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  1. Getting from London to the major south Wales cities is straightforward: go to Paddington Station, jump on the train, get off in Central Cardiff less than 2 hours later. Swansea is about another hour but the train is still direct from London.
  2. Getting from London to the major south Wales cities is straightforward: go to Paddington Station, jump on the train, get off in Central Cardiff less than 2 hours later. Swansea is about another hour but the train is still direct from London.
  3. Hah, no, that's Ishin in the singlet & Fujiwara has the pants
  4. After more than a decade away he showed up on a handful of JTO shows in 2020 & wasn't heard from again until these AJPW shows. It's strange.
  5. Dragongate are running King of Gate at present, and as they always stream the first match of Network shows on YouTube, you can watch this fun match between leading Rookie of the Year contender Takuma Fujiwara and another member of the class of 2021, Ishin Iihashi (son of Ishinriki and Utako Hozumi). It's a fun little singles match
  6. I have gone about my first 3 or 4 hours of the day absolutely convinced today was Friday. Oops
  7. The first Freelance Summit NOMADS' show is on tomorrow 7pm Japan/11am UK/6am US East Coast. They have a fun looking card Momoka Hanazono vs Tae Honma Hikari Shimizu, Rina Amikura & Yuko Sakurai vs Kaori Yoneyama, Maika Ozaki & Makoto Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Kaho Kobayashi ASUKA & Yuu vs SAKI & Saori Anou Maya Yukihi & Rina Yamashita vs Miyuki Takase & Ryo Mizunami Being broadcast on Zaiko for ¥3,500 (or about $27) I'm senile and thought it was Friday today. So yeah it's tomorrow, not today
  8. GLEAT's G Pro Ver.25 has just ended. Top to bottom a really good show, standouts were Takanori Ito vs Yu Iizuka in the 2nd match & the G-REX Title match between El Lindaman & Shigehiro Irie. Holy shit that main event. Absolutely gnarly, Irie tried to kill Lindaman. But DASH Chisako vs Michiko Miyagi, Hirooki Goto vs Hayato Tamura, CIMA & Shingo vs BULK Orchestra of Kawakami & KAZMA and 60 Seconds vs T-Hawk, Issei Onitsuka & the debuting Jack Cartwheel are all really fun. Cartwheel seemed to work better here than when I'd seen him in PWG or GCW shows, & the crowd got really into his over-the-top flippy shit.
  9. Yes, & think how long PAC had to sit out for before they finally gave in & let him go. That must have been closer to a year.
  10. I really enjoyed Kanemaru vs Zayne on night 1. It just clicked for me far better than I thought it would. Also enjoyed SHO vs Akira for what it was, even if SHO shenanigans are tiresome. Ishimori is so hit & miss, when it turns it on he's good but boy he seems to turn it on less & less as time goes by.
  11. As far as we know, no, the 90 days clause does not go both ways. This is probably not legal but WWE would sooner grant you your release than have the independent contractor mirage challenged in court if a wrestler challenged it. But to challenge it would potentially put your career on hold as you face a very expensive legal battle against a billion dollar company, which is a daunting prospect for obvious reasons. So the status quo will remain.
  12. Doesn't really matter if someone else has more of a justification to walk out when they haven't walked out. There's no hierarchy here, literally anyone can just say "fuck this & fuck you". Of course if Sasha/Naomi really want out then all they have to so is walk into the locker room and start talking about unionising. Someone will rat them out.
  13. I've been loving Yuma Aoyagi a lot. He had an amazing Champion Carnival, & whether he's tagging with his brother Atsuki, with Kento Miyahara or in a multiman with some combo of the NEXTREAM boys I will be watching. Carnival Final & his recent title challenge from Sapporo (not seen it yet) will understandably garner the attention but I loved the short match he had with Takuya Nomura, & the 3/1 AJPW Tag Team Title match with Kento against Runaway SUPLEX was great. Poor Tall Saya for coming up against a guy having the half-year of his life!
  14. I am so excited to catch up on Josh Alexander & those Ishii Impact matches. Also, someone has recorded their own commentary over Riccaboni & Veda Scott which seems bad, but this is the only version of Speedball vs Bandido from WM weekend I can find. It's a really great version of the excessive indy spotfest, guys get their time and just throw everything they can in to steal the show. It's pure overkill but it's really fun overkill
  15. I voted for Starlight Kid because she has just been great since joining Oedo Tai (although originally I was super sceptical about her as a heel, she showed me). But if I'd a second vote I'd throw it to Dax, because the Tag match with the Briscoes was amazing, follow up matches with The Bucks was a lot of fun and he's taken every chance he's had in singles matches and proven that he's not "just" a tag guy, he's a great wrestler full stop who wants to be a Tag guy.
