remain tolerable. Most don't, irrespective of their qualifications in other environments. It's annoying that its become an aspect of storytelling that doing anything outside of that paradigm is noteworthy, or that it requires weeks of storytelling to justify why this match isn't laid out like every other. Speaking of which, I also don't miss Dean Ambrose at all.
  4. RolandTHTG


    Can't say I've ever seen a Nakamura match that I enjoyed. Balor few and far between. Coming around to the Undisputed Era. Seth Rollins does absolutely nothing for me at all.
  5. RolandTHTG


    Jurassic World could quite possibly be the worst film I ever did see. Felt like one of those Disney straight to video films, or something starring Hulk Hogan. Certainly not $170 mill budget. Hayden Christensen level dialogue. Completely nonsensical evil bad guy plan. Lots and lots and lots of explosions. Never really paid attention to movie scores before, but this felt like a fourteen year old with a soundboard playing famous movie themes. If you're going to see this because Jeff Goldblum. Don't. In it for five minutes. Negative stars.
  6. RolandTHTG


    This is ridiculous. Bigger picture is that they booked themselves into a corner, and did well to get themselves out of it. Would have made Nia look bad losing to someone in their first match, even if it was Ronda Rousey. Too early for Ronda to have the belt, and you probably need to make allowances for the possibility/probability that she was not going to be 1/10th as naturally good as she was in that match. The end result is protecting both from dropping a fall they can't afford to, gives Alexa something to do as the cowardly heel champion holding on to her title with people invested in seeing either Nia or Ronda completely destroy her. Far more interesting storyline than just a redo of Carmella holding onto the briefcase and teasing a million failed cash-ins.
  7. RolandTHTG

    Raw Is Get These Hands Full Of Tights - 6/18/2018

    Could have sworn Reigns and Cena did that exact same segment a few months earlier
  8. RolandTHTG


    Upgrade was super fun. Bad acting, questionable plot, but fuck me was there a lot of shit happening on the screen at once that just gets you invested. Rare film where the futuristic aesthetic is done well and uses its imagination rather than "here's some generic CGI". Super obscure casting, flicking through the IMDB and realizing what obscure Australian miniseries they'd pretty much all been in was pretty cool. It felt like what might have been had Kubrick directed Highlander. 7/10 not so much for its artistic merits, but it was a goddamn fun night out.
  9. RolandTHTG


    They're from Sydney. Hard enough for the Melbourne scene guys to get noticed locally. All things considered a pretty minimal reaction to them at the recent NXT show here too. One of them has pretty bad heat in the local scene too for fucking over one of the boys too.
  10. RolandTHTG


    The local media keeps referring to Shawn Michaels performing. I'm assuming as was alluded to earlier a guest referee spot in the main event. Although I wouldn't be surprised to see him come out, superkick Rusev or something, pose and then leave.
  11. RolandTHTG

    NXT TAKEOVER: CHICAGO II - 6/16/2018

    Wrong time for Lars to lose, and to the wrong guy in Black, who I feel has fairly limited upside. Don't see why they didn't go the Umaga/Cena path if they really had to give him an L. Fluke roll-up, submission/knock out finish after spamming his finish the show after.
  12. RolandTHTG


    Fairly certain George is signing with them, but would prefer they take only one of Lebron or Kawhi, and build a team with what's there, rather than just hope the retreads on the bench turn up. Kawhi - Kuzma - George - Ingram - Randle is the line up I want to see. Trade Ball as part of a Deng deal, get a decent core of vets on the bench (Gasol to finish in LA would be nice, but don't mind Lopez either. Korver is probably an option too)
  13. Pritchard's "Two guys without WWE backgrounds in TNA making more than AJ that are now with WWE" comment. Joe and Roode?
  14. RolandTHTG


    http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23776431/how-lakers-land-lebron-james-paul-george-kawhi-leonard-nba-free-agency It's scarily doable, just no idea where the remaining spots come from?
  15. RolandTHTG

    Rock God who Least Looked the Part