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  1. That was a great episode. The conversation we are going to get next week should be something else.
  2. I guess because I just don’t see the firepower as threatening to them. I’m supposing that whatever starpower that a guy like Edge carries isn’t going to tip any scales in ratings, merch, or ticket sales. Now if we were talking about The Rock. I’d definitely put a stop to that. He has actual cultural penetration on just about every level. Edge or (another) Adam it really doesn’t matter (cost) that much in pride or revenue. Actual Edge being in AEW would only reflect fondly on both companies. I’m not betting on it happening. But I can see the angle that has an upside for everyone involved.
  3. It would be a real novelty if the E would just be ok with some of their IP growing and expanding beyond them. What really could they lose by letting Edge go and be Edge everywhere Edge goes? It’s not like the first association somebody makes in their mind concerning him wouldn’t still be tied to the company.
  4. I’m so pleased how many of you enjoyed the show(s). I did as well. Bryan seems to finally have his real theme song. Strap whips to the face rule.
  5. Riding the wave here toward a bigger money deal with the WBD. Points on the board. Still I wonder what can be done to improve the weekly crowd turn out. Wembley as a one and done and making such a big splash IS greatness and all. But the Canada tour really seemed to struggle from the news I’ve read both here and elsewhere. Perhaps the burden of selling several shows vs. a single biggie has to approached differently even when the common metric is two underserved markets being booked first time ever. Not sure that approach would be.
  6. Is Nemeth going to make it? A guy basically and minimally known as Dolph Zigglers weirdly similar looking brother and that guy whose bits get skipped on BTE. Could his self flagellation, willingness to humiliate himself, and “loveable” loser gimmick slow burn him into getting over? I’m sure his brother has Matt Cardonas phone number to get him some advice on how to make that happen.
  7. After failing to talk about wrestling. They argue about the finish to “A League of Their Own”. OC: “That banana pudding got me all riled up”.
  8. I don’t know. Punk doesn’t have a lot more credit left on the card to spend before this turns into a “Van Halen is never getting back together” thing. Where being a fan is just so continually disappointing that it’s just not worth it anymore. Yeah, I know that Roth and VH eventually reunited. But by then who could give a fuck? Every time I go on this board or a news site. There’s Punk getting into some shit with somebody. It used to be endearing when he was punching up to Vince, HHH, and Nash. But now it’s Nemeth, Hangman, Jungle Boy, and (allegedly Cabana to spark it all off). Whisper whisper. Yeah, he’s a great tenured character to have on the roster. Worth every penny in that capacity. The attention, t-shirts, big marquee matches. Yeah he brings all that to the table. His Bret Hart tribute band works for me. I was over the moon when Punk came back. The thumb to the eye that it was to the E. Chefs kiss. Showing you can survive the the corporate behemoth that it has overgrown into. Much of AEWs narrative is painted in the same colors. This should be a natural fit. And I don’t disagree that the glass spots is both a bad idea and nothing I really need to see. But I can understand why if it’s “Punk” pulling a lever to kibosh an idea in the face of other allowances… I’d be real WTF about it too especially when I’m a younger guy trying to make my name in the shadow of another name. That’s pass interference on your own teammates. Jack found out when he wasn’t booked to win the Pillars 4 Way that he wasn’t the chosen one. MJF has more yet in the tank and the stars are not yet aligned. He has certainly busted his ass to get what he has. So I’d relate and empathize if he at all felt passed over holding a pretty solid resume. I’m speculating, of course. A lot of motherfuckers could learn a thing or two by letting go of a thing or two.
  9. AEW has a habit of taking that old trope you’ve seen a million times and just spinning the usual expected result. Got two that can’t get along and make them a team? Yeah, the framework for that has got all kinds of potential for going in different directions (weird how rarely it doesn’t). Which is probably why it’s so popular in modern booking. Usually the result is they can’t, betrayal, blowoff, rinse/repeat. But this time around the question is being asked… “What if they DID get along and get long great even after a rough start”? I’ll grant you the cliche was probably the original intention. But what has been produced thus far has handed AEW something that’ll inspire a totally different direction. At least you could hold it off until all the eyes are off the ball and pull the trigger then. Now you can park this story somewhere and move MJF along to other contenders. With all the convenience and comfort of injecting the bromance story right back in at any time, like say… in an injury scenario. Which happens way too fucking much in AEW.
  10. I really enjoyed watching a big wrestling show in the middle of a weekend day. So while getting some normal viewing comfort for the UK I’m sure was novel. It really hit for me as I still have some time left in my day to unwind.
  11. A somewhat forgotten match that always rang a bell in the back of my mind was the night after WM30. The Wyatts just straight up squashed Cena, Sheamus, and somebody I’m forgetting. I was like: “Damn, they got their asses KICKED”.
  12. Same here. I generally get into most of Jericho stuff historically. Lately not so much. But I find myself very surprised how effective that segment was considering I’ve got zero patience for yet another contract signing angle.
