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  1. Yeah, the PawSox are moving to Providence. The new owners are a group headed by Larry Lucchino (president of the Red Sox) and the Fenway Sports Management group. So there's no real chance of them leaving the area. But McCoy Stadium is the oldest AAA park, and its in a less-than-great area of a suburb. It doesn't have much in the way of luxury suites, and there's not much to do in the area. Doesn't really fit the mold of a modern, downtown minor league park, especially at that level. New park is supposed to be right on the river in downtown Providence and be opening in 2017 or 2018. The team will just rebrand as the Rhode Island Red Sox. I'm sure the new park will be much nicer than McCoy but the old park has its charms for being a big concrete thing. Grew up going to a couple of games a year there, and its a fun family-oriented place.
  2. Full text of the "Loose Animal in the Studio" disclaimer: From the law offices of Fwar, Dips, Winshares, Gritt, Nelsson, Woba, Eraplus, Zswing, Rângé-Factor, Heart, Babip, Pecota, Vorp, & Eckstein, LLC: LEGAL DISCLAIMER This document (the "Disclaimer") is binding in perpetuity. It ensures that Channel 46 (the "Company") and its parent company, Sweetums Corp., as well as Sweetums Corp's parent company, Academi, cannot be held legally responsible for any views or actions made by/on "Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show" (the "Show"). The actions of or opinions expressed by, Johnny Karate a.k.a. Burt Macklin a.k.a. Jonathan Karate a.k.a. Andy Dwyer (the "Host") or his wife, Mrs. Karate a.k.a. Janet Snakehole a.k.a. Judy Hitler a.k.a. April Ludgate-Dwyer (the "Producer") do not necessarily represent those of the Company. This statement also applies to any and all alter egos or characters generated now, or in the future, by either the Host or the Producer, as well as their cast members, current or future, and their dog Champion a.k.a. Dog World Champion a.k.a. The Three-Legged Wonder Dog a.k.a. Tripod Jones (the "Dog"). This further acknowledges that the Company has on numerous occasions under the threat of termination and/or loss of privileges relating to the Host's show instructed the Host and the Producer not to engage in any of the following activities: -Attempting to ingest or encouraging others to ingest non-edible products, including but not limited to: glue, wood, staples, staplers, toys, wool socks, cotton socks, polyester socks, cotton/polyester blend socks, scientific equipment and any form of US currency, including but not limited to: pennies, nickels, quarters, Susan B. Anthony dollars, Sacagawea dollars, or paper bills. -Detonation of any sort of explosive device, or non-explosive device that is rendered explosive by the taping or gluing of said device to an explosive device. -Covering the studio property or any other property in any substance, including but not limited to: glitter, tar, glittery tar, jam, gel, jelly, ice, slush, slime, sludge, slurry, ooze, gunk, glop, goop, foam, froth, muck, or ice cream. -Using the Company's telephone for any "crank call" segments to any citizens, including but not limited to: current or former government officials, former classmates, former co-workers, local restaurants, "Lawrence," "Greg Pikitis," or any members of the 2001-2017 New England Patriots. -Claiming to be an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and/or the Central Intelligence Agency and/or the Coast Guard and/or the United States Treasury Department and/or "Special Ops" and/or "Special Ox" [sic] in order to gain access to government or law enforcement buildings. -Pressing on the Host's own eyes with Host's own thumbs in order to "see cool stuff floating around in there." -Attempting to break any National or International record for any kind of competitive eating, including but not limited to: pies, hot dogs, cherries, bananas, sunflower seeds, butternut squash, clam chowder, milk, pinto beans, burritos, sweet-n-sour chicken, Paunch Burger Dinner-for-Breakfast Burger Combos, Paunch Burger Breakfast-for-Dinner Burger Combos, Paunch Burger Breakfast-for-Dinner Pancake Combos, Paunch Burger Lunch-for-Dinner Sandwich Combos, or Paunch Burger Everything-for-Dinner Burrito-Pancake-Taco-Teriyaki-Chicken-Waffle-Nacho-Penne-Arrabiata-Steak Combo Supreme. Specific Note on Liability of "Loose Animal in the Studio" Segment (the "Segment") By reading this document, you (the "Viewer") or your legal guardian, forgo the right to seek any legal action regarding any possible contact with a loose or lost animal (the "Animal") in the Segment. Viewers are encourages not to seek out or interact with the Loose Animal, and all claims to the contrary made by the Host or Producer are false. No animals were harmed in the making of the Segment; if they were, it was not the intention of the