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  1. The Mia/SheltyB brother/sister feud will never end. Anyone who listened to MVPs old podcast know all about it.
  2. Can I get a Christian match please, TK!
  3. Oh no! I’m not falling for that one again. (I’m totally falling for that one again)
  4. I was referencing that for a larger than the rest of the roster character that Jade is. She doesn’t seem to have her feet beneath her enough in ring to really pull off the matches. Warlord couldn’t do a nip up? Who am I to doubt the Warlord?
  5. Good on AEW for turning me around on what I felt was a cold program for Hangman/Archer. That was great. AQA seems like she has something. Sign her. Still on the fence with Jade. For all her great presentation. She still comes across like an immobile Warlord hoss in ring. I’m not saying this won’t improve. But I wouldn’t have put a belt on her until she did. I can see this Deeb geek challenge going somewhere. I agree with the previous poster that said this will take a few weeks to get it over. As a huge Tully mark. It thrills me every time I see him on tv being a prick. He is apparently a lot heavier than he looks. Lol. But yeah. Good match. Mox as the reveal was great. Watching Keith Lee go full Rancor monster with him just yeeting Cassidy across town. Chefs kiss. Then catching Quen like a toddler was greatness. Good crowd too. I love you AEW. AEW loves me too.
  6. Rancor SMASH! I went from having fun watching a near episode long shoot out to full on Claire Danes cryface when Grogu jumped into Mandos arms. Never. Be. Apart. It was kind of a messy episode editorially. But largely enjoyable. Cad Bane has been awesome throughout and I really liked him being taken out. Dickhead. The only thing I really didn’t care for was how abrupt the ending was. I also missed the significance of the mid credits scene. But I’m sure it’ll come to light eventually.
  7. I’m still carrying a grudge about that edit all these years later.
  8. I took it as an incident that motivated Mando to get a new spaceship.
  9. Don’t worry. I’m taking the hit for all of us. But my take on the game will be complete malarkey since I don’t actually PLAY the game. I just use it for my sim league. But I can at least tell you not to buy it if Becky Lynch’s skull leaves her head skin again.
  10. This was fucking HUGE for me. I came in on the MTV wave. Between that and Hulks guest spot on The A Team. I found my way in to wrestling. Hogan at the point was a god level character. Invincible. When Andre won… for me anyway. The world became a completely different place. Hogan had been champion the entirety of my fandom at that point. I don’t recall if I had predicted a winner prior to February 5th 1988. But I had no clue what was coming. The image of the two near identical yet familiar referees (Dave Hebner was a name and face I knew among WWFs refs) gave me what was probably my first hallucinogenic experience. I would have more legitimate ones in the years to come. Plus that Hebner bump up the aisle was Hell in a Cell worthy in the pantheon of moves where I was sure somebody died. What do you want? I was 12. When Hogan cried about plastic surgery? I considered this a plausible explanation. I was pretty mad that I didn’t get to see the Hart Foundation match as the show went off the air too.
  11. KOTR 93 was such an anomaly in WWF PPVs at the time. It was just a straight rasslin’ show without much bullshit. Love it!
  12. Add a frayed visor baseball cap it’s all Dave Mathew’s Band fan. Damn, he looks like he’d just bogart all the joints. Every time. Somehow I doubt me and Orton could be pals. Me with all my good taste. Him with all that him. It just can’t be.
  13. Phenomenal. The man is a treasure.
  14. It totally worked. That scene was riveting.
  15. So do I. After a few big ones starting the show recently. I really liked a different framework for this episode. Even if this one was a bit more traditional wrestling and less reflected of the needs of television ratings.
  16. I’m really glad for the change up from doing the big match at the start of the show. AEW has a couple of formulas that they often follow. So at this point it was a wise move to change it up. I’m somewhat bewildered by the response to the show and especially the main event. Nothing on this show got to me. I thought this might have been the worst episode they’ve done as it pertains to promos. Brandi looked super fucking hot tonight. But man did some of her one-liners fall flatter than old gum on the pavement. Lambert tried. But I really wished he walked his suggested political line with a bit more grace. You say “conservative” on the show and it likely to distract from the point of building whatever it is they are pushing towards. I’m not saying don’t have a conservative character. Perhaps just BE IT and present it rather than LABEL IT. I guess I’ll have to rewatch Punk/MJF. I didn’t think the match really got going until the Pepsi Plunge. I missed the impact that a lot of you highlighted with Punks selling. I didn’t buy the tape/choking gimmick at all. Though the camera trick with the passing of The Ring of Power from Wardlow to MJF was clever. Set up nicely with the big guys wavering loyalty assisting the sleight of hand. I’ll add the caveat that watching the show first thing in the morning isn’t always working for me. At 47 years old 6:30am is blurry and sleepy. Which thinking back wasn’t much different for me at 18. Love ya AEW. Off to work. Fuck!
  17. Man! And here I am and all I wanted was for Kendrick to give Moxley the Burning Hammer. A move he had no business giving Kota Ibushi! NONE! Somebody acknowledge my anger thing!
  18. So is it all “battle going wrong” next week with Luke and Grogu sweeping in to save the day?
  19. So I guess Kenny Omega is in the game. Didn’t he show up on one of the screens on SD?
  20. So I guess Kenny Omega is in the game. Didn’t he show up on one of the screens on SD?
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