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  1. To be fair. That would my my reaction too.
  2. She even wears the eye patch when they do bits on Sammy’s vlog. Committed!
  3. Thank you, brother, brother, brother. I enjoy your posts as well.
  4. I fucking loved that ladder match. Especially since these matches tend to be battle royals in recent years. It stands out being a 1 on 1. But maaaaaan, those bumps were awesome. At first I was thinking they were messing with the formula a bit with the figure 4 spot with the ladder. As if tonight they’d have a “wrestling” based ladder match. Like maybe if Dusty had ever had a LM he’d totally do a spot like a F4 through the rungs on the ladder. Then it became the real “Night of the Skywalkers”. But am I wrong in thinking that cutter was the best Jeff Hardy spot he never did? (Did he?) The senton seemed like it was meant to be a Hardy shout out. But Sammy’s hips hit just beyond Cody’s torso and his middle weight and the length of his legs just bent him in a way that’ll give me nightmares. Weird that one ladder got set up for no reason. One wonders if The Fuegos are done. Punk/MJF should be pretty great. Punk has already spent his credit on the happy hometown boy comeback. So I’m expecting Punk to lose big time in Chicago. There shall be new depths for MJF to sink to. There was a fair amount of good table setting in this episode, as is usual for AEW. The promos generally never overstay their welcome (though I wasn’t that into Britts promo). I liked Punk trying to progress the story by showing up in gear. I could use a Christian Cage match right about now. What’s Nick Jackson doing other than wasting money on shoes and having the occasional fantastic singles match? Negative 1 point for not having Thunder Rosa pronounce it “Cleve-a-land” on camera just once.
  5. Same here. Especially since I’m more interested in propping up my sim league than playing the game. But I’m already invested since I bought the ultimate mondo super pack of everything in the presale. So too late now if it blows.
  6. Well that was awesome. A fun episode of Mando. Grogu on his mind. Dark Saber shenanigans. Getting hassled by the cops. The more things change… There are a lot of balls being juggled at this point. Hopefully, they stick the landing.
  7. Yeah. The show exceeded my expectations but overall I don’t see myself plopping down another 25 bucks. Who knows? Maybe they’ll find a booking that’ll draw me in again. But it really needed to be FTR as the surprise for the tag title match.
  8. I rolled the dice on this one and was pleasantly surprised. Boy did it feel like an old ECW ppv (or maybe ALL IN). Especially, from a production standpoint. Bad timing cues left them with too much time left during the pre show and scrambling to squeeze everything in at the end. Inexperience I’ll guess is the culprit here. Blake Christian and Gringo Loco were stand outs to me. Plus I really liked having the rotation of announcers. But hey! The stream held up great the whole show. So my fear of an early 2010s ROH disaster was misplaced.
  9. I have no idea what this is. But I’m in.
  10. I recommend a road trip with FTR or buying a tickets to the Ricky and Robert farewell tour.
  11. I’m seeing both sides of this. I complimented his Makakai Black promo a couple of weeks ago. Because as cringy as that promo started out to be. He pushed it through so hard to get it sold. I had to respect the effort. I don’t think anyone can discount Pillman’s investment. But he is going to need a bit more spring in his heavy step if expects to succeed at his tribute act to his father.
  12. I admit to having no knowledge of an actual reference. I just thought a famous guy with a cowboy image being allergic to horses was a quality diss. Akin to the “all actors are phony” meme. Like John Wayne’s real name or “action hero” Tom Cruise being 5 foot nothing inches tall.
  13. I would like to shout out Jakes “Clint Eastwood is allergic to horses” line. fatality. Chefs kiss!
  14. Watching Boba flying up on the biker gang and just casually blasting the shit out of them was very cathartic.
  15. Possibly NEO. My mind was trying to figure out which anime I saw 20 years ago that I couldn’t remember. But The Matrix is so referential that you’re probably onto something. I know nothing about Tarot cards. Does the card saying “justice” suggest anything?
