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  1. I'm trying that Titan 1995 book, and I want to like it, but it has so many factual and chronological errors that it's hard for me to take it seriously. I'm not talking small things, but just things in general that could've been corrected with one Google search.
  2. Becoming a heel's as easy as a couple of weapon-related DQs. After bashing Jimmy Uso's head in with a baseball bat, Regal refused to manage me anymore. I figured he'd have enjoyed it.
  3. I am still highly enjoying this game, almost in spite of itself sometimes. In MyCareer, you basically get three one-month angles a year, working up from NXT to Main Event to Superstars to SmackDown to Raw. The other times, you either do dark matches or "tune up" matches (on TV, at least) while Vickie Guerrero keeps telling you "Nice match, we'll see if you're in line for a push" and repeat. That sounds either like the most boring idea ever... or possibly the most brilliantly accurate simulation of an actual WWE career in history. I mean, it's Zack Ryder's career, but it's disturbingly dead on..
  4. I have this poster. No, you can't have it. And yes, Burgerville is worth it.
  5. So I'll be in the minority - I'm loving this game so far. I've only done two matches so far - CM Punk v. HHH (in the demo while downloading) and '91 Sting vs. Luke Harper. Lost both matches. Didn't care, because I had so much fun. The big thing is the little things. To me, it feels more like a "WWE match" (for better or for worse) than ever before. There's a lot of little animations added in and time taken on things in-ring. Wrestlers go to the top rope in different ways depending how tired they are. The pace, to me, has been slowed down a bit. Some things seem to have more "impact" now. The sliders definitely have an effect. For preference, I turned up finisher damage a tad, and yup, Harper's discus clothesline took me out as Sting. Ditto the Pedigree. As it should be. When you select Harper, you automatically select Rowan and Wyatt as managers, and it does the full Wyatt entrance. After I lost to Harper, the postmatch wasn't a celebration by Harper, but Wyatt taking me out with Sister Abigail, before hitting the standard pose. It brought up the usual "rematch/exit" menu, but after I chose exit, right before it completely faded out, it hit the Wyatt scare note. I keep saying details, but it just FEELS better than before.
  6. I read this as "Kancho Ramu" - which would be a COMPLETELY different gimmick. O_o
  7. Martel also had Bret outright beat for the IC title in '92 before Michaels fucked Martel over, which is what kickstarted their feud.
  8. CWF in Mesquite, TX, ran a David Von Erich tribute show tonight. Wolves did work Von Erichs. Davey's injury turned out to be just a minor tibia fracture that only kept him out for a month or so in between the last 2 sets of TNA tapings. I just worked alongside Davey last weekend at DOA Pro Wrestling in Portland, OR (one comeback bit after six months - boy, THAT was a waste of time). His leg is still badly swollen from the injury but he's moving around on it fairly well, all things considered. It didn't seem to slow him down in the ring much.
  9. It doesn't help that these days, if anyone even loses one fucking match, there's tons of complaints on how they're getting buried. Not every single fucking wrestler is destined to be World champion.
  10. I almost can't tell if this was just Photoshopped AROUND Sid (probably not, given WCW's talents) or if Sid is just not enthused whatsoever about this setup.
  11. I'm pretty sure before the next year or two are out, this is going to happen in real life.
  12. I enjoy that TNA is such a lame duck dead promotion at this point that we've already morphed into New Japan discussion.
  13. Isn't Mid Breath CIMA's gym or something? Or at least where the DG guys go?
  14. Case in point: I wouldn't blame Simmons on that; looks like Jeff either deadweighted or just didn't get a jump on the move due to timing. Sadly for Jeff, Simmons is one of those guys, like Brock on Holly, that is strong enough to muscle you up anyway.
  15. She was, but he gave Parka one hit too many, and she was aghast at the unnecessary attacks.
  16. I get far more visibility by arguing during Raw on Twitter. It's timely and global. It's like a live show thread but you don't have to listen to everyone. Your Twitter follower count is the new Q Score. Retweets are money. (Seriously, though, I prefer Twitter for "in the heat of the moment" stuff, and the board for longer-form discussion after the fact. Two different animals, at least to me.)
  17. Under Your Account on Amazon.com, go to Manage Your Content and Devices. Check the box next to the book, then click the icon next to it (...) and select "Return for Refund". I will say that if you haven't read the first edition, it's probably worth the $10, but if you have the original version, it's a complete waste of time and money.
  18. Belts aren't THAT heavy, and they really don't care about weight on a carryon. You get one laptop bag and one "personal item" bag, so bite the bullet, get a metal briefcase and toss the belt in there like the stars do. From my experiences with wrestling boots they give absolutely no real ankle support. Look at poor Sid.
  19. Even through the mask you can just see him sighing and muttering "..the shit I put up with..."
  20. If Dolph truly did lose the IC belt in his luggage, he shouldn't see the high end of a push ever again. How many times has it been said, DON'T CHECK THE BELT? You always keep the important shit (belt and gear) in a carryon just in case. This is why. F'n idiot.
  21. As for the Undertaker, they gave him that exact same style of the tombstone in the WWF's games on SNES/Genesis. Undertaker did the over the shoulder version during his first few years in WWE. When he came back in purple in 1994, he started pretty much exclusively using the "vertical" hold on it, with the legs around the head. It was probably far easier to position the guy on that version, plus easier on his body to hold the guy up, since if he's heavy, he can lock around Taker's neck for some added support.
  22. Hey, this thread's not dead. My apologies for insinuating it was so. As I noted in the omnibus thread, if you have the first edition of Death of WCW, DO NOT bother with the "10th anniversary edition". The "new content" boils down to a few added quotes from Mikey Whipwreck, Lance Storm, and a few others, most of which were gleaned from blog posts and shoot interviews. On top of that, tons of errors in the first edition STILL haven't been fixed in this one, including factual errors. Including spending pages bitching about WCW's handling of luchadores, then mislabeling La Parka as Psicosis in a caption. Even worse, the hyped up "epilogue" is literally pages of a list of TNA fuckups stolen directly from the LOLTNA History page, some verbatim. Absolutely pathetic and nothing but a money grab. It does hold the distinction of being the first Kindle book I've ever returned for a refund. I'm so annoyed by the cash grab done here that I'd return the first edition as well if I could.
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