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  1. When SUWA ripped up the scroll my jaw dropped. YOU DON'T RIP UP THE SCROLL!
  2. Is there anything to be reread in any of that says: Certain guys work mostly in the 1st 2nd or 3rd hour so wouldn't some consistent curtain jerking be rewarded simply because nobody has gone to bed yet?
  3. Anyone else think that one of the reasons the Tag Title scene is having such a hard time getting traction is that 6 Man tags fucking rule too much? That 6 Man was great and Sheamus has benefitted from resting his face.
  4. Wait and see? No. This is adversarial booking. Unreal.
  5. I wouldn't hold it against Colt if he has been wounded a bit by some of his experiences in wrestling. Overall he is still an upbeat guy. Strange that I think he gets more fun out of a couple of minutes with Punk and Compton (or whatever close buddy he has nearby) than he does in 50 minutes of interview.
  6. I like how somebody told Axel to fuck off so they could take the real picture.
  7. This is one of those times when I think LSD is in the drinking water.
  8. Having only recently started watching nXt I missed Regal/Ohno. Checked it out and it's great. Best I've seen from the farm league so far.
  9. Yeah, because it makes way more sense to just say "fuck it" than win the fans over with a good match (which Orton and Show are more than capable of). Even if what you are saying turns out to be true Gonzalez. Doing so is fucking retarded.
  10. You know until you mentioned it I had forgotten that match was even on the card… but now that you mention it…. I am compelled… to agree with you.
  11. KO going a third match with Harper leaves it open to a flash knock out finish. Harper whoops him for 7 minutes, while Ohno tries and fails to counter just about anything. One unexpected dodge and the rolling elbow finally hits just right is the finish and Ohno gains back almost everything he lost. Plus, the commentary team was putting over Hero's condition so I can see a company image rehab done in a couple weeks. Great match as it was, here's to hoping. :/
  12. I'm not worried for Inoki. Everyone jobs to him. No matter their merit.
  13. It's man stuff baby. You wouldn't understand.
  14. Yeah, but they don't know how to do tag matches with out a hot tag sequence. So it is what it is.
  15. The Rhodes "didn't have a chance" in the first part of the match. You had to build to the belief they could win. That makes the match complete in total.
  16. Those Shield fellows sure do know how to make the most of a loss on TV.
  17. I think the real reason the Antonio/Zayn match deserves the hype it got is what it might mean for both guys in the future. That there was ANY hype at all from an NXT taping is notable enough (much like the Antonio/Kofi match). But now both guys have a solid stake in the company and will draw eyes from this point forward. Which should be exciting for ROHbots like me who watched them come up for years. Lots of good matches this year sure... but it would appear there are a boatload more on the way.
  18. It would appear that the gauntlet from a couple weeks ago was foreshadowing that. Fingers crossed.
  19. Babyface for the win (at least in my book). Considering his won/loss record, Dolph will take any sort of win he can get. You have won this round He-Man! But I'll be BACK!
  20. I remember a day and age when in spite of 300 days a year on the road schedules from back in the day, plenty of wrestlers were smart enough to take time off now and then to "rest their face". Cena has done more than his fair share of jobs but it never costs him his spot. It never costs him anything when a loss never diminishes. Whatever, I guess. I really wonder if even a clean tap out to Bryan will actually be allowed to accomplish anything. The crowd is ripe, but they were ripe for Punk too.
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