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  1. So we've spent years building to the big secret of Jon's parentage and rightful claim to the throne...and its totally irrelevant. Even Varys' letters to this effect from the last episode was forgotten.
  2. Should have had a Winterfell Vote of Confidence that Dany lost before taking on Mouth of the South Qyburn as her new hand.
  3. Surely we can retrospectively upgrade him to Gold King, in memoriam?
  4. They're totally bringing back the Slammys not just as a quick ratings shot in the arm but to also find a way to make a joke at this writers' expense by awarding her Best Bowtie
  5. I'm predicting Jaime kills Euron, but gets killed by the Mountain before he can kill Cersei.
  6. I assumed Bran was stalling for time to allow for Arya to get there.
  7. They're really setting up Samwell to do something stupid that everyone's going to hate. Way too many shots of him stinking it up and being useless while other characters had to risk their own lives to save him.
  8. Didn't mind the Savage one outside of the Linda Hogan appearances. The Montreal one was terrible. Brody one was sad AF. How many of those carney fucks ended up going back there to work PR after Brody's murder anyway? I remember Foley wrote about feeling shameful about shaking Invader's hand not long after, but I don't buy it. Carney wrestling-Michael Moore.
  9. Shazam was perfectly OK - not sure about Home Alone or Big so much as Spy Kids. But why on earth they chose to bring it out in between the 2 big Marvel films was just insane.
  10. Orton beating Bray and Brock over Goldberg at Mania 32. Buddy Murphy over Cedric at Super Showdown. Rhyno beating Jarrett for the WWA title. Think that's about it. Rest of that mania weekend is a bit of a blur.
  11. Find me something with a greater scope. LOTR maybe had some scenes in terms of size comparable, but contextually not even close to relevant.
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