  16. Kind of a “meh” show for me overall. Like some have said already. There was something off about this show. Glad to see Mox is back to drink blood. I recommend being at ringside for the Cole/Orange lights out match. I expect that Britt might blade during that match. For reasons. Fuck that crotch sniffer in the crowd. It was a strangely small venue. But I kinda like that for a weekly show so that the bigger shows stand out. PAC with the eye bandages… visually is reminding me of something I can’t quite place yet. That was a good questionable injury bump by Darby to get him out of the way for a bit. Weird that I was less concerned for STING jumping off the stage than I was taking a drop kick into a flat back bump. The Acclaimed still have a ways to go. But it is definitely on its way. Whenever that JE/Ass Boys match happens… fast forward. I’m leaning the same way on Archer. I still love you AEW.
  17. BWAAAAAAAANG!!! Well it’s coming together. I’m ready for Mando to show up (among a host of others people keep speculating about).
  18. I’ve felt like that throughout the duration of the MCU. Iron Man? Really? Then it turns out great. Guardians? Who? Whoops it’s awesome. Plus being a mostly Spider-Man/Avengers guy in my comics days meant at that point there wasn’t much hope in getting BOTH of those things in the same place. But the MCU has routinely exceeded my expectations time and again. I even have an appreciation for the occasional retrofitting like going comedy with Thor. It’s fair to say I’m along for the ride. If they decide to go full on “Hot Aunt May” and they cast Marissa Tomei… who am I to complain?
  19. I’ve always had this thought about that K-Fed deal. It was a weirdly overlooked detail for Cena opponents to never exploit in all the years of promo battles that followed. Or did I miss it? Also: Why didn’t anyone (in WWE) call bullshit on Cena swatting Rey Mysterio for the belt the same night he won it in earlier in the show? Still fucking boo!
  20. Ok. Time for my weekly AEW blow job. Nope. Not this week. This week AEW is sleeping on the couch. If I said this was probably my least favorite episode of Dynamite thus far. I’d be telling the truth. But it’s not like I’m jumping ship back into Vince’s vascular arms, pal. I liked Punk/Wardlow well enough (including the sloppy inside cradle, since my dude WAS beat the fuck up after an army of power bombs). Brody Kings intro hit its mark. The promos were all fine and never over uhh stayed uhh it’s wellllcome uhhhh! The rest of the show just didn’t do much for me. But then again I was watching this morning on crappy daily motion and being assaulted by flu shot ads every 2 1/2 minutes. It absolutely killed my interest in Sammy/Garcia. Oh well. Next week it is. I love you AEW. You’ll do better next time. You’re still the antidote to WWE.
  21. Good episode. If the fact that it’s another table setting episode is something that might bother you? You might not think so. I’ll advise patience. After 2 seasons of Mando and 3 episodes of this it would seem to me that the format of these shows is a television novel. So all the meaty plot points and reveals will be weighted towards the end. It’s no coincidence the eps are referred to as “chapters”. I laughed out loud when I saw Danny Trejo show up. Because OF COURSE he did. I wasn’t blown away by the cyberkids speeder bikes. But Boba continues to build his organization and they didn’t come across as worthless. I was a bit surprised by the plot twist with the twins bowing out of the fight. One has to wonder if Disney ponied up to get Emilia Clarke to be the big baddie instead. Which also (sort of) supports another big rumor of Han Solo showing up. Bring it!!!
  22. Well those are two channels I’m already subscribed to. Lol Here is one: https://youtube.com/c/4wrestlingfans And another: https://youtube.com/channel/UCx3LhVxBD9m6IYEPY1Tpu1A
  23. I just canceled Peacock. Since I’m really not interested in the current product and I’m really not much for nostalgia for things I’ve already seen. The one remaining thread is my interest in all the Old School house shows that I never got to see. Years of Saturday morning syndicated shows in the 80s selling me on shows I had no hope of ever seeing. Yet right here is a fair amount of those shows collected from NESN or MSG Networks etc. So it’s harking back to an older time but I’m seeing a lot of it for the first time. Only I’ll be watching on YouTube instead now. Its still sort of nostalgia, I guess. But I don’t really get a “it brings me back” sort of feeling.
  24. When it comes to Blacks entrance. I really wish they would cut away or go lights out again at the moment he moves to stand up on the stage. Otherwise it’s fine. But I like the creepy concept of “moving without moving” which the entrance almost achieves.
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