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  1. i love Frank Dux stories. one of my good friends still claims Dux is the best fighter of all time and sees Bloodsport as the gospel.
  2. yeah, i have no idea who G Gordon Godfrey is, and i was like
  3. i'm not super hyped up over these movies but will no doubt watch them in theater and buy them on blu-ray. haven't read much of the novels/comics/anything else. that being said, Shadows of the Empire was an awesome book and video game. i'd support this as a movie. i read some other book (can't remember the name ATM) that was about some Jedi dude on the Wookiee planet when Order66 hit that was pretty rad too. also, is it wrong to hope for Disney to release the Holiday Special on Blu-Ray so i can really complete my collection?
  4. the wife and i have watched both seasons of Young Justice in the last couple of weeks. neither of us watched it until now. i have a few thoughts: -this show made me invested in characters i previously never cared about: Blue Beetle (Reyes), Static Shock, Superboy. and made me really interested in others (Lagoon Boy, in particular). -the Roy Harper/Red Arrow/Arsenal stuff was my favorite angle. couldn't get enough of it, and hoped for more Harper-Harper interaction. -Wonder Girl was severely underused. she barely even has a character outside of the WW symbol. -i can only assume that LongShadow was a stand-in for Apache Chief, which i highly support. We need more SuperFriends in our Justice League. -why did this show have to end? i thought it started off slowly but liked it from the get-go. my wife didn't care for it at first but was hooked after around 6-7 episodes.
  5. there was a local MMA show here this weekend. i got there in time to see the 2 main events (was actually going for the after-show concert, but was glad i got to see as much as i did). first went to a 5-round decision and was fairly uneventful. the 2nd ended in the first after an armbar from the guard. after the main event, i heard numerous people complaining that they only threw a couple punches and then "started hugging on the ground". one person actually was arguing that the person on top won, because the other guy was "just laying on the ground". this was someone that PAID to go to the show. made me shake my head, so i had to share.
  6. Wait until someone makes another McMahons = the Lannisters comparison and spoils what happened to _____ in the next book. Wanna hear a WWE / Star Wars comparison? only if it doesn't spoil "Attack of the Clones" for me.
  7. It absolutely aired, but it was just a just a quick little 1:00 piece on Superstars. I cant remember WHY precisely it aired, maybe just a generic personality profile thing or something, but I remember recognizing Heath as Vampire Warrior from USWA. There's an oblique reference it in the 11/21/94 Observer: There's a lot of Superstars episodes up on Dailymotion, but I haven't been able to locate any clips of this in particular from Nov 1994 episodes. watched WWF Superstars from 11/5, 11/12, and 11/19 and Wrestling Challenge from 11/6, 11/13, and 11/20. finally, while watching WWF Action Zone on 11/6, cohost Todd Pettengill mentions that he recapped Luna's wedding to a vampire yesterday on WWF Mania. unfortunately, i can't find any WWF Mania episodes online anywhere, so if anyone runs across the 11/5/94 episode of WWF Mania, please let me know.
  8. this is it. the fans aren't given a reason to care, and then the wrestlers are punished because the fans don't care about them. i'm not sure at what point it happened, but sometime in the last 10 years, the midcard became disposable. Outside of the main event roles, any wrestler can be plugged into any open slot on the roster with very few changes (if any) made. Nobody's feuding with anyone over anything, guys are just wrestling for no real reason. Apathy breeds apathy.
  9. i don't even read Batwoman regularly, but a team should be allowed to finish its story, especially if it's already completed or near it. And doubly so since the team said they'd be able to have everything tied up nicely. honestly, i wondered how long they'd be able to keep Batwoman away from the Batfam. the "Bat-" in her name and the fact that she operates in Gotham practically dictate that she team up with the rest at some point.
  10. It is. The fight and death are merely a lead in to "Funeral For A Friend" and "Reign of the Supermen" which are both fantastic. this. i always found "Funeral for a Friend" to be the real shining point.
  11. the twister is a variation of the Regal Stretch. or, possibly, the other way around. and the anaconda choke is my favorite of the d'arce style chokes. the rolling of it would be fantastic in a prowres setting.
  12. holy shit yes. this explains my affinity towards the character 100%. mystery solved.and now, i just wish that a Batman vs. Repo Man comic could surface somewhere.
  13. just watched Regal vs Luger from 8/31/96 where Regal wins the tv title. i was pleasantly surprised by how good the match was. also, on i think Worldwide in early '98, was Mysterio vs Kidman vs Psychosis in what remains as the only triple countout match i've seen, which i loved as a younger lad.
  14. yeah, the story was decent enough but i also would've rather had the story continue, even if the issue was a month or so late. but this reminds me that i need to read the Batman Inc. Special that came out last week.
  15. i always loved the Repo Man as a kid. i'm desperately waiting for "son of Repo Man" to be an actual gimmick. i'd even start watching Raw again if that happened.
  16. ah hell. i was looking forward to that fight.
  17. yeah, to hell with oversaturation as far as i'm concerned as well. If it has the UFC name on it, i'm probably watching it. and i go out of my way to watch OneFC and WSOF as well, so the more the merrier.
  18. i don't know how much older stuff like Portland would translate to anything for TNA. WWE could use it, but i feel like TNA wouldn't really have a valid reason or way to use it. As far as the WWA stuff from 2002 or whatever goes, absolutely. There was some really good stuff happening there, plus a lot of it was guys that at some point have worked for TNA. Indy NWA promotions would also be helpful, whether it be using it to introduce new guys or fill out dvds, or just offering videos you haven't seen before. And i still can't believe someone hasn't gotten ahold of stuff like the Super J Cup, or J-Crown, and dubbed it in English. Hell, King of the Death Match would sell a million copies.
  19. Sonnen/Evans and Sonnen/Davis are both stinkers of fights and i don't really have any inclination to see either one. and i thought sonnen and/or evans were moving to middleweight?
  20. so i just watched Henderson/Pettis 1 for the first time (travesty, i know). It absolutely lives up to all the hype given it and is, off the top of my head, the best 5 round fight i've ever seen. i don't expect the rematch to live up to those high standards, but it should be a fantastic fight. can't wait for saturday.
  21. the Condit/Kampmann fight was a classic. it continued to get better as it went on, and you could just sit back and watch Condit get more and more comfortable while dealing more and more damage. THIS is the reason main events are 5 rounds. It would've been a shame to see this end as a 3 round decision. didn't notice beforehand that the Gastelum fight was at Welterweight. Everybody else is correct, he IS a beast. Perez/Mizugaki was my personal FOTN. i'm not a huge fan of the feather- and underweights, but fights like this make them totally worthwhile.
  22. here's a quickie: In October 1994, Luna Vachon and David "Gangrel/Vampire Warrior" Heath were married. i keep running across references to this appearing on WWF tv, but it's always referred to in a vague sense, never a date or show listed. Any ideas if this actually aired and when?
  23. it's only $25 for Pearce/Cabana unless you go with the deluxe deal. that being said, i'd pick up a dvd of the NWA World Title Tournament from 2007 or whatever if they ever released that like they (NWA) said they would.
  24. that did a great job of making me think that Wanderlei really will smash Sonnen. until the rational side of my brain kicks in and i realize that's not likely at all. fuck it, i'll still root for him.
  25. you'd be good to jump right in. you're already in the loop with the Sonia bit, which is all you need.
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