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  1. In the premier league a week or so ago, a guy got carried off the field on a stretcher and a neck brace, and the guy playing the sounds gave him a polite round of applause as he was carted away.
  2. Yeah, I would, but shipping to the UK is the problem.
  3. I'd have that in my collection, no doubt.
  4. I have quite a few Bret figures, but nothing of the Mattel era. They just can't get him right.
  5. It may be the case that WWE, in terms of fan good-will, just can't win whatever they do. But, whose fault is that really? If you push the idea that the brand is the draw, and no wrestler is bigger than the company, then you're telling the fans "what you like doesn't matter". So, in that respect, why should I have any sympathy for WWE that whatever they do will face backlash? It came about, in my opinion, because Vince saw/heard some bad reactions from the crowd at their creative decisions and thought "thats HEAT!", and thought that if the fans are booing the end of a show, they must be engaged. I guess that's what they told shareholders and TV executives, and it worked there. I can't comment on their current shows, because I don't watch them. But i can't imagine the lack of a crowd makes any difference to Raw, because when I was watching the crowd didn't make any noise anyway.
  6. Ok I think might have it. Cody and Tony Khan having a chat earlier in the week. “Tony, I have this great idea. I bring my new car up to the show, cuz I got my tattoo on the front of it and-“ ”you got your tattoo on your car?” ”yeah and get this. We have a camera inside so I can do my acting and stuff. You know I was in Arrow.” ”hold on a second. Where were you when Jake Roberts was humping your wife in the ring last week?” ”coming up with this idea. So Jake Roberts is doing his promo and you can hear this engine revving, cuz my car is loud. Really loud. So cool. So I’m revving up the engine, then I drive it through all the barricades down to the ring and kick Archer’s ass! Huh? How about that?!” ”uh... yep. That’s great” then as the show is beginning, Tony has some reservations. “Listen, Code, thing is, last week Sammy got run over by a giant golf cart and I think we should lay off the vehicular man slaughter for, oh I dunno, 2 weeks of television?” ”oh but Toonneeee, I brought my car all the way here and it’s really loud and my wife thinks I’m cool.” ”how about... you just rev the engine a little bit, then get out all steamed and start whooping Archer?” ”just rev the engine? No way, man. I gotta smash stuff up, like a badass, it could be my Steve Austin zamboni moment. I gotta smash stuff up” ”well... uh... run over that bucket” ”DEAL!”
  7. What were they thinking with that Cody entrance? He revs it up, oh what’s happening, oh he’s interrupting his promo, that’s all. No wait, he’s gonna... HE’S GONNA... HE’S GONNA drive it into a bucket. why was there a camera IN THE TRUCK? They have half a second of footage from it, which was Cody is driving the truck. As if the big logo on the front wasn’t a giveaway. And he just gets out... and walks to the ring. I had to laugh. It was actually quite embarrassing. It was one of those WWE things that make no sense, and you put it down to too many cooks coming up with all these different ideas and in the end there’s a camera in the truck and nobody knows why, and then he drives the truck 10 yards and nobody knows why, then he just gets out and walks. And he’s taped his fists up, cuz he’s prepared for a dust up, but yet he still wore a nice crisp white shirt and trousers. I just need some answers.
  8. I really liked the Bate/Dunne match and didn't like the Taker/HHH match at all. Triple H has bored me silly for most of his career. As a kid I wasn't interested in the blue blood. DX I thought was cool because I loved Rick Rude, thought Chyna was interesting, and Shawn was an entertaining dickhead. Triple H, or TRI, was always just there. He was the Richard Hammond of DX. Shawn was Clarkson, because he was an arsehole but nonetheless over with the crowd. I guess Chyna was James May somehow. Whatever, I hate Top Gear. Then suddenly he's main event guy, juiced to the gills. I thought I'd been in a coma or something, I don't think I missed any WWF back then, but somehow his rise to main event guy escaped me. The Pedigree is a good move, but I think I took more of a shine to it because a kid I knew called Deadly Dave used it as his finisher on Wrestlemania 2000. For at least the last 10 years and maybe more he's presented as this all-time legend, and I just don't buy it. I can't think of Triple H matches I'd go back and watch willingly.
  9. As much as I love a pun contest, could just be photoshopped, could've been hacked, its all very fresh right now. Edit: I'm leaning towards photoshop. plus, I'm pleased my avatar affords me some good will around this place.
  10. I think we should hold off on the jail talk until we know its even real.
  11. Exactly what i thought. I imagined Vince saying "Murderhawk? No hawk is gonna murder me. He should be a MONSTER! the Murderhawk Monster! YEAH that's good shit!"
  12. From the looks of his Free The Delete videos, Matt Hardy is being taken over by what appears to be an evil entity called Abomination. In one of the videos, as Abomination is taking over, he says "I AM EX- I AM EX-" then Matt takes back over and says "I am exhausted". But Abomination might be saying he is EXALTED. Eh?
  13. I had to mute the anthem. I don't know why it has to be done. When they come to the UK are they gonna do God Save the Queen before the show? I hope they don't, because that's awful too.
  14. That tag match was one of my favourite tags I've ever seen. Loved it. Really enjoyed the show overall, despite a couple of weak bits. My girlfriend on the other hand... she isn't a huge wrestling fan, but she watches along with me. She hates Cody's tattoo. She has been irrationally angry about it all day. We just drove home for 2 hours, and about half of it was her ranting about tattoos because of what she saw at Revolution. The tattoo is bad. But that performance by Downstait was worse. I think it kinda killed the crowd for a bit. Also Cody having a hundred people in his entourage, the special lift entrance, the pyro, the band, the new ridiculous tattoo. Is this some character development, leading to getting such a huge ego everyone turns their back on him? Then MJF says "I told you so!" I'm giving him too much credit, aren't I?
  15. I haven't played this for months, but the DLCs are on sale. I'm considering the junior pack, and the one with switchblade. maybe even fire promoter. I really don't know.
  16. I get it that Wilder and his team have pride, and he's a warrior, and he may always have a puncher's chance, but christ, do you want him to die out there?
  17. the part that screams ultra rare is its actual rarity, surely. I think the line looks pretty good, but they aren't my kind of figures. The Hangman looks sweet, though, and if I see one around in the shops I'll pick one up for sure.
  18. The sling blade is one of the worst looking moves in wrestling, in my opinion. It just looks like nothing. What makes it worse is how many people use it.
  19. I enjoyed the show, maybe not as much as I expected though. I thought the crowd sounded pretty flat all night, which took me out a little bit. I also agree with others who have said that should be the last of the lights out matches for a while. The style of Cody v Jericho was totally different to the rest of the show, it stood out - in a good way. Hard way or otherwise, i liked a bit of blood in the title match. Looked real gnarly. I do think Mox v Omega went a bit long, but they delivered on their promise. Where do Kenny and Moxley go now? Are they title contenders? Who is number one contender now?
  20. I'm loving the duelling factions at the moment. Some great brawls, a real believable hatred between them. I'm looking forward to a war-games type match, some taped fists, jeans, hopefully some blood. I wonder how long they can keep the Inner Circle v The Elite going if Cody and Jericho aren't feuding, maybe Omega or Page challenge Jericho. Or if Cody wins the title, Jericho gets a rematch somewhere down the line.
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