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  1. The Dynamite opener is always a sweet spot for me. By the time I get around to watching AEW on Thursday. I’m ready to watch my weekly show and probably smoked like a brisket. I’m so ready to receive wrestling. So the likelihood of my being positive and open minded on the opening match is pretty good. If that means weirdo Orange Cassidy and Bigger Cassidy steal the show? So be it. I confess to this glaring execution of bias and one sided arguments.
  2. I’m thinking the pecking order clout dynamic will have MJF chasing Bryan the whole match. After Bryan scores either 1 or a couple of early falls that’ll have MJF scrambling to catch up with every shitbag tactic. Max will eventually get put over on the merits of his heel character. Bryans toil and hill climbing toward the match itself is meant to show just how much better (on paper) he is than Max. MJF will have to use what we know him to be thus far to be properly put over. Or just have Bryan outclass him at every turn to facilitate an actual name brand wrestler as champion before jump starting house show tours.
  3. It’s funny how some matches kind of catch one by surprise and it’ll stick with you. I honestly liked Okada/Kiyomiya the most from this week. But Yuta/OC is a good choice too.
  4. That Muto stuff was really nice. It was nice and I liked it. Loved the Chono set up. What wasn’t nice was that guy Okada fucked up. That dude got wrecked. Hard. The production quality of this show was top notch.
  5. The concept of a tag rope was one trope that kind of baffled me. WWF always seemed to have them. I understood that the idea behind it made some sense in supporting the rule of a “legal tag”. That the partner in the corner is only allowed to reach so far from their corner. Otherwise, why not just make tags happen anywhere? After all the potential for the ref missing visual confirmation of a tag late in the match could lead to dramatic high water marks. But of course you could be choking a motherfucker out with it behind the refs back too. Which makes having the tag rope at all really questionable. I think I’ve seen few other feds use the tag rope but never in the same way. Plus plenty that didn’t did just as well as to wonder why anyone would even bother.
  6. How am I supposed to vote when there’s no Bryan Danielson match on the list? This week is disqualified.
  7. This made me happy. Be happy too. Just like your wrestling pal Brandon Bones.
  8. That Palpatine entrance was a pretty great moment. Yeah. It started with some character stuff and some filler. But it hit the ground running this week.
  9. A chance to vote another Bryan Danielson match for MOTW? I think I will. It’s just how it is.
  10. It’s so impressive how condensing a narrative in the case of this show is never reductive. The fear being that whatever you combine or jettison from the original text will somehow take all the meat off the bone. Yet TLOU never loses it any of its heft. I could see a scenario where all the performances are still the same greatness but a haphazard adaptation spoils or at the very least makes it lesser. So far, not the case. Brandon Bones will remember that. I will keep this critique in my back pocket though. I never played the game. But I did watch a pretty spiffy fan edit 2 years ago that cut out as much of the game portion as possible. Which is how I fell in love with all of it. Much of that particular experience was bordering on self flagellation in how horrific and painful (cathartic) it could be. Which made TLOU seem more niche than it probably is (considering it WAS a launch title for the PS3). A mainstream audience will only have so much tolerance for that. Glenn’s death on TWD certainly damaged that show and having all 9 episodes of this show being akin to that would probably be a mistake. Save it for the home stretch. Bonus points for people who are familiar. They still manage to find ways to surprise. The sink hole caught me completely off guard.
  11. https://winteriscoming.net/2023/02/05/the-last-us-episode-5-will-air-hbo-early-friday-not-sunday/ Neato! Early episode on Friday!
  12. I continue to turn around my opinion on Jade. She was pretty great with Red and I can see these two having a long term series in the future. Long gone is a lot of that bad foot work that made her seem clumsy. Jade these days seems a lot more comfortable in the ring. Another great episode of Dynamite. Boom.
  13. RIP Leaping Lanny. Around 2005-6 I was on the phone talking to someone when I got a beep on the other line. I excused myself to check it out and when I did I was stunned. ”Hello, this is Lanny Poffo for VISA.” There was no mistaking that voice. Me: “Lanny Poffo… the fucking wrestler?” Once a Masshole always a Masshole. He chuckled a bit and said “Wellllll… I’m over 50 now so I don’t leap so high anymore and I work for VISA so I’m not a Genius. But yes sir, it’s me”. I was just tripping out on how convinced I was it was him because THAT VOICE! He later mentioned working for VISA on some podcast a few years later. We talked for 10 minutes or so about wrestling. Never once mentioned Macho. Then when we said our goodbyes. He thanked me for remembering him and never even tried to sell me a credit card. Peace brother.
  14. “A fan”? That doesn’t look like Tanahashi to me. Could be wrong.