  16. Well that's interesting. Looking forward to hearing more. Have to shout out last Friday's SEAdLINNNG show, the return of Amazon tagging with Rina Yamashita against Las Fresa, a 6 man Tag I've got in my top 10 womens matches of the year to date with Miyuki Takase, Hiroyo Matsumoto & DASH Chisako vs Yuu, Ryo Mizunami & Yoshiko and then Riko Kaiju challenged Nakajima for the Beyond The Sea belt in a match that really raised Kaiju with how much heart she showed throughout. If I end up in a position of needing to cut back on how much wrestling I watch, SEAd is definitely #1 priority to keep watching
  17. Problem is that Jake is very much "not it" and Yuma might very well be, despite his smaller size. I think Jake is solid and he's still growing more comfortable with playing a heel but he's still very lacking in charisma and a bit bland unfortunately
  18. Voices of Wrestling seem to think so. Remain to be convinced that this is an upgrade, Kashin seems to have exactly the same flaws as NOSAWA, in that he sees the job as a chance to get his boys paid. I don't even mind if NOSAWA was bringing his bus really, so long as they were in the midcard. The problem was when they started beating the NOAH guys like Kaito, Kenoh, Katsuhiko & making them look like punks. All I really want is to not care who the booker is. Stop mortgaging the future for 2 decades ago. The booking of Kaito Kiyomiya was criminal. They are doing nothing with Kinya Okada & Yoshiki Inamura.
  19. I dunno, Kojima still rules when he's given a chance. He just doesn't get many because New Japan have firmly relegated to "dad" status. Kojima is definitely more of the Mochizuki & Sugiura 50+ year olds in NOAH than Fujita & Mutoh in that he's still more than capable of a great singles match.
  20. Thought the finals were probably the best AJPW match since the March 2019 Strong BJ vs Violent Giants Tag Title match. Absolutely fantastic stuff.
  21. Card for the Jumbo Memorial Show coming at the end of the month with some interesting names. Like El Lindaman & Shingo Takagi teaming together
  22. I can't recommend this enough. BEST FRIENDS BEAT THE EVER LOVING TAR OUT OF ONE ANOTHER! is maybe my favourite archetype in wrestling. It's just violence.
  23. Cody Hall, a man so untalented AND unpleasant to work with he's burned bridges with New Japan, NOAH & DDT. God knows he kept getting chances and simply was not worth them. But I guess that name & a decent look buy you more chances than if you're just a bloke. Wrestler of the Year so far is probably Kazuchika Okada. He's had more matches over **** than anyone else on my spreadsheet, although Go Shiozaki is 1 behind and has more highs. So it's very close between them as my #1 & #2, with a group of guys breathing down their neck including Shingo, ZSJ, Takuya Nomura & Katsuhiko Nakajima. And Arisa Nakajima is in the conversation, less on quantity than on hit-rate. Cagematch has her wrestling 19 times this year, I've seen just her SEAdLINNNG stuff but that's 6 matches and the lowest rated is still "this is real good and more than worth your time". Have to love that consistency. Honourable mention to T-Hawk too who is rarely doing matches I have below ***½. Danielson obviously rules but a) I'm a month behind on AEW right now because there is too much wrestling I want to watch & b) he doesn't have quite the same volume as the names I've mentioned before. Still a great year. Match of the Year is still Go vs Nakajima from NOAH 1/1. I love both guys, I love the current big match NOAH Heavyweight style when old immobile dudes aren't involved, it's made for me. The other ***** match I have this year is the Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Arisa Nakajima match from SEAdLINNNG 29/4, Tag partners, friends, go to war in their last SEAd outing before Fujimoto goes on hiatus to enjoy her recent marriage. Beyond that I've 8 matches at ****¾, Mike Bailey vs Bandido from Wrestlecon is top of those as a near perfect example of current absolutely over the top indy high flying nonsense. But Kenoh vs Kiyomiya, Muscle Venus vs Hoshi & Makoto, Takagi vs ZSJ, Page vs Danielson, Jericho vs Kingston, Takagi vs Ishii & Syuri vs Giulia are the others. And honourable mentions to Takuya Nomura vs Yuma Aoyagi, my fave sub 10 minute match, and Jun Kasai vs Daisuke Masaoka, Deathmatch of the Year to date. Show of the Year is NOAH's The New Year 2022 from 1/1, Go vs Nak, Kenoh vs Kaito, Mutoh & Marufuji vs Masaaki Mochizuki & Masato Tanaka, and Inaba, Kitamiya & Inamura vs KENTA, Sugiura & Sakuraba were all great, and the Junior Tag with Aleja & Haoh vs Yoshioka & Susumu was very enjoyable too. Have to shout out SEAdLINNNG as promotion of the year, 6 shows, 1 *****, 1 ****½, 5 ****¼, 3 ****, 5 ***¾. No one else is that consistently great among the promotions I watch regularly. Though All Japan have had an under-rated year, and NJPW have the volume but also have some of the worst matches from this year I've seen.
  24. The Arisa Nakajima vs Tsukasa Fujimoto from last Friday's SEAdLINNNG show is my top joshi match of the year (#2 overall), absolutely love it when best friends, pun intended, face off and just proceed to beat the tar out of one of other as a sign of respect. Enjoy your hiatus Tsukasa, you've more than earned a break.
  25. Have you seen Yoshiko recently? She's gotten small, it's very strange & I think it's taken a little of her aura away (although she's not been back from her time off for too long so she could just be rusty, & if it makes her happier then cool) Honestly, having a wide variety of body types being interesting is super true for all sorts of wrestling, men & women. If everyone is a jacked adonis or a bikini model then no one is. It's the old "everyone who meets Billy Gunn is stunned to realise how huge he is, because he was in the land of giants & next to Kane & The Big Show Billy Gunn was just a guy". Even after Viper was gone, I thought Jamie Hayter added a bit of that variety as a more power based wrestler, shame she's gone now. With Japan opening up I'll be interested to see who Stardom decide to bring in from abroad. I'm assuming they will although I suppose the roster is quite large.
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