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  1. fully agreed, i have Lawler/Condit at #1 on my list (although i think i scored it for Lawler. But that fight was so awesome it almost didn't matter who got the win). When i think of that fight, this image comes to mind: since the fight ended in rd1, the judges never filled out scorecards. a one-sided beating if i've ever seen one.
  2. i watched this back when it was semi-current. the event as a whole is fine. i don't remember the Armstrongs/MX match being anything to write home about. i have a burned dvd of the event, maybe i should rewatch it. the Kanyon thing is awkward, but it was already widely known that he was gay, so came off really weird. I remember some interview where DDP said that it meant a lot to Kanyon to do it live in front of an audience. it's what it is i suppose.
  3. we in the States have another week before we see release, but i'm eagerly awaiting it to hit theaters.
  4. a couple years back, i read Higgins' run from Boom Comics (#0-#30 + Shattered Grid #1, 2016-2018) and really enjoyed it. It set up everything i needed to know, and introduced Lord Drakkon and crossed over with a huge Power Ranger multiverse. I don't know if the run continued after that or not, but it was everything i needed.
  5. i guess that puts the final nail in the coffin of Joshua vs. Fury. to quote myself,
  6. that's how i saw it in the trailer. it's a 3d environment, but not open world. i guess we'll see.
  7. this. there's been multiple lawsuits over the last decade or two about character creation. i don't see this ending any different that any of the others. doesn't the story go that Stan Lee had Kirby draw the first Spider-Man, but didn't like it, so Ditko came on board? if true, that pretty much kills the claim that Ditko invented Spidey.
  8. i'm sure that helped, but if you're the type of person entertaining the idea of purchasing all 52 titles, there's a good chance you were already buying quite a few books. i'm no fan of the New52, but i fully believe the sales are mainly due to the excitement of the relaunch. The "get in on the ground floor" mentality, the chance to be a part of something, that sort of thing.
  9. Direct thoughts: excited for Metroid Dread, Kirby: Forgotten Lands not sure how i feel about the Mario voice casting. Pretty damn star studded. Chris Pratt as Mario? sure thing. Jack Black as Bowser? sounds good. Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong? eh....maybe? Charlie Day as Luigi? nope, not a fan of this one. not my thing: Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3, Switch Online (although the concept of Nintendo producing a Sega Genesis controller makes me happy)
  10. i certainly hope the AEW belts fare better than that!
  11. thanks for clearing that up. i read it as they wanted to cast a wrestler, but WWE's Producer put the nix on it. and the person mentioned left it *just* ambiguous enough.
  12. i will admit that my experience with the handheld CV games is minimal. definitely an oversight i want to correct. as soon as i clear more games off my backlog......
  13. i think the Smash Bros. final DLC character announcement is pretty likely. why would Silksong show up in a Switch announcement? Isn't that more likely to be put out by the developer? 100% ready for Mario Kart 9, although i hadn't heard that rumor from anywhere credible.
  14. Bloodstained ROTN is my 3rd favorite Metroidvania game, after #1 Castlevania SOTN and #2 Super Metroid. I played through it last year, after marathoning the NES/SNES Metroid and Castlevania games. Immediately after finishing it, i wanted to start all over. That's not the reaction i have to most games (for example, after beating Super Metroid, it just made me want to play NES Metroid again.)
  15. look, Christopher Daniels. just give the people what they want. Curry Man!
  16. i couldn't agree more, and the bolded part is especially surprising and refreshing. Think about how many big matches have happened on Dynamite (and, to a lesser extent, Rampage). They continuously run BIG matches, but none of them feel throw away. that's a feat in and of itself.
  17. your quoted was the wrestler to be cast, or the producer who stopped it?
  18. it is indeed. when i'm at my LCS this afternoon to pick up Nightwing, i'll be adding this!
  19. i have absolutely no idea what this says, but i find it funny that the first words in the picture are "+WEED"
  20. make it Brodie Lee's entrance gear, and i'm 100% behind you in this.
  21. i feel you, brother. Owen's death hit me hard in 1999, and hit me even harder a few years ago when i rewatched all of the Attitude Era shows. not the first time Owen's been involved in a non-WWE wrestling project since his death. he was in (at least) one of the Legends of Wrestling video games.
  22. Ross always seems to try to play the middle card. While acknowledging that it was, in fact, his job, he also deflected and claimed that he only did what he was told to. That's not how it works. You either make talent decisions (regarding hiring, firing, punishments, etc.) or you don't. which is it? Also, when asked about Ric Flair's lack of punishment, JR said that Flair was a "made man" and wondered aloud if that was right or not. YOU FUCKING ALREADY KNOW THAT'S NOT RIGHT. Fire him, fine him, take him off the road, send him to counseling/rehab, do SOMETHING. Just ignoring it and letting that behavior continue is ABSOLUTELY ABHORRENT. I know Vince is ultimately the one true boss, but if your VP of TR is letting shit like this happen, he needs severe repercussions. In any normal company, Ric Flair, Dustin, and numerous other people would have been fired as soon as they landed. Ross would also have consequences for letting that go on while he was there. Fuck that old time "boys will be boys" mentality.
  23. the day of 9/11, i was a few weeks into starting college. i was skipping my morning classes that day so i could watch the Price Is Right (i probably had a major hangover too, but i can't confirm that). didn't get to see Bob Barker that day. and i usually feel like the odd man out in that i'm not that effected by what happened. like yeah, i can appreciate the tragedy and mourn the loss of life, but i have zero personal connection to what happened. @Tabe's comparison to Pearl Harbor is spot on for me. now, this did lead to friends of mine signing up for and/or being deployed overseas by the military, so it's not that i'm completely cut out from connection.
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