  15. Fair enough. So I don’t see him going back to Vince at least.
  16. They’re a lot of younger guys these days doing a lot more of the week to week heavy lifting. Sammy, Action, Darby, Gunns, Acclaimed, Starks, JungleHook all taking up prominent amounts of time on Dynamite. There is also lots of room for all the aforementioned names to continue to level up. Makes me wonder if Jericho is about to get cycled out of the rotation or ramping up for his possibly final run. I don’t know what his contract status is. But he definitely took a back seat in that tag match. Nothing wrong with it. Good match.
  17. As someone who is less interested in the actual GAME than I am in simming for the purposes of streaming my shows. The AEW game is very interesting to me to break up the some of the aesthetic monotony of the 2k games. However, a lot of the recent news about 2k23 has me very interested. Wargames aside. Getting advanced entrances back and the ability to compel some cut scenes in an updated universe mode sounds great. My instincts say it’s all “pie in the sky”. But I guess we will see. 2k22 subtracted a bunch of stuff I used in 2k19. So some good options to be creative with presentation makes the new game very tempting. Of course 2k23 might be the only option in town for awhile.
  18. I’ve never actually played the game. But 2 years ago I found nicely edited YouTube vids of both games that played really well as a passive watch. I really got sucked into it. I love this story. I’m very invested in these characters. I’m so ready for HBO to bring some justice to this franchise. Boy did they, if this first episode is to be believed. It was excellent up and down. I figured Ramsey had about 3 seconds to sell me on her presentation of Ellie. She did. So did everyone else too. Everything else they changed was massaged nicely into the consolidation. Plus they even managed to expand a few things about Outbreak day that made some good sense. More.
  19. I’d guess, based on what I saw from the first Saudi show, was they took a chance to put out some propaganda that would never survive an editorial process through any other avenue. No American advertisers to answer to and a fairly sizable audience to potentially reach.
  20. Even though I voted Darby/Joe I’ve got no problem with either of the Acclaimed/TNA matches winning the week.
  21. You’re not wrong. But I’d imagine any news blurb regardless of merit that can get MLW mentioned will be welcomed. I don’t really mean it as a diss either. MLW has an outreach problem.
  22. The pop for that guitar shot. The conservative approach to Singhs selling is paying off. So much fun. I might have been being a douchey Gen-Xer drunk on irony in my admiration of this Jarrett run. But I’m genuinely enjoying him and this faction. It feels like an FBI-Nova/Chetti/Balls/Axl party match with a semi New Jack run in chaos garnish. I might not push it too much further with Jarrett being that he is an older guy that isn’t moving that crisply. Mostly because I’m kind of looking toward a Lethal/Singh team focus. Loved BCC/TF. Perfectly played to each teams strengths and status. Very unique in that it wasn’t technique acting as the counter putting the kibosh on the youngsters. It was Mox and his overwhelming force shutting them down hard. Applause. It appears that the days of playing Hayter and Baker as having no chemistry as a team is over. That was awhile ago, though I might spotlight them overcoming that a bit more considering how much currency they’ve spent historically. Plus it moves the mind away from the UNAVOIDABLE BETRAYAL!!! I complained awhile ago about Jade not always looking like she had her feet beneath her. Making a lot of her movements in ring kind of awkward. But she sure does now. I too WAS feeling like this part of her story being undefeated was coming to an end sometime soon. But after this week I think there might be more potential miles to go. Is there money in going to 100? Sabian and The Kingdom are acts that don’t do much for me. But I’ve had my mind changed a lot recently. So we’ll see.
  23. Well now. That was quite awesome. It pretty amazing to me how I’ve really turned around on Swerve. Couldn’t stand him in MLW and he was primarily the reason I never got into them. All in spite of how dedicated I was to their podcast. But this evil villain character is working for me. Fox put him over strong too. The Gunns were pretty great too surprisingly. They need some character work soon to differentiate themselves. This is suddenly promising. Even Jade looked pretty good on this show. It’s good look to have her looking massive by comparison to everyone else in the ring. In a lifetime of super epic matches. It refreshing to see a good old short banger like Bryan and Nese. I get why it kind of a lost art. Years of pointless too short and shallow RAW matches sorta made me forget those kinds matches could have merit. But then again Bryan is like… the greatest everer. Shida… make friends with Sasha. Problem solved. Lots to look forward to. That LA show is looking like quite the something. Hopefully, everyone who has a ticket watched this show. That’s how you crowd.
  24. I’m down for that Daddi Doom lady. Yes, I would. It would probably be the LAST thing I ever did. But yanno… love hurts.
  25. I called for a Wardlow haircut in the Rampage thread. I goddamn got it! Yay me! Thank You Samoa Joe. You’re the man. Spike that football. Excellent show. Did anything else happen?
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