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  1. So I guess Kenny Omega is in the game. Didn’t he show up on one of the screens on SD?
  2. So I guess Kenny Omega is in the game. Didn’t he show up on one of the screens on SD?
  3. You might be onto something with Hayden. I heard that Ming Na didn’t immediately know what show she was doing when TBOBF was shot. Assuming that it was Mando season 3. So I gather these crafty set of show runners could pull off an out of suit Vader cameo. I’ll have my shitting pants on just in case.
  4. That was nucking futs!!! Loved this episode. The duel towards the end was a serious high point for me. The tension was incredible. Looks like Freetown is gonna gets pissed. Boba vs. Bane or a Bane vs. Shand rematch? How about that cliff hanger? Grogu has a huge choice to make. I have to guess maybe he’ll choose both since they’ve been name dropping Tar Visla who was also both Mandalorian and a Jedi. But how did Grogu survive Order 66 now that we know he was there? Maybe it won’t matter? Great seeing Rosario again. Lukes deepfake looked much improved.
  5. I was whining in another post recently that a big Christian match is long overdue.
  6. It’s less of a plot “twist” and more of a plot knot.
  7. Jacob and Kurt from Converge were a year behind me in high school. One of my favorite bands. Which basically by proxy made me a Cave In fan too. Cuz that’s how it works in the Merrimack Valley Hardcore scene.
  8. I can’t express how much it pleases me that some of you here are aware of Gwarsenio and 2 Minutes to Late Night. AEW and bedroom covers. Together at last. It’s like that one time Mick Foley was on Kevin Smiths SMODCAST a few years ago. ”OMG! Two of my favorite things in the same place!” Lols!
  9. To be fair. That would my my reaction too.
  10. She even wears the eye patch when they do bits on Sammy’s vlog. Committed!
  11. Thank you, brother, brother, brother. I enjoy your posts as well.
  12. I fucking loved that ladder match. Especially since these matches tend to be battle royals in recent years. It stands out being a 1 on 1. But maaaaaan, those bumps were awesome. At first I was thinking they were messing with the formula a bit with the figure 4 spot with the ladder. As if tonight they’d have a “wrestling” based ladder match. Like maybe if Dusty had ever had a LM he’d totally do a spot like a F4 through the rungs on the ladder. Then it became the real “Night of the Skywalkers”. But am I wrong in thinking that cutter was the best Jeff Hardy spot he never did? (Did he?) The senton seemed like it was meant to be a Hardy shout out. But Sammy’s hips hit just beyond Cody’s torso and his middle weight and the length of his legs just bent him in a way that’ll give me nightmares. Weird that one ladder got set up for no reason. One wonders if The Fuegos are done. Punk/MJF should be pretty great. Punk has already spent his credit on the happy hometown boy comeback. So I’m expecting Punk to lose big time in Chicago. There shall be new depths for MJF to sink to. There was a fair amount of good table setting in this episode, as is usual for AEW. The promos generally never overstay their welcome (though I wasn’t that into Britts promo). I liked Punk trying to progress the story by showing up in gear. I could use a Christian Cage match right about now. What’s Nick Jackson doing other than wasting money on shoes and having the occasional fantastic singles match? Negative 1 point for not having Thunder Rosa pronounce it “Cleve-a-land” on camera just once.
  13. Same here. Especially since I’m more interested in propping up my sim league than playing the game. But I’m already invested since I bought the ultimate mondo super pack of everything in the presale. So too late now if it blows.
  14. Well that was awesome. A fun episode of Mando. Grogu on his mind. Dark Saber shenanigans. Getting hassled by the cops. The more things change… There are a lot of balls being juggled at this point. Hopefully, they stick the landing.
  15. Yeah. The show exceeded my expectations but overall I don’t see myself plopping down another 25 bucks. Who knows? Maybe they’ll find a booking that’ll draw me in again. But it really needed to be FTR as the surprise for the tag title match.
  16. I rolled the dice on this one and was pleasantly surprised. Boy did it feel like an old ECW ppv (or maybe ALL IN). Especially, from a production standpoint. Bad timing cues left them with too much time left during the pre show and scrambling to squeeze everything in at the end. Inexperience I’ll guess is the culprit here. Blake Christian and Gringo Loco were stand outs to me. Plus I really liked having the rotation of announcers. But hey! The stream held up great the whole show. So my fear of an early 2010s ROH disaster was misplaced.
  17. I have no idea what this is. But I’m in.
  18. I recommend a road trip with FTR or buying a tickets to the Ricky and Robert farewell tour.
  19. I’m seeing both sides of this. I complimented his Makakai Black promo a couple of weeks ago. Because as cringy as that promo started out to be. He pushed it through so hard to get it sold. I had to respect the effort. I don’t think anyone can discount Pillman’s investment. But he is going to need a bit more spring in his heavy step if expects to succeed at his tribute act to his father.
  20. I admit to having no knowledge of an actual reference. I just thought a famous guy with a cowboy image being allergic to horses was a quality diss. Akin to the “all actors are phony” meme. Like John Wayne’s real name or “action hero” Tom Cruise being 5 foot nothing inches tall.
  21. I would like to shout out Jakes “Clint Eastwood is allergic to horses” line. fatality. Chefs kiss!
  22. Watching Boba flying up on the biker gang and just casually blasting the shit out of them was very cathartic.
  23. Possibly NEO. My mind was trying to figure out which anime I saw 20 years ago that I couldn’t remember. But The Matrix is so referential that you’re probably onto something. I know nothing about Tarot cards. Does the card saying “justice” suggest anything?
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