  13. The Gunns looked really good out there this week. Snappy bumps and getting a lot of cohesion out of Juice that’s really putting it together. Face MJF is fantastic. As a recovering asshole. I’m along for the ride. These matches with Cole are going to be so much fun. I want to toss my vote in on how effective Renee is in making this show fly. I got another year before Mox goes Stone Cold bald. I hope those ghosts standing behind him and Claudio in the promo photo actually show up. You always get extra long Mox entrances in the international feed because they always coincide with a commercial break. Mox really has come to understand his role these days. He is one of the bigger dudes in the locker room and he wrestles like it these days. The scrappy underdog that was Dean Ambrose is loooooong gone. I want a match with Joe. Shout out to the Funker without whom I’d never strayed from WWF when he showed up mean and lean in 89 WCW. Somebody should have done an angle that involves a smothering with a plastic grocery store bag. Let’s see if those TNT executives are actually paying attention. I’ll forgive the Avalanche Death Rider as long nobody kicks out of it for a very long time. Fenix is special. Let him be special. Also Draft Kings ads already make me sad so a somber delivery is appropriate in my view.
  14. Thinking back to this show I recall going into it being really unenthusiastic about what was certain to be yet another SuperCena victory. I wondered if (beyond my own projection of course) if that might have been the prevailing factor in what was apparently perceived as a ppv buy rate fail put upon Bryans shoulders. I’d also posit that a lack of faith in the company to make correct crowd pleasing decisions might have played the biggest factor. But that would just be “rumor and innuendo”. After all the “Face of the Company” was practically its own championship for several years.
  15. 2k23 has officially shit the bed on me. It won’t even get past the start button and loop past the update to the start screen again. Plus it had already been deleting my CAWs. Fucking BULLSHIT!!!
  16. Here I was this morning, making coffee in preparation to watch Collision. I could hear Elton John and a few mumbling promos in the distance. When I walked in the room however, there was what I was certain was new generation of Conquistadors on my tv. Exciting! Turns out it was just CM Punk.
  17. All I know is is I better get a kang-ga-fuckin-rooooo kick at Wembley. Forgive me Mr. Just Drew, sir. I love Adam Cole (and his good friend MJF). The two recovering assholes. The double finger point. I didn’t even know I could love a double clothesline. This is a thing I look forward to in 2023. I too am a recovering asshole. I am also weak and unthreatening. And here is an emoji I’ll share with all of you to spread some cheerful spirits! OC continues to be a really good time all the time. It will be amusing to see Mox fuck his ass up. Felt good to hang with STING for a minute. Neck braces = Hilarious. If you’re going to borrow from somebody. Borrow from Bobby Heenan. I watched Hellraiser the other day so Jeff Hardy peeling off a face was some personal continuity. So is Brother Zays gimmick is he is just nutting all the time? That’s a good gimmick to have. I also am very much convinced that Swerve is championship top of the card ready. Karen Jarrett is lovely. We share names people will no longer call their children from this point forward. One day all the Karens and Brandons will be gone and you will all be glad. Did Excalibur say that Bunny and Penelope’s tag team name is “The Final Girls”? That’s a really good name. Britt kinda biffed Ford after that face lick. Eww.
  18. MLW hasn’t been shy about attaching its wagon to LU and its legacy.
  19. Meh. Let them be upset over nothing. WWE puts on shows routinely in stadiums these days. It’s impressive but it’s hardly news. AEW does one and at least in the moment… that’s a milestone. A high water mark in its progress and in its narrative as a young company that’s still figuring it all out. No pun intended. ECW, TNA, and ROH to a lesser extent all had that question about them over the “when or if” something would happen that might elevate them into the culture to challenge the big E. Also no pun intended. OK maybe a little bit. Selling out Wembley itself is connected to a long standing subplot in wrestling with the UK having been so underserved over the years. Germany make some noise.
  20. I thought so too. Too many black trunk black boots combos. Made me glad to see Gunther go full DBry maroon color scheme.
