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  1. Oh man, that Kiyomiya/Sanada finish. Watching ELP and Loa go outside for 2-3 minutes, is there any reason the ref doesn't put the count on both guys?
  3. As of last week I'm officially "between gigs, maaaaaan" again, so I'm dipping my toes into the 70s "Cannonball" road rally/chase genre. I started with The Gumball Rally... it's shockingly good, with a lot of great car action ('natch), stupid cops and some nifty footage of mid-70s NYC. The only truly big names in it are Raul Julia, who lovingly chews the scenery as a cross between Mario Andretti and Pepe Le Pew, and Gary Busey as himself... but the lack of top stars actually helps as you get into everyone's characters without getting distracted by ones stardom. Amazingly, everyone does their own driving and stunts in this which is pretty damn impressive. At some point I'll check out Cannonball, Eat My Dust and Grand Theft Auto.
  4. It might be a heat thing. They could be worried about losing the crowd when the face team gains the man advantage. As long as each team enters from opposite sides of the building, why not just have one man from each team come in simultaneously?
  5. Digging the BCC character development with Mox surrendering to save Yuta, then consoling him afterwards. After all, it wasn't his fault 40% of their team abandoned them at the finish. Between that and the post-match handshake it seems an awful lot like they're going back face, which makes sense as I don't think anyone wanted to boo them in the first place. When they announced Ibushi and he didn't come out right away, I thought they were doing an angle where the BBC jumped him before the match. Then he came out and he looked so out of shape I literally thought the BCC had some other guy impersonating him as a swerve. Lord. Please, please, PLEASE call an audible on Cole/MJF and keep this team going. There's some potential for bonkers money with them as a unit... sucks that they're already sowing seeds of dissent when everyone clearly loves them to death. MJF hasn't looked this legitimately happy since he roofied that one girl at the TKE frat party at Hartwick.
  6. Premier League Chelsea vs League Two Wrexham on ESPN. One club is sponsored by United Airlines, the other has no shirt sponsor. Guess which is which. You're wrong.
  7. Everyone needs to watch Speedball Mike Bailey vs Yoshihiko from Game Changer "Now and Forever" this past Friday night. They literally redid Ospreay vs Omega from Forbidden Door, complete with "Don Callis" getting kicked out only to return, and it was completely fucking brilliant. Seriously the MOTN.
  8. Everyone is sleeping on PAC yelling "YUH SHATTERED ME NOSEBONE!" at Kenny. Sweet fancy Moses I howled for that.
  9. Here's the video. Raven didn't actually call for assistance over the house mic, but he immediately let Pee-Wee Anderson know V-4 was hurt, got down and stabilized him until the paramedics could hit the ring. https://youtu.be/eNTOyl5WzY8?t=225
  10. Does the game come with sportswriters? Because you know one of those douches will leave him off their HOF ballot because reasons.
  11. My big takeaway from the Cole/MJF shenanigans is that Max is going to be an INCREDIBLE babyface down the line once his heel well inevitably runs dry. The fans already love to hate him... he has personality to burn and enough flashy offense that he could slide neatly into that role with a little prodding, plus his instincts are off the charts at reading crowds and reacting accordingly. I also love that Cole is essentially forcing MJF to wrestle clean.
  12. When you see it...
  13. SVG's win led me down the Supercars rabbit hole, which led me to this AMAZING clip of DW going for the ride of his life at Bathurst. Objectively one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Count the come-to-Jesus moments.
  14. Bloodline has been their best, most cohesive storytelling I can ever remember. The stars have absolutely aligned for this one.
  15. SVG, the whole f'n show. First racer to win his NASCAR debut since Johnny Rutherford at Daytona in 1963 and the first road course win by a "ringer" since Mark Donohue at Riverside in 1973.
  16. Former lottery pick for two SECOND rounders is some hot garbage.
  17. 15,000 at the Vic last night for BananaBall. Tremendous.
  18. He was awesome in The Rocketeer as well. "House? We don't got a house. We got a gazebo."
  19. If that kid's dad was smart (EDIT: and/or cared about him), they'd engage with Todd Marinovich instead.
  20. What's causin' all this? A Ric Flair/wolf hybrid apparently.
  21. And the Best Ice Hockey Pep Band award goes to...
  22. Satanico/Mephisto/Averno vs Atlantis/Tiger Mask/Despy? Yeah, into my veins.
  23. I think we should call them Jelleaux Shots from now on. Good GOD.
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