Show, Host, Company, or Producer, nor can those parties be held responsible for the actions of the aforementioned animals. Once the Viewer has entered Studio 46, the Company is not liable for the actions, noises, behaviors, or attacks of any Loose Animal, including but not limited to: -Barn Owl -Red Claw Scorpion -Mexican Plateau Horned Lizard -Tasmanian Pygmy Possum -Green Tree Python -Boll Weevil -Boa Constrictor -Hagfish -Ecuadorian Pudu -Fire-Throated Anteater -Albino Wolverine -Sucker-Footed Bat -Egyptian Tortoise -Lithuanian "Garbage Cat" -Hawaiian Gharial -Brazilian Thunder Panda Special Addition to Note on Liability of "Loose Animal in the Studio" Segment (the "Segment") The conditions and limits on liability apply to all segments of "April's Animal Corner," regardless of whether the segment eventually leads to aforementioned Segment ("Loose Animal in the Studio"). On such occasions when "April's Animal Corner" proceeds as planned, and the animal in question remains safely in the cage or container in which it was transported, the Company hey it's me Andy I had a dumb meeting with our dumb lawyer who was yelling at me for something I don't even know what it was he's so funny when he yells he looks like Beaker from the Muppets I'm in his office right now he's on a phone call so I opened his document and clicked in the middle of this paragraph and started typing haha he's so dumb he'll probably never even see this I can type whatever I wan Colts rule Colts rule Johnny Karate forever Reggie Wayne forever Greg Pikitis sucks ok he's coming back I love you April bye! retains the right to apply these limited liability conditions to the Segment as well as all other segments involving animals, now or in the future.
  3. Big Doggy Cool? Big Daddy Dog
  4. Mike Cyclone

    MLB 2014: MAY

    Lakewood Blue Claws are within 90 mins of Philly too. The team in Newark actually folded before this season. Which is a shame. Nice little ballpark, but no one ever went to the games and they kind of stopped taking care of it. Camden is close too, obviously. Though that would involve having to go to Camden. Ballpark has an awesome view though, with one of the supports for the Ben Franklin Bridge basically sitting in left field.
  5. I love the hostile little note about the program number in the bottom right. Like they could have just wrote "Program Number" above the number stamp. But clearly the program guy was sick and damn tired of answering questions about when the raffle was going to be drawn, and where do I check my lucky number, and decided just to head those questions off and tell you right up front you're an idiot for thinking this is anything but the program number.
  6. I'm OK with how things turned out. That was really the only place the story COULD end up. I mean if you were someone who spent the 8 years hanging on the mother reveal it was probably disappointing. And they spent a LOT of time over those 8 years hinting that the mother reveal was the big endgame. So there are probably a lot of people disappointed. But that ending made total sense for the characters and the story they built. And they did drop a lot of hints. But seriously. What a ridiculous way to run the final season and finale. They dragged what should have been an hour long episode out to an entire season and crammed what should have been the entire final season into an hour long finale. I guess they didn't want to telegraph the ending too much? Or felt handcuffed by the "How I Met Your Mother" premise and felt they had to have that play into the finale? But they had what would have been a really good, logical, powerful final season contained in that last episode, and they skimmed over all of it. And gave us that excruciating season to build to it.
  7. Now I can't tell if they're intentionally misdirecting or not, but the 2024 scenes certainly SEEM to be hinting that That said, you're right that they're good at twisting it at the last moment, so I'm certainly prepared for that.
  8. Actually Wrestling is Fun already spoofed itself with Wrestling is Serious. Featuring Kyle O'Reilly vs. Reilly O'Kyle.
  9. I'm fairly convinced after this episode that
  10. The Red Sox signed Junichi Tazawa right out of school from Japan (which caused a bit of an uproar at the time, as NPB teams were afraid MLB teams would start making this a regular thing and sign away all the best players). It worked out pretty well there, though the Sox had several Japanese translators on staff from having Matsuzaka and Okajima at the time.
  11. I always loved the Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs. Bryan Danielson/Jay Lethal tag team title match from Tag Wars 2006. Was just kind of a random pairing for the challengers, and not a heavily hyped tag title match, but it was one of my favorite tag matches in ROH.
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