  21. Having watched so little WWE in the last few years. It was immediately apparent putting this show on my pupils narrowing to regulate the amount of light trying to penetrate the back of my skull. AEW is practically moonlit by comparison. All my smarky hypocrisy aside. I heard Vince was on the shelf and that Ford Field wasn’t located in Saudi Arabia so I gave this show a shot. Keep in mind I’m lacking a lot of the week to week context. But we know most of the time in the E that shit don’t matter. Kid Rock… nope. Ricochet and Paul was excellent. LP illustrates for me the contrast between a guy the trains exclusively for BODY and an actual athlete. There’s a reason Arnold never did a match though you’d think he’d be perfectly suited. Paul is factory installed with everything you need for someone willing to go longer term than your average one-and-done celebrity match. And it’s more than just the moves. The in betweens, he’s making faces/talking shit. Very punchable face too. He works. Poor Ricochet. He could’ve (should’ve) been a modern day Tiger Mask. And his girl WAS wearing the other dudes colors. Cody/Brock was very excellent pro wrestling. Cody going over Brock and getting passed a torch is certainly not the credit card WWE spends money on. So for those still ill’n over Cody not going over at Mania. Maybe perhaps (but still probably not) there’s some hope for this finished story hullabaloo. It had somehow made it into my orbit this LA Knight fellow is quite the jolly chap. I smell a Zach Ryder situation here. Fun Battle Royal with some great visuals of Omas being enormous. I liked Shayna in NXT a lot. Can’t stand Ronda. Hopefully this gets Bazler a shot to elevate. I can see some matches with Rhea getting her there. Fuck the Titantron. Didn’t miss it. It made the stadium look so much more impressive. I get that they use the staging sometimes to mask the appearance of open seats by pushing it forward and giving a more impression of fullness. But if you’re doing a football stadium let it be big. Ford Field I thought looked amazing. Gunther is something of an anomaly. Not that kind of guy I’d figure would get past Vince’s nose. But here we are. Kinda wish JR could’ve called this hoss battle. This might have been the thing to get him out of his slump. Seth Rollins match. Skip. I think so highly of Charlotte in the ring. I’d like a match with her and Omega. I think that match would fucking rule ass. It’s been said that a MITB cash in after a match is reductive to the person you’ve just put over in the prior match. But color me surprised to see Iyo be where she is. Like Gunther I’d have thought “a square peg”. But that was a crowd that loved her for the win. I’m glad to see that the Usos getting not only a solid run. But a long term run at the top. I really felt they were underserved in those early years. Now they’re doing drama based angles in stadiums. Not bad. I used to bitch all the time about announce table spots, destroying it, and then they spend the rest of the sitting in the wreck and doing nothing about it for the rest of the show. This show they DID put it back together for a later announce table spot and now I’m all “Why did they do that?” other than to set up and signal another table spot later in the show. I cannot be satisfied. Again lacking context of just how well the Jimmy turn was executed. Me in a vacuum thought it was pretty good. When was the last time we ever saw the champ, the guy, the whoever franchise player, squash somebody so the announcers could say “And that’s why that motherfucker is the champ”? Setting up the darkest of doom days that by the time Cody steps up again, he’ll be an impossible underdog.
  22. Shit. I fucked up the post already and deleted the whole quote. I’ll try to be better in the future but Bones gonna Bones. Anyway, the Daddy Ass thing stuck out to me as well. Like they were trying to not say Billy Gunn. That’s some ugly Vince shit right there. And man that name game bullshit has always been such a distracting turn off watching wrestling this long. I mean an act bounces from Fed to Fed and creates a positive buzz for whatever reason. But YOU got to own the name even while you strip the value of what you’re investing in. And dopes like Vince would give away the ghost because Ric Flair was totally RIC FUCKING FLAIR in 92 while saying the phrase “Nature Boy” out the side of their mouth. So you KNOW they know there is value out there that they didn’t create. But “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson MUST be Daniel Bryan. Fuck you, dude. Kamala was another good example of why you don’t have to be so married to the idea. He was created outside Vince’s orbit, sure. But Vince didn’t change anything about that act. YMMV on the quality of the gimmick and its overall narrative. But Kamala drew houses (I’ve heard) everywhere he went up to and including with Hogan. That makes sense. Why not more. I get the IP and copyright stuff. You rarely get that kind of crossover fun in other media. So I always felt there was unmined gold to be found there. Indy feds and smaller rivals *TNA* never had any problem embracing an act from somewhere else. Nor did they feel like having outsiders brought in was some threat to its identity. Daddy Ass as a part of AEWs contribution to the Billy Gunn persona is uniquely theirs. But it really rubbed me the wrong way how that was handled. Obviously.
  23. I’m squeezing Swerve into this conversation about which young guys to push. The group he is with overall isn’t that impressive especially in contrast to the other more prominent groups. However my dude is performing flawlessly these day. Meanwhile, he is thickened up enough to have opponents sell heavyweight for his offense. He is making guys right now. So perhaps that gear will finally shift up in the inevitable Keith Lee match. I am with a lot of you in pushing hard for Starks’ rise. It should be encouraging to know that you as a fan are in good hands. That way a Starks hiccup after the title shot doesn’t necessarily guarantee a downward spiral. That was a quick character turnaround and a competently executed reheat that totally lit the fuse. He is back on track. Excuse me while I barf metaphors.
  24. “Double Clothesline my asshole” - Cash Wheeler It was novel to see those two young guys having to go out there opening the show. There is no higher in the pecking order veteran to lead them by the hand. They can’t hide in a short match. They did great. I can only assume that the one time use of The Final Countdown was so expensive that several entrances now have royalty free classical themes. Penny wise, dollar foolish. Man this Cole/MJF team seems to have some legs. The FTR match as a follow up to two of the best tag matches of this year and yet it is still growing in scope is impressive booking and work. When you reach such a high as the BCG matches did. Historically, follow ups that either match or increase in value are kinda rare. I’m